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He says he was told to plead guilty and did so to avoid a harsherpunishment that would have come had Giles pled innocent and then been found guilty. Afterward, his employer fired him."When I lost my job over it my wife was so upset and distraught and distressed that she had a major heart attack," said Giles, whosewife died shortly after ABC News interviewed him.
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the second week of august i will be moving again (this time across country) blogging will be light in the month of august as i get my life in order ...wish me luck!

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"Monosexism" is the belief that Homosexuality or Heterosexuality are
superior or more valid than a Bisexual orientation. People who are
"Monosexist" dismiss Bisexuality as confusion, hedonism, sinful, and/or
people who are closeted about their Hetero or Homosexual orientation.

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Something seems to flip the sexuality switch before birth—but what?

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homosexuality may persist because the associated gene convey surprising advantages on homosexuals' family members

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