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word of the gay: "Xq28" is a genetic marker on the X chromosome thought to be partially
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the Drudge Report doesn't look like much: just an old-fashioned
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word of the gay: "In The Life" is a term that dates back to the 1920's and was mostly
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word of the gay: A "gillette blade" is a term used for bisexuals, based on the popular double edged shaving razor.

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Did Gerard Manley Hopkins’s being a priest damage his capacity to be a poet? Was he gay? Biographers need to ask, if not answer, such questions...


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word of the gay: "Sam" is a term to describe a masculine gay male. It is derived from
the Biblical character Samson who was the archetype of virility.

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word of the gay:A "fa'afafine" is a third gender term specific to Samoan culture. They are biological males who assume female gender roles and are accepted by their society.

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word of the gay: "Fag Enabler" is a term created by the radical anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church AKA the 'God Hates Fags' group. The epithet is directed towards anyone who either supports or isn't actively opposed to homosexuality.

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