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the bridgitte bardot interview in 1956

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Keshet-Rabbis hold that GLBT Jews should be embraced as full, open members of all Conservative/Masorti congregations and institutions

remember twister?

lack of sex could be a signpost to extinction

gay rio and that gay kiss

A new history of the popular Friday the 13th horror franchise reveals why the movies have struck a chord—and also what’s queer about them

the dl chronicles

marijuana not a major cancer risk

Should Same-Sex Marriages be Legalized?

Penis size used as defence in trial

Alito Nomination: On His "Gay Cases" more here

Necrophilia Variations

gay cheerleading
nude men aerobics muscle men what is he doing to that ball? sperm sunday lurid diggs

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list of famous satanists, pedophiles and mind controllers

The more pornographic our society becomes, the more it loses interest in procreation

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The safest, most technologically advanced penis enlargement system, available at any price, that works and what is this?
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the first drug created to cure homosexuality

Adult industry spokespersons indicate that they won't offer video downloads aimed at the video iPod

The High Life: The Formerly Gay Musical

what is your sex id

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islam and homosexuality NOT SAFE FOR WORK gay movie wallpaper check out the left side of this website and the fraboy fantasy page

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What makes a middle-aged man take up ballet dancing?

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Male Models to Work As Ball Boys

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your brain's sex can make you ill

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Pornified How Pornography Is Transforming Our Lives, Our Relationships, and Our Families

New research suggests that men who use anabolic steroids to bulk up their muscles, for example, may be compromising their ability to produce sperm
"where did i come from" NOT SAFE FOR WORK and peter berlin gay male stories

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How to Make Your Grandmother a Porn Star

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"Uranian" and "Uranianism" were early terms denoting homosexuality

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The Chicago Tribune has discovered the source of the White Sox’s success this postseason: Manager Ozzie Guillen makes out with his players

the history of male love

be happy be gay

where i will be staying in vegas

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International Gay and Lesbian Aquatics

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Florida grandmother opens erotic-art museum

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my new boyfriend

this just in:
My name is Chris, and I am indeed the
person in that Old Lady Wonder Woman photo you posted
for Oct. 13th on The Peculiar One. I made that outfit
for Wigstock 2003, and it was taken in NYC on the
sidewalk in front of the drag queen capital of the
world, Lucky Cheng's.

Some guy from Kentucky told me that you put a
link to my website ( on your blog.

Thanks! I love your site.


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Meet the cross-dressing bank robbers who confounded cops for years

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Closet Politics What doomed Dreier’s rise to the top

There's a pornographic revolution taking place

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check out some of the guys in this gallery

Gay? Fine By Me campaign finds support, acceptance

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surviving prison

the underwear issue

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boys first time
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Tucked deep inside a massive bill designed to track sex offenders and prevent children from being victimized by sex crimes is language that could put many Hollywood movies in the same category as hardcore, X-rated films. The provision added to the Children's Safety Act of 2005 would require any film, TV show or digital image that contains a sex scene to come under the same government filing requirements that adult films must meet.

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Wedding rings reduce male power and develop impotence

where will all hustlers go?

viagra is good for this species

Strangers with Candy the movie is in need of a distributor

Bush's Closet Heterosexuals

a water bridge that goes over water

top ten straight gay advocates

premature ejaculation or how about adding some acid?
horny truck drivers NOT SAFE FOR WORK


Power, Sex, Suicide

FBI Revisits Policy on Drug Use Hiring Rules May Be Relaxed for Years-Old Experiences

Cocaine is an addictive Class A drug, its use widely deplored. Yet, as recent events perhaps show, its sphere of influence is wider than we might think. So, do we have a paradoxical attitude to the drug?

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"When sex goes out of business, so do we."

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Croatia's homosexuals go public

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smoking makes you dumb or does it? or maybe it does?

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Surgery Can Help You Develop Six-Pack Abs

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Helem publishes region's first magazine for gay Arabs

Many in U.S. playing a risky game of sex
More than 56,000 readers share intimate details in online survey

Übersexual Men

A Harris Poll finds that the public is divided on the subject of pornography and what, if anything should be done about it

The Ambiguously Gay Duo

Live Sex Shows Ruled Legal In Oregon

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New film to explore gay surf culture

Crystal meth, the Internet, and dangerous choices about AIDS.

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A new study shows that the shrinking of facial bones plays a surprisingly important role in the ageing of the face.

Heavy Metal in Malaysia

jeff gannon in jail?

As Hitler launches the first major military aggressions of World War II, the strongest and smartest German young men enter exclusive schools known as "Napolas" to train as future leaders of the Third Reich. the movie before the fall

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Peel wrote of the sexual demands made on new boys from "study monitors", who were four or five years older

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Meth Maintenance And The Shower Technique

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Harvard wouldn’t be Harvard if it admitted “too many Asians or Jews or pansies

An Evolutionary Look at Human Homosexuality

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Search eight different gay cruising sites for the same profile name simultaneously. Just type someone's screen name into the box on the left and click the submit button.
Predator searches automatically the following sites: BigMuscle, BigMuscleBear, Bear411, M4M, Gaydar, and

Gay Community Still Divided Over 'Outing'

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reabies the musical
Separated at Birth? (Harriet Miers Edition)
note the uncanny resemblance of Bush's new Supreme Court nominee to Darrin Stephens' mother from Bewitched:
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Image hosted by

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The Battle Over Gay Teens

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2006 National STD Prevention Conference

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A decision made earlier this month by the city of New York to allow a Jewish religious court to rule on the public safety of a circumcision practice called metzizah b'peh (oral suction)

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The Secret Court of 1920 more here

Supporting the right of heterosexuals to choose change!

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