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on hiatus
will return after april 2
going to san francisco
i see
that it is a peculiar place

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put your man in a isolation/suicide smock

grow a penis?

my new boyfriend

Dilemmas when gender is uncertain

ant and it is not the ant thing but this is the ant thing

dog condoms

does anyone else see how strange this is?

Aggressive Verbal Dominant Top" Seeks Submissive Male Who Can Reinstate White House Press Pass
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i am a porn model

my new boyfriend or maybe the more hardcore one

good foods bad foods for men

male models give advice

Quarantine camps head toward reality
Proposed law would allow round up HIV+ and People living with AIDS!

Tucked behind a turkish bath on a side street off one of the city's busiest thoroughfares, the restaurant-frequented by businessmen and backpackers alike-is dedicated to good food and safe sex. Condoms the size of tire tubes hang from trees in the courtyard, and prophylactics are passed out after dinner instead of breath mints.

When it comes to teenage boys, those who are most confident in their condom know-how may be least likely to use them, new research suggests.

The Gayness That Is Kissing the Blarney Stone

Tony Blair predicts Britain will have an openly gay prime minister

escape from neverland the game

cool movie

no bloggers allowed

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the gay comics list

lewis payton LOOKS SAFE FOR WORK this is NOT SAFE FOR WORK and so is this

feel good about your hair!

turtle tv


Gay travel experts say that gay guesthouses are not just disappearing in Key West, but may be disappearing nationwide as well.

free trade pot?

novelty condoms and creative condoms

brawny man

would you pose nude? please?

Jeff Gannon Brought in to Investigate Tom DeLay Ethics Violations

Hairstyles of Victorian Gentlemen and victorian era slang

do you use wifi?


do you write emails?

GannonGuckert is now posting "news" stories on his Web site. I'll be curious to see which right-wing sites pick up the news feed of a gay hooker

mystery date

Porn pushers or youth prophets?

savage love

the trouble with normal

world of warcraft MAY NOT BE SAFE FOR WORK

poor michael jackson

gay lion farm

power surfing?

need a limo?

In space, it's not easy being clean

Nearly 50 colleges from across the United States have signed-up to exhibit at DCs first college fair for Gay students since over 600 schools received invitations two months ago


visible penis line and this is related

mens fashion 2005 and check out vman
daddy ohhhhhhhh
men in pain on the hetero side) NOT SAFE FOR WORK and this is NOT SAFE

Seacrest's Legal Battle with Gay Porn Copycat

New Israel Holocaust Memorial Honors Gay Victims

jack spade bags

how to bitch slap
see how much you can explore here NOT SAFE FOR WORK and this is NOT SAFE

The Queer IRC Interface is a way for people to connect to's chat rooms without having to open a browser

Devastating epidemics that swept Europe during the Middle Ages seem to have had an unexpected benefit - leaving 10% of today's Europeans resistant to HIV infection

Gannon/Guckert played for local gay softball team

there's not place like gay

GWB 1973

Man with two penises

the futility of pot busts

Man Dressed Up As Dead Mother

dirty slang


remember pee wee?

blacks and aids

Bowling Balls Come in Different Scents

Liberal Eye for the Queer Guys: Tough Questions about Same-Sex Marriage Lesbian and Gay Parenting

i want this in my house

Queer Eye for the Green Guy

i want this dvd player

the geek watch

what are little boys made of?
some porn from the archives NOT SAFE FOR WORK

gay slang and here is another

nylon guys

Nothing says "I love you" like gulping down your man's hot, creamy load

gays or girls? NOT SAFE FOR WORK

are you into ganguro?

i want one

instead of allowing users to buy and sell products and services on eaby, it helps offer them for free

stag night at the steam room

gay sports

i want to work out here! or maybe here

men dream of......

sissy boy

the frat pictures (they sure look gay to me)

if tom selleck were gay

First-graders on the upper West Side didn't care which team SpongeBob played for yesterday - they were too busy clapping and singing along during the premiere of a controversial new video about tolerance. here is the video

dictionary of semen

Gays in the military: It’s a question of liberty

rosie odonnells blog

Tantric Sex

sexual hedonism is a natural development in our sexual history

sexy underwear

my new boyfriend

bert and ernie are GAY! and peter pan

When superheroes turn gay

comic about a boy who is in love with his best friends...

the new lie detector test
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the sex test

gays and lesbians in ancient history

cool ad

Oregon high school football coach accused of licking players' bloody cuts


what is a fruit machine?

Call it memory on a stick - or maybe on a key chain. In the past two years tiny devices about the size of a pack of gum have begun to revolutionize the way people use computers

napoleon dynamite vs fender

smoking pot increases risk of stroke

wear this to attract othe gay men


Sexy Moans for Mobile Phones

the new margaret cho movie

Discover Wizmark, the interactive urinal communicator

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gallery of men NOT SAFE FOR WORK

your gay legislator

paul smith men

Top ten pro-gay and anti-gay companies

gay music blog

gay kitty porn

Two Sexes Are Not Enough


"Hi, I'm Carl, and I just want to take care of you," one lilts in a soft, American voice. "I'm Jorg, and I service hard," says another in a deep voice.A French one says, "I can get you off first thing in the morning."

puts the lotion in the basket MAY NOT BE SAFE FOR WORK

My cousin’s nuts started to swell after we returned from a late summer camp with my father

Does it matter if Anderson Cooper is gay?

quit smoking with a pill

Gay marriage around the globe

While on assignment in Berlin, a homophobic Israeli intelligence agent tasked with the assassination of a Nazi war criminal has a crisis of conscience after he befriends his target's gay grandson

The turbo-flush, hands-free toilet is here!

Farrakhan welcomes gays for Oct. march

i like cars

he-man the history

New AIDS cases increase ‘across the board’ in Florida


why men fall asleep after sex

how ugly is he?

A complete multi-episode television series available only online. Well-produced, well-acted.

if the brady bunch had computers

get your steroids here

snack food chinese zodiac

i seeeeeeeeee you

"Was Shakespeare a Jew?" someone asks in David Mamet's new play, only to be met with "No. He was a fag."

ron jeremy to be at oxford

The Chinese "love" others of the same gender, and this is not a sexual love, but a truly "brotherly love."

the arnorld schwartzenegger sound board

In this 12 minute Video Blogmash the Better Bad News panel re-mixes commentary and analysis of a pending threat to online free speech
all male underwear NOT SAFE FOR WORK and these are NOT SAFE

4th grade girl to become 4th grade boy

gay games 2006

A modern take on modern relationships as gay men and women love, live and work together


homosexuality in 18th century england

what if the condom breaks?

gay demograpics

female eggs grown in male testes

Infection Protection Eat your way to a stronger, more powerful immune system


dictionary of hobo slang

get high on nutmeg
disgusting! NOT SAFE FOR WORK

oh my gosh the video

next time the cop will want your blood!

how old is he?

are you into napoleon dynamite?

is a porn career for you?

which gay porn star are you?


sexuality according to the word of god

funny idenity theft spoof video

hes kinda hot but turn off the SINGING!

tinky winky virtual paper doll

enter the site than click on CURRENT PROJECTS

tonya harding to wrestle drag queen

whos positive?

blogging is good for you

Honoariest Homo: We have a winner!

ok here is some porno NOT SAFE FOR WORK


RESEARCHERS have discovered a method of detecting the early signs of testicular cancer before it starts to spread

The Mother Of All Beer Bongs

i need drugs the film

you cant see me

nice wallet

aids drugs combat flu

gay Taekwon Do Club

brazils first gay reality show

how long are your fingers?

The 1,121 Naughty Words than they change their minds

drunk people calling in

have you been slapped?

my new boyfriend

the new ad
sexy stories NOT SAFE FOR WORK and beasts with boys

my NEW boyfriend

Measurements of Michelangelo's David have shown that all is normal in the naked marble man, though he could have been a little better endowed

Republicans Defend Gay Man, Pigs Fly

world of napoleon

miss hiv

after gays in the media

Moviegoers Praise Gay Adult Documentary

jimmy olsen is a crossdresser

practice safe sound

train horns the lastest fad on cars

how do i love thee?

gay is a naughty word for the nfl

volcano party? or a winter party?

prostate cures?

a naughty word dictionary