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The scent of a man, at least among mice, can reveal the state of his health

Can You Judge a Man by the Taste of His Cum?

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50 Cent is planning to create a vibrator of his manhood

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Can a gay defendant invoke the marital privilege to prevent his partner-spouse from testifying against him in a criminal proceeding?

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TV COMEDIES such as Little Britain are fuelling a new wave of eccentric behaviour and can improve your sex life

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Turns out that one of country music's hottest stars (and we mean physically hot though he's doing okay on the charts) is freaking out about a "little mistake" in his past

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An Oklahoma man is suing for over $10 million after the show "Wife Swap" exchanged his wife with a gay man

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An authoritative phone caller from Panama City, Fl., could get dozens of fast-food employees to strip search and sodomize each other

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Massachusetts pols push measure lessening punishment for animal sex

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A heroin-addicted hairstylist

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A Pennsylvania teenager suspected of killing his girlfriend's parents in an argument over her curfew was captured in Indiana on Monday with the girl in his car after a police chase that ended in a crash
A week ago he was buying a laptop and playing Age of Empires. This is his blog....

Um Hellbent is the first Gay Horror Film, NOT

Is the World Ready for Libido in a Nasal Spray?

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French director Louis Leterrier was afraid of making "Transporter 2" a "formulaic" film, so he gave the character a gay subtext. His star isn't buying it.

Gay Republicans – an oxymoron?

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Ecstasy may damage the brain’s physical defences

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The Surviving Twin, Rearranging the Furniture: This is the story of Jay Johnson, twin brother of Jed Johnson (Andy Warhol's lover for many years). Interestingly, Jay and Jed's lives led them from poverty to the Factory to creating a hugely profitable interior design firm. Jed died in 1996, and Jay has taken the reigns.

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From London and Berlin to Sydney and San Francisco, civic authorities agree that the key to urban prosperity is appealing to the "hipster set" of gays, twentysomethings and young creatives. But the only evidence for this idea comes from the dot-com boom of the late 1990s—and that time is over

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John Wiedenhoeft describes what it's like to be a nude life model

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Insurgent attacks across central Iraq, including one in which the guerrillas disguised themselves as women

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A Gay Child Lost in New York

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Madonna mistaken for a "transversite" at MTV Awards!

U.S. Weighs Whether to Open an Era of Rapid H.I.V. Detection in the Home
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Margaret Cho returns to television with a Fox sit-com

Welcome to By Accident, a new concept that gives you the chance to receive the attention you deserve. We deliver customized accidents such as rape, assault and past traumatic experiences. All personally tailored to suit your special needs

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A low-budget talking-headster about man-on-man action in the years between Stonewall and AIDS, Gay Sex in the 70s is lightly entertaining, but—not unlike the cheap action it chronicles—leaves one wanting something much more substantial

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believes an Indian cosmetics company that has launched a new skin-lightening cream exclusively for men in an attempt to target the growing number of metrosexual males

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