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Church of England May Allow Homosexual Clergy to Marry with Vow of Abstinence

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Anti-gay prejudice could be a natural response to a perceived sense of danger, according to a new study, and part of an evolutionary trait that is hard wired into human brains

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They were a strange breed. endowed, some would say with the "voices of angels"; men in size and appearance, but with feminine high voices, so people said. They earned vast sums of money; lived high, wide and handsome...and longer than the average male of the period

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New bio reveals Malclom had gay sex for money, and several queer encounters.

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China ranks ahead of Switzerland for sexual equality

I'm a 17-year-old gay guy and I recently had sex for the first time with my boyfriend, who was also a virgin. I wasn't expecting it to be fantastic, but I was surprised by the length of time he took to reach an orgasm. Can you shed any light?

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Together, they established a political atmosphere where a woman (Angela Merkel) and a homosexual (Guido Westerwelle) could soon take over the reins of German political leadership
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"My Brother... Nikhil" is one of the first major Bollywood films to address HIV

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What’s it like to be gay in a society where it’s illegal to practice your sexuality?

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From same-sex dancing to modest gowns, conservative Muslim, Jewish and Christian teens are finding prom alternatives.

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The federal government will spend nearly $2 billion in the next decade on male impotence drugs under its Medicare program, according to a new cost estimate from the Congressional Budget Office that is fueling some lawmakers' efforts to end that spending.

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Anti-gay religious crusaders claim homosexuals helped mastermind the Holocaust. They're not telling the truth

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Crystal meth, the Internet, and dangerous choices about AIDS

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It may be Europe's most liberal city - but if you are gay, you had best beware


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Jamaica's Queer Obsession Is it all that's holding the country together?

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It appears to be a game show where members of an all-female audience play rock paper scissors for a chance to have sex with some male models.

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The Defiant Digit is a clear 6 inch, light up automobile display designed for use at night when no other means of communication with offensive tailgaters is available.

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After taking the oath a rather large male sex object known as a dildo was dipped in oyster juice and rubbed on the lips and around the mouth

A vaccine designed to protect against the most common causes of genital warts and cervical and penile cancer is now being evaluated in young men.

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"They represented themselves as a serious place where you actually work out — but it became a saucy steam room that reminds me of the ancient Roman baths."

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Homosexuality is just an eroticised need for a father, says group

One barrier that has held back the much-hyped convergence of the computer and consumer-electronics industries has been the tangle of wires that is needed to connect the array of home video, audio, Internet and game gadgets.
Now the drive to unwire the living room is about to get a push

Negative feelings about black people may be subconsciously learned by both white and black Americans, suggests a brain imaging study

It sounded like conspiracy: a former male escort who was going by a fake name and had somehow obtained White House press passes on a regular basis was covering briefings for an obscure right-wing news outfit. Suddenly, the blogosphere latched onto "Gannongate." But what's the real, inside story?

Pat 'Gaydar' O'Robertson knows a homosexual when he hears a critical question (WindowMedia/video)

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life expectancy of a homosexual man is 43 years, compared to 72 for heterosexuals

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"Incest, teacher-pupil sex, oral sex, anal sex, rape, threesomes, masturbation ... sounds like topics in underground pornography hidden beneath store shelves and packed in brown paper bags, but actually these are all recent themes in shojo manga, comic books directed at pre-teen girls,
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Here it is – the picture that started it all. If I had to choose a defining moment in my life from which point on everything was indeed wrong with me, this is it. That’s me, at about two years old, dressed up like the bastard son of the sailor from The Village People – and he was the REALLY gay one

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New condoms to come with 'liquid viagra.'

TREATING AND PREVENTING AIDS A Guide to Basic Principles for Effective, Nontoxic and Inexpensive Alternatives

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Gay doctor to help Bush revamp Ryan White program

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Why is HIV So Prevalent in Africa?

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College and high school boys all over Japan are using their phones to take self-portraits -- with cocks out.

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URANUS -- The Queer Planet

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A local woman went 'through the roof' when a deputy took his anti-drug message to high school. She says he showed students how to make methamphetamines, and she has the video to prove it.

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Semen Warriors Of New Guinea For them, 'gays in the military' is a necessity

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Are you tired of being homely, smelly and unpopular? Or are you embarrassed by that prom picture of you and Ugly Ursula? Try Magic Makeover Today!

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one of the best online dali sites officially launched this morning. It is a place for the GLBT community to share their 'coming out' letters with the world.

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THE hunt is on for the fella with the perfect manhood — to model for a new sex aid

You're probably familiar with the stereotype of the shifty man in a trench coat who slips through the shadowy alley into a late-night sex shop.

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