the peculiar one will be traveling europe and north arfrica starting
next week for much of the month of october
posting will be infrequent

porn downloads:
fratman tv (twins) preview pic here
spanked athletes part 1 part 2 preview pic here
latino preview pic here
labour camp part 3 part 4 preview pic here
sizing up
three js
cole portman brocky brown
brazillian studz
his first gay sex
the night is young

this posts shirley q liquor download

what ever happened to the old time porn?

boy band

i gotta pee


my new boyfriend

sexy executives

fashion more here and even more here


lets dance!

its the ant thing

word of the gay: The "fruit machine" was a device developed in Canada that was supposed to detect homosexuals. It was used in the 50's and 60's by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the military to root out gays

cutting off a cock ring

line drawing

Money, looks and attitude are all weighed and ranked in a few seconds, along with a more ephemeral sense of whether you belong in the club that night

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