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First came dogging, an underground swinging scene where couples and sometimes third or fourth parties engage in public sex for an exhibitionist thrill. And now comes "toothing," where strangers on trains and buses and at bars and concerts hook up for clandestine sex by text messaging each other with their Bluetooth-enabled cell phones or PDAs. Includes a link to an online toothing forum.

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not surprised Sunscreen may offer less protection than previously thought against the sun's rays, which may be more dangerous than had been suspected.

Ever been tempted to turn in a written project – a homework assignment, a news article, or the like – without bothering to do your own research and writing? This site can help you out; all you have to do is type in the topic of your assignment / project / geopolitical upheaval and click the button. The site will deliver a custom-written essay that you can cut, paste, and print out for your own uses.
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Maybe we should all start wearing pink triangles. All of us. Everywhere. The congresspeople, everyone in D.C., around the country. and people would ask what the pink triangle is for, and we would say that we are against discrimination of any sort, for any reason. To show our support.
There's a story about the king of Norway riding into Oslo with a star of David on his coat after the Nazis ordered all the Jews in Norway to wear one. The citizens of Oslo picked up the idea, and the entire city was a sea of yellow stars. According to the story, no Norwegian Jews were sent to concentration camps because the Nazis couldn't identify them.
Gay and lesbians in the entire federal workforce have had their job protections officially removed by the office of Special Counsel.
Rhea County commissioners unanimously voted to ask state lawmakers to introduce legislation amending Tennessee's criminal code so the county can charge homosexuals with crimes against nature.
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If you thought Fight Club was shocking, Chuck Palahniuk's new short story will probably make you sick. Caution: this extract is not for the squeamish, or for children. Some may find it offensive.

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The metrosexual movement may have gone too far -- now, straight guys are trying to dance with each other instead of women.


Where Is My Gay Apocalypse?
Over 3,500 gay marriages and, what, no hellfire? I was promised hellfire. And riots. What gives?
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Homosexuality is a capital crime in Saudi Arabia. But the law of this Islamic state is one thing, daily social reality quite another

In their quest for ratings, it has become popular for TV news programs to use reporters posing as teenage girls in internet chatrooms to lure men to locations with the promise of sex, only to embarrass them on camera with the news that they haven't been chatting with a teenager (or even a girl) at all. These televised "sting" operations copy a procedure that law enforcement agencies have been using for some time. But the law enforcement agencies point out that good TV isn't necessarily good policy. Link to Ambush TV program

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