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Gay celebrity sex tape surfaces in Philippines


facial hair is back in style

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Stickers ban free sex on tourist island
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is bush coming out?

Bacteria May Protect Against HIV

This revolutionary new non-latex condom is unlike any other condom available

Bevan Barton's accomplishments and intention to ride 16,000 miles across the planet in a fundraising campaign against AIDS would be impressive at any age; all the more astonishing is the fact that he is still in high school and intends to begin his adventure at age

and here is the strangest anti aids ad

The Pimpstrong Wristband From the Ghettos to your Wrist

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this in-depth article on an FBI child-porn dragnet called Operation Candyman, the rate of actual abuse of kids has gone signficantly down during the Internet era, though the availability of child porn has gone significantly up
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Microsoft may rethink position on gay-rights bill

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How crystal-meth-fueled promiscuity, AIDS medical politics, and one very sick man combined to create a phantom superbug

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how to drive your man wild in bed

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More teens unfazed by pornography

Scott Peterson's First Day on Death Row

ryans life

I’m 49 and I’ve been married for 23 years but I’ve recently begun having liaisons with other men

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Over time the hormone causes 'feminisation' side-effects on male truckers

Is Autism an Extreme of the Male Brain?

the heroin users guide

waiters who are nauseated by food

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i am the only gay in this village
The Madoc Farming Accosiation has been lobbying for man-beast marriage for several years

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a pron stars blog and here is jeremy bloom and pierre fitch slave runners page more porn here and here

i have posted this before but it has been updated bathhouse diary

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gay gang to challenge gay mafia
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TAKE ACTION: Microsoft abandons gays

Reports that a gay pornography production company is allegedly operating out of Ann Arbor Michigan

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Heroin Addicts Seek Hard-To-Get Medicine

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nest mom is a gay man

Porn Producer Searches Local Campuses For Talent


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Former BEATLES manager BRIAN EPSTEIN engaged in homosexual acts with one member of the legendary band

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mrs giggles NOT SAFE FOR WORK and here here too gay erotic stories

Sorry, guys, size matters

Researchers Show Parents Give Unattractive Children Less Attention

You meet him at the Basle airport. The conversation is pleasant but predictable, always returning to universal themes: form, function, the price of cotton. You know he would submit to you completely, burying his personality in your own caprice.
Then, a large, avuncular man from another century exits the restroom.

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Robot sex dolls

Sheriff makes inmates march to new jail wearing only pink boxers, pink flip-flops

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In the end, porn doesn’t whet men’s appetites

Premature Ejaculators

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The Gay Gene: Two Trait Profiles--Human Handedness & Human Sexual Orientation

sodomy laws around the world

A new study says fat men are less likely to stray than their thinner counterparts - but not through lack of opportunity Fat men more faithful

sex in the stone age

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same sex america

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Lesbians seem to live old age under better conditions than the gays

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drugs of abuse from the dea and how do you do at drug trivia?

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Premature ejaculation occurs in just under two minutes, as opposed to about seven minutes for men able to stay the course, according to a U.S. study aimed at setting some standards for the disorder.

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Automatic condom fitter
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The Larry Kramer Initiative for Lesbian and Gay Studies at Yale

the website of the National Organization of Circumcision

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U.S. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, a Republican standard bearer, broke party ranks with a call for a change in the Pentagon's ban on openly gay members of the military.

Register Your Sissy Boy For Vacation Bible Gun Camp!

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Actress FRAN DRESCHER is such a huge fan of oral sex, she once took lessons to improve on her skills.

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elton johns the red piano

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Do you Have the Right Documents in an Emergency?

BUSH rocker GAVIN ROSSDALE has denied BOY GEORGE's claims he had a homosexual affair with pop transvestite MARILYN in the 1980s.
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size still matters

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A former pro football player accused of shooting at the compound of Siegfried & Roy wanted to "warn the world" of the threat posed by the illusionists, according
to a psychiatric report


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terri shiavo's face appeared on my pancake
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I just came within an inch of slicing myself to pieces. Walking across my living room clutching a glass dildo, I slipped on a cat toy. As I stumbled, the dildo flew out of my hand.

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Reporter Sarah Neal brings us a portrait of being gay in rural America through the eyes of her mother and her friends.

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a blog for transgendered

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Advanced Male Masturbation Techniques

Saudis' tough line on gays

Spain forces men to do housework
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Darwin Porter, in his book Howard Hughes: Devil's Angel, claims that Howard Hughes slept with Clark Gable, Gary Cooper, Tyrone Power, and Errol Flynn. But it was Cary Grant who was "the love of his life."

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Confessions of an EBay opium addict

michael jackson was my lover

Gay-Themed Film Tests Sensibilities in India


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Gay U.S. Soldier Wants to Serve Openly

Hipster Gays

Fend Off Dementia with Sex

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Tight jeans for boys who like to highlight the goods

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Get Sexual for Ultimate Weight Loss

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A Proposed Bill to Ban Male Circumcision

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List of most sexually active popes

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Sexpert: men are ignorant to sexual truth

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one of the upperclassmen would drop his pants, take his bare genitals and wipe them on his head or face, and they called that 'tea bagging'

american idle

The queer community’s fight for same-sex marriage, combined with revived AIDS hysteria, is shortchanging GLBT youth by stifling discussion of gay sexuality

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a cell phone for everyone

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nice blog NOT SAFE FOR WORK and leather slave some more of that stuff here


terris' blog

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No Additional Evidence of Super-HIV

Viagra linked to blindness risk

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Judges slam ladies-room door on drag queens

Ben Affleck is not impressive nude, claims co-star!

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"Hunks" singing classical?

Man arrested after allegedly posting phone number on bathroom wall soliciting underage sex partners

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Live Homosexual Acts illustrates everyday lives of LGBT community