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my new boyfriend: An escaped prisoner -- jailed for seven years for aggravated burglary
-- escaped the confines of his jail back in September. He's been updating his facebook page on a regular basis since then.

word of the gay: The phrase "change your luck" is used when someone tries something new and engages in a gay sex act for the first time.

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Rapper Eminem cleverly avoids using the word "faggots" in his new song
"Elevator" when referring to Adam Lambert and Clay Aiken, replacing it
with the words "fake it's":
"Eminem Sorry Lance, Mr. Lambert and Aiken ain't gonna make it
They get so mad, when I call them both fake it's
All these f@#king voices in my head I can't take it
Someone shut that f@#king baby up, 'for I shake it
You're standing adjacent to Jason's last slut, they're facing
Together makes 'em, a f@#king bad combination
I lashed at the doctor in my last operation
Shoved the weiner snitzel up his ass, hopped away some-
body please stop the patient, get the cops to mase him"

it sounds just like "faggots" and considering his anti-gay troubles in
the past, there is no doubt in most peoples minds what the intention
was, and that's to stir publicity and pr drama at the expense of the
gay community. These lyrics peretrate hatred, fear and violence against sexual minorities and cannot be tolerated!

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