Virginia News Source was given numerous tape recordings about 3 years ago by a woman from one of the area's most prominent, wealthiest families of a voice purported to be Schrock's soliciting gay sex over a gay telephone hookup service called Mega Phone.
Attempts to get assistance through a private detective and the Larry Flynnt Enterprises were unsuccessful. Flynnt, at the time was involved in trying to nail members of Congress who were cheating on their wives with other women. Flynnt was offering a reward for information during the period when House Speaker Newt Gingrich was forced to resign. Disclosures of an affair by Speaker-elect Rep. Bob Livingstone forced him to resign. Rep. Dennis Hastert was then elected to head the house.
Flynnt's people said they were too busy to deal with a gay investigation at that time, but might consider it later.
Sources in the gay community originally became upset with Schrock after he reportedly met with them in Ghent and promised, that if elected (during his first campaign), he would support the gay agenda, VNS was told. About 2 weeks after that purported meeting, Schrock, in an interview with the Virginian-Pilot editorial board, said he supported the anti-gay Defense Department policy of 'don't ask, don't tell.'
It was after that incident that the tapes and information started being passed to VNS, The Virginian-Pilot and other media sources in Tidewater.
Similar tapes were recently given to by the same woman, according to Michael Rogers, who operates the website. will post the audio tapes on its website shortly. "People can listen to the tapes and make up their own minds," said Rogers.
Various media outlets had access to the tape recordings over the years and investigations to prove or disprove them were on and off. Rogers said he had turned up people who knew Schrock. He said if Schrock claimed the charges were untrue, he could sue Rogers and In fact, he said he'd welcome a suit because he could then subpoena telephone and travel records during the discovery process.


An ancient wooden carving of the bisexual Viking god Odin has been linked to a prehistoric timber circle monument excavated in Britain, according to U.K. archaeologists.

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Asked if she has ever hosted a gay couple at the White House or in Texas, Bush replied, “I’m sure we have.”

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An angry businessman who was sued by California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (news - web sites) for marketing bobblehead dolls in his likeness said he would now market "Arnie" urinal cakes.

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The HIV virus has jumped from primates to people on at least seven separate occasions in recent history, not twice as is commonly thought. And people in Cameroon are showing up with symptoms of HIV, but are testing negative for both the virus and its primate equivalent SIV, the virus from which HIV is thought to have evolved. That suggests that new strains of an HIV-like virus are circulating in wild animals and infecting people who eat them, sparking fears that such strains could fuel an already disastrous global HIV pandemic.

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