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my new boyfriend

i gotta pee

whos the fariest of the all?

bondage and barbara streisand

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dumping your dildo

Gay sex can get you in trouble. Just ask Scott Peterson.

Peterson, in San Quentin for murdering wife Laci and Baby Conner, The National Enquuiirer claims, has been "providing sexual favors—including oral sex—to a very
menacing inmate in an attempt to guarantee his safety behind bars."

Peterson was recently put in solitary confinement for 40 days for gay sex and drug offenses.

Enquirer reports one San Quentin inmate saw another inmate "blatantly"
fondle Peterson. "The man grabbed and rubbed Peterson's butt and he
didn't do a damn thing to stop it... in fact, he seemed to enjoy it."
This occurred when Peterson was "romping naked in the showers of an
outdoor exercise area."

In another incident, on June 25, "a
guard with his binoculars spotted Peterson with his head near the same
man's midriff and he appeared to be 'orally copulating.'"

Peterson is "under this guy's wing," says an insider, which is "prison slang meaning that Peterson has become his 'bitch.'"

Too bad nobody ever gets any videotape of these things... I wonder if the other inmate is cute...

sex orgy lasts for days

into leather?

Sexual preferences are primarily biological in origin. But sexual
choice is about preferences and constraints. Raise the price of sex
with women and more men will choose to have sex with other men - that's
what happens in prisons.

sex and electrocution


manhut men

chubs attracted to each other


lets go swimming!

lets dance!
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