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Why Queer as Folk isn't Slashy

Michael is a tireless advocate of INDIVIDUAL rights, and since homosexuals qualify as individuals, Michael can find no rational reason to discriminate against them. Michael claims autonomy over his own life and who he chooses to associate with, therefore two individuals of the same sex who voluntarily choose to live together clearly have the same right to claim that autonomy. Michael also supports the right of same sex couples to raise children in a loving environment. It is ridiculous to think that raising a child in a homosexual household will cause them to become homosexual themselves. Keep in mind that 100% of all homosexuals are born to heterosexual parents, and there was apparently nothing they could do to influence their children to share their preference.

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It’s easy to personalize your phone with Snip ‘n Send ™ just type in your cell phone number and select a track from your CD you want to use as your ringtune.

More Evidence That Alcoholism Runs in Families Researchers identify gene linked to alcohol dependency
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Judge: Calling Someone Gay Not Libelous

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Use the Interactive Gauge Chart to see jewelry on your monitor to scale with real life.
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Calvin Broadus - aka Snoop Dogg - is going into the backyard barbecue business.

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Queer Eye for the Country Guy

Pending Draft Legislation Targeted for Spring 2005

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Gays in Brazilian state quietly tie the knot as controversy rages over gay marriages in United States

duh! The U.S. National Bureau of Economic Research has concluded that the more sex you have, the more happy you will be.

Patrik-Ian Polk, an openly gay black screenwriter/filmmaker, is launching a new sitcom called "Noah's Arc" which will focus on black gay characters, in an attempt to make up for the white-washed "Will and Grace," "Queer as Folk," and "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy."

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Salvation Army Uses Homeless To Fight Gay Benefits

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Cannabis Use Not Linked with Psychosocial Harm

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Is Your Washroom Breeding Bolsheviks?

Man Arrested After Motel Room Is Coated In Vaseline

Worn only last night then used this morning it's pretty fresh though you wouldn't think. It has a two tier aroma from rank foot sweat smell at the bottom to an arrousingly calming sex piss smell at the one way thats two for one but no i'm not gonna charge more for that.

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The six actors from "Friends" will reportedly reunite as gay vacationers for an episode of "The Simpsons." The Daily Star says Matt LeBlanc, Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox Arquette, Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer and Lisa Kudrow will provide voices of guests at a gay resort accidentally booked by the Simpson family. The episode - which has been rushed into production for transmission early next year - is being lined up for a possible post-Superbowl airing on FOX.

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Hillary’s lesbian roommate, the official tally of gay stars, and Starsky’s hustler

Fox Takes Gay-Themed Reality Show One Step Further than fox puts it foot in its mouth

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Our goal... to masturbate in every building on campus during the spring quarter of 2004.

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several dozen readers sent e-mails in which they claimed to have lost or almost lost jobs, relationships and their good reputations when their computers were found to harbor traces of pornography that they insist were placed on their computers by a browser hijacker.

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Handsome men evolved thanks to picky females

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The Lighted Candle Society intends to use magnetic resonance imaging to show that porn is addictive... and then to prosecute producers in the same way as tobacco manufacturers.

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Movie deal for gay Iraqi blogger Salam Pax

There are growing indications that Hispanic voters, the fastest growing voter block in the country, are ready to reject any attempt to amend the US Constitution to ban same-sex marriage
What was it like coming out in the 1920's and 1930's?

Full-body scanners - which see straight through people's clothing - are coming soon to airports

Gay Marriage and Polygamy

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Research suggests that communicating via e-mail alone can doom a relationship.

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Drag Queen Gang Terrorizes South

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Where are you going on holiday this year? Spain?
Greece? Turkey? How about the centre of the earth? If
you've got $18,950 spare, you can join Steve Currey on
his epic journey to the North Pole... And Beyond

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Last year's US-led war in Iraq presented a showcase for the Pentagon's superior military technology - but as the occupation drags on, gadgetry is increasingly showing another side of the American armed forces.

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Atlanta Falcons quarterback dispels gay rumors

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My boyfriend of six months has recently informed me that he doesn't want me to swallow when he ejaculates during oral sex. Instead, he wants me to kiss him afterward, and to pass his cum back and forth between us until he eventually swallows it.

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The Multi-Orgasmic Man: Sexual Secrets Every Man Should Know

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An English pair have spent over $300,000 and had 89 operations between them to become a real-life Barbie & Ken.

The cause of all of these problems is the “anal creampie” shot. Let’s look at the facts. The number one means of sexual transmission is infected semen in the anus. HIV is hard to get. It needs a direct pathway into the bloodstream. There is no more direct path than an infected male cumming into the anus of another person, especially after said anus has been roughly pounded for 20-30 minutes, an activity for which it was not intended. My opinion is that female to male transmission is rare.

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The story line is based on an idea by Method Man and stars the two as highly successful rappers that move into a predominately white suburban, gated neighborhood in New Jersey. this one sounds rather gay and this one by producer mel gibson is boyish oh and this one animated with Siegfried & Roy?

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If we can make it financially attractive for the people who work in pornography to use condoms, they will.

This is not good. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has noticed a sharp jump in antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea, especially among gay and bisexual men.

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