equal rights equal marriage


for the geek in me binary to text

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they can look at your e-mails

high speed love connection

A graduate from the Washingtonienne School of Business:
Ok so rent is due in a few days and I am about 200 dollars short. I can probably come up with $50 of that but I am asking for your assistance with the rest. I am working with a really great company but they are paying me shit for money. I have messed around a little in college but mainly just stroking it with my boys. If someone can help me with the rest or the whole amount please shoot me an email. I will be available from about 4:15 to 7 tonight. I am 5'11 170lbs muscular build and good looking. Would rather stay discreet so please don't ask for a picture. I garuntee you will not be disapointed. Thanks
from craiglist.org
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Homosexuality a punishable offence in 70 countries

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here is a computer drive the size of a postage stamp and here is the low down on those tiny usb drives
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erection problems could be heart disease

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Congressional Study: Gay Marriage Good for the Fed Budget
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Using everyday technological appliances for their common association with masturbation and sexual stimulation: Futurotica presents a series of prototypes of customised domestic technology. Amplifying the ubiquitous and untapped mastarbatory fantasies found in everyday, off the shelf domestic items, as forms of technology that our bodies can relate to and interact with in unusual ways

He died in his sleep at age 103 and only stopped climbing the Matterhorn when he turned 95.

Health related magazines, particularly those aimed at men, rate the lowest scores for their accuracy in nutrition writing

super toddler

While seated on the bench, an Oklahoma judge used a male enhancement pump, shaved and oiled his nether region,

bewitched coming to the big screen

I Fucked Alec Baldwin in His Ass

my new boyfriend?

take a look at this cnn article and than compare it to the ads that are on the same page as the article
Write your own caption for this picture
Would you like a G-Mail account?
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the tammy faye blog

undress/dress the cabana boy

The director of the much-hyped gay western Brokeback Mountain has warned gay fans that the film may well fall short of the sex scenes they are hoping for.

It’s official — the Irish badboy is very, very well hung.

i like cars


i vasilate (that is vasilate NOT vasline) visiting devon and somtimes i visit here too

come shots

Adult film star Ron Jeremy on politics, labor unions and ... porn.

how did your dad treat you?
SARS found in tears

the float bed

death and dementia

Transgender Singer to Do Menstrual Pad Ads

the 25th annual queer issue of the village voice

PLAYGIRL Magazine to Hold National Election for Sexiest TV Newscaster

Less Fat Leads to Better Erections, Study Finds

no kidding! Shedding pounds can perk up obese men's sex life, study shows

fathers who Milkmen Fathers Who Breastfeed." target="_blank">breastfeed

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sex is better than cash

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Solider Dismissed After Revealing He's Gay

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Author tackles Jim Morrison's 'bisexuality'

LOTS of good looking men MAY NOT BE SAFE FOR WORK
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rosary beads the new fashion trend?

the do's and dont's of gay marriage

Hobbit homosexual love MAY NOT BE SAFE FOR WORK and here there are so many men to look at too

Was J. Edgar Hoover a cross-dresser? hoover was gay

how much do porn stars make?
beam me up? like star trek? it is coming soon

boy cures AIDS and cancer more here

Young Males at Highest Risk of Early Death

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Condom maker gives out penis-measuring cards
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A heterosexual's guide to the gay world you live in.

cure aids or cure hunger there is only one choice you choose

join us on world flush day July 31st PITURE NOT SAFE FOR WORK
a great ameican died last week

here is his record
where i have been for eight days

what i am reading

what i am watching on DVD
men pissing NOT SAFE FOR WORK

before top and bottom there was the hanky code

all about opium from the dea

better than disneyworld differentand this looks really cool to

Bisexuality remains the odd-man-out taboo. Straights think you just don’t know you’re gay. Gays think you aren’t really part of the team. straight talk on bisexuality

interview with porn star michael soldierand here is the tony hawk website

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the end of the gay bath houses?

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brendan fraser

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bill clinton has a blog really he does

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the geek in me and Have you ever wondered about all the unused keys on your keyboard?

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do you just LOVE McDonalds?

it has been 10yrs since the oj simpson hoopla what are the players in that soap opera doing now?

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porn stors are becoming upscale

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George W. Bush is not a theater queen

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it is more serious than you think prostate cancer

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galleries of our favorite jrock transvestite or maybe you prefer this

say you read it here: If you think oil prices are high at $40 a barrel then wait till they are four times that much.

the all queer sex guide NOT SAFE FOR WORK

male to female surgery

the 2005 calendar SAFE FOR WORK? here is an interview

why i want to fuck ronald reagan

historic fonts

Lifecasting or bodycasting is the art of taking molds directly from the human body

combover the movie

you know those guys you see in movies and you don't remeber their names?

republican survivor

Taking a week off from blogging will return June 17th
how not to get drafted (saying your gay wont always work)

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your life in 1905


what celeb star do you look like?

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more reasons why i DO NOT have a cell phone

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Uproar Over Kids TV Show With Gay Parents

gay torrents (lots of free gay porn you can download)

Thousands attend third annual Gay Pride parade in Jerusalem

wilton manors the new gay mecca

how it feels to get shot


Philly launches gay travel campaign

groomed grooms

National Gay and Lesbian Task Force and Woodhull Freedom Foundation Announce Joint Effort Study of U.S. Sex Laws

no sex please were Japanese

better than HDTV

light up your shower

telemarkteter burn

Only a few exempt from university's clean-shaven rule

Drag-queen contest a divisive issue

pride boyZ thanks dave! MAY NOT BE SAFE FOR WORK

A judge in New Jersey has ruled that "ladies night" promotions, wherein women get cheaper drinks or a reduced cover charge, are discriminatory against men, and therefore illegal.

gay couples feel pressured to marry

Liquor distilled into a chewable, gelatin form. chewable liquor

sex science timeline
jesus is my poolboy

frat boys NOT SAFE FOR WORK nor is this

do it yourself dna tests

how to beat the age clock

Bravo's Fab Five Could Use A Patch for Its Lazy 'Eye'

watch andrew sullivan (chronically confused gay HIV poz republican right wing someting or another)

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