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dudepics MAY NOT BE SAFE FOR WORK do you need a pair of running shorts? and dutch male models

If you asked many older Gay men, “Who was Ray Bourbon?” you might see a smile of recognition and be treated to a reminiscence about seeing this unique performer in one of many Gay bars or nightclubs in the years before Stonewall more here and here


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Wilde’s Second Coming Out

spanking machine

British Army march with gay pride

vegetarian beer
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big muscle profies

see people having an orgasm

Erik Piepenburg investigates a noticeable trend: gay men who take steroids “casually”

Man boobs leave their mark

brady bunch coloring book

how to fight that ticket

carrot top on steroids

they are upset about this ad

google plate

diesel fall fashions 2005

oliver twist the movie

stages of a healthy gay relationship

Thailand's Leader On Quest To Find Out Who Got Penis Enlargement

gay merit badges

lets dance!

Paul Oakenfold: From Crackhead to Club Freak

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my new boyfriend

the peoples porn site

to snip or not to snip

evil interiors

gangs in the supermax
Tease not sleaze on mobile phones

look cool

Turn your mobile phone into a personal massager

Commercial Closet: Kodak Fits Gays Into the Picture

Dateline tracks down a porn spammer

79 cent sex toys

Queer Eye for the Football Guy

As the nation descends into the screeching psychosis of a moral panic over methamphetamines, we would all benefit by pausing to look back at our most recent drug panic—over crack-cocaine.


Ad for latest men's trousers shows model's pubic hair

20 top party colleges

XXXMinistry: Reaching out to the porn industry
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rufskin jeans revisited harrison street party gallery big muscle men profies

save on gas

heavy metal men

Ron Jeremy: Too much sex is a bad thing

inflatable bondage chair

iguy for ipod

to be or not to be bisexual

raccoons bear it all

the colors of 2005

can i pop a pill to make me taller?

a good report on aids

the great queers of history and homosexual scandals of 1772


more info on looking at porno makes you go blind

Designers' latest jeans campaign has some asking, 'How far is too far?'

remember ricky martin?

gay viewers guide to college football 2005

lease your body

meth mouth meth lingo or maybe you are addicted to this?

for the geek in me
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amazon sex toy store

to bi or not to bi?

Raccoons bare it all

the colors of 2005

Can I pop a pill to make me taller?

AIDS dropping in san francisco

great queers of history and Homosexual Scandals in 1772


what movie(s) have you walked out of?

metal music

save on gas

jamacia and hiv

make your own screen printed t-shirts

one of my future homes


rent a hockey goalie

Real actors, real sex: an onscreen no-no?

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Atlanta has become mecca for blacks gays


Gay rams show brain differences

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where the truth lies the movie

some are wondering if anti-gay preacher Fred Phelps is gay

the fist of adonis

titty twister

opposites do not attact

remember the 60's?

do you buy pot seeds?

Crocodile Immune System Kills HIV

Two faces to Piraro's art Revised cartoon deletes reference to same-sex marriage

what makes people gay?

prison slang

Embarrassed by suggestions that the 3-D map resembles male genitalia, county officials this week ordered a small section near Malibu lopped off

Two heterosexual men in Toronto cancel "gay" wedding

i want a mini rolls

to help in your sex life the body bouncer

remember the 70's?

Men whose male identity is compromised will overcompensate

How the 60s Counterculture Shaped the Personal Computer

urine power

madonna hits the clubs

barcode tattoos

your next date

male model management

A San Francisco man who says he was devastated after he was identified as gay on a national Spanish-language radio show will be paid $270,000 by Univision Radio

Clampdown on violent porn sites

gay nascar

i insult you!


gay actors should come out

One in 25 'fathers' raises another man's child

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ringtone search engine

Is Addiction a Matter of Choice? and drugs in your state

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Damselfly Mating Game Turns Some Males Gay

gay friendly auto insurance

gays and the movies

make your car sound voooooooom!

stoned scientists

Esquire's list of the best-dressed men in the world

sex with rabbits

gothic martha stewart

Erotic images can turn you blind

how to vomit

billy bean going the other way

new york freaks

fahsion when in the uk

gay urban lifestyle magazine

homosexual quotes

liquid ass

star trek communicator phone

flavor spray

national coming out day october 2005

the Philippines now has the world’s 15th largest list of possible sexual partners on the Internet more here

enjoy these

johnny depp porn

freddy mercury

Here is the full length 70's sex ed video for "trainables" (retards) by Planned Parenting

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Skin removal branding is one of the most intense kinds of scarification -- the design is cut out and the entire piece of skin is torn off

pass the piss test

hard gay

tounge tattoos

Gay Male Tendencies

homo sausage

Famous kids and teens

what do men prefer?

the story of a man named brady

super virus or just dual-infection?

the end of queer as folk


the rupaul doll

cyber fashion more fashion here

Lost among all the hypocritical blather coming from the right about "values" and their endless claims to hold moral superiority to the rest of us is their total silence on the issue of pornography
flava men lukas NOT SAFE FOR WORK some gay art wrestling for gay guys gay skipper and here

Exposed genitalia makes breakthrough on Japan's silver screens

how to fuck a donkey

sleeping students

are you drug smart?

Queer Visions Secular Humanist Thought

New study claims lying can help you lose weight

bisexuals are hard to find

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first entry after his release

wedding cam

Iacocca, Snoop Dogg appear together in new Chrysler ads

i want one of these for the pool this is cute too!

condoms condoms condoms

go to>>>>>>>then click on 2005>>>>and then the second video from above is wir sind helden (we are heroes in english). It's worth it!

wary of cams? use this
mark lynch photography famous males some fashion men made in brazil

The Truth about the Transsexual Shaving Gel

online gay dance radio

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ou can dump the vinyl, keep the tricks of the turntable trade

cocaine in your piss?

Study: Female Voices Easier to Hear


Supreme Court nominee John Roberts worked behind the scenes for a coalition of gay actavists

ROSMY refuses to explain man-boy ad

Mike Tyson turns Porn star

for halloween

michael michael michael

Heimlich maneuvers into AIDS therapy

more tattoo body wear more here

Meth Madness at Newsweek

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Cobra Bites Man's Testicles
all male movies NOT SAFE FOR WORK

men made in brazil greg thompson rentaboy

the hockey guy fight site

Riding Bareback Trends in unsafe-sex practices and its impact on the community

Drinks companies have been ordered to use uglier men in their advertising campaigns. NO MORE PRETTY BOYS

night club for runts and runters


the holy phallus

Flashy, raucous, sad: the Jimi Hendrix experience

The Case Against Women Raising Children

facial corsets more here

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9 Anti-Porn Myths Debunked

Condoleezza Hairdo Alert System

pathetic personals

Politicians must suspend moral judgments if AIDS is to be defeated

why men have nipples
rico elbaz
carlos sarado

Car Whisperer merely waits sending out pings for hands-free devices. When one comes into range, it tries to negotiate a connection wherein Car Whisperer will pass it the predicted passkey, and allow the attacker to listen in on conversations in the car (but not calls)

i love it when you talk dirty

Men whose masculinity is challenged become more inclined to support war or buy an SUV, a new study finds. Their attitudes against gays change, too.

the 10 minute shave and than the hair

the twin index

Justice Dept. conducts first prison rape report

the golden girls the album


male menopause

all things tacky
male nudes more here

potrait tattoos

meet people using your wifi

Burt Reynolds told Jay Leno that he could saved himself a lot of money if he'd have been gay

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the gay parenting show

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drink urine

michael michael michael