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Least popular Christmas gifts.

Lynndie England's Twister.
This "after hours" party game looked fun, but it soon turned very ugly. Follow the instructions on the spinner and you build a pyramid of nudity and degradation while your genitals are mocked by authoritarian moderators. Right nuts red, indeed.
Easy Bulk Oven.
It seemed like a good idea: just heat the steroid solution under the warming light bulb -- consume, and you'll be ten times your normal size in time for the big soccer game. Now, after four hours of ungodly rage and nine deaths later, I deeply regret buying the Easy Bulk Oven.
Harry Potter and The Gallon of Ritalin.
I'm starting to think this may not be an official book in the series. In the beginning, Harry runs around and casts spells on everybody like crazy. Then, he visits a special Wizard who gives him a potion to take twice a day. For the rest of the book, he just lies around, watches TV, and plays video games. Not very magical at all.
Lord of the Friendship Rings.
I think this ring my boyfriend and it might be sending the wrong message: One Ring to fool them all. One Ring to blind them. One Ring to date them all and in the darkness grind them.

Senator Majority Leader Bill Frist, a physician, was getting an on-camera grilling from ABC News talk show host George Stephanopoulos.
"Do you believe that tears and sweat can transmit HIV?" Stephanopoulos asked. "I don't know. I can tell you...." stammered Frist, a Tennessee Republican.
"You don't know?" Stephanopoulos pressed. The majority leader, a heart transplant surgeon, finally acknowledged that it "would be very hard" to contract HIV that way.

As Christians celebrated the birth of Jesus few of them will have been told anything about the sexuality of Jesus, yet a growing group of Biblical scholars believe that Christ may have had at least one sexual relationship with another male.

December 28, 2004
TAKE ACTION Falwell slams gays, yet unclear of what is wrong with beastiality!

He's at it again...just as some Baptists have promised to be less homophobic, right wing ringleader Jerry Falwell is not backing down.

On Wolf Blitzer's Late Edition:...
If, in fact, we legalize same-sex marriage, then why not polygamy? why just two, why not a dozen? Why not...what's wrong with bestiality?...
Well, if this man is unclear about how bestiality differs from same-sex marriage, should he really be calling the shots over at the Republican National Committee?

Take a moment to call the Republican National Committee Chairman's office at 202-863-8700 or write to Ken Mehlman at to ask that Ken denouce Rev. Falwell's hateful words against lesbians and gay men.

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Proposal would move hookers into 'sex hotels'

Kyle Maynard, wrestler, male model -- Kyle is currently in Abercrombie & Fitch's "Stars on the Rise" congenital amputee
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Criminals' new gadget: Camera cell phones to gain ID info

when it comes to same-sex marriage, I think the Liberals (most of them, anyway) and NDP are on the right track.

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Male Homosexuality and Popular Culture in modern Japan

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Gary Moulton, editor of "Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition," writes that male transvestites "men Dressed in Squars Clothes" were found among a number of Plains tribes

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Gays fight prejudice in Ecuador
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Kids at YMCA swim meet run into cross-dressing ball

A Republican gay activist who strongly backed President Bush’s reelection this year and remains vehemently opposed to marriage equality for same-sex couples, abruptly left the president’s commission on AIDS last week

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Mobile Phone Radiation Harms DNA, New Study Finds

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Christians make AIDS fight a high priority

Lucifer's Toy Chest

In Bible belt, some gays are seeing red
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Medical Tests That Can Save Your Life : 21 Tests Your Doctor Won't Order. . . Unless You Know to Ask

The Irritable Male Syndrome : Managing the Four Key Causes of Depression and Aggression

Author Wolfe wins 'bad sex' prize

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Go left: Arnie tells US Republicans

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Michael Jackson Christmas Message

the world of tammy faye

What to Do With a Sissy Boy Who Says "No" to Sports

scott perterson fan club

beasteality dating

bruno santos

what they thought in 1973 that christmas would be in 2003

AARP old folks want pot

tv video search

Adam Dexter Genuine-Cast Dildo

gay time painting book


hunky guys wearing overalls

I've got HIV

100 Things Every Guy Must Know

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Lebanon : Estimated 2400 cases of HIV/AIDS - 10% gays, 50% heterosexual and 34% undeclared

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Finding Homosexual Threads in Lincoln's Legend

A conversation with Larry Kramer about the current state of gay activism

The Joy of Sexual Physics
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Five things that are definitely no longer manly

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Same-sex marriage? Euthanasia? Child's play issues in the avant-garde philosophy of Peter Singer

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The first-ever national African-American summit on AIDS grapples with the record numbers of blacks contracting the disease

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President Bush wants 'pro-homosexual' drama banned

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Drug and alcohol addicts are going abroad in search of the purported miracle treatment called ibogaine.


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Gay Activist: George Allen’s office “the gayest place on Capitol Hill”

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Former police chief angry about 20/20 and the matthew shepard story

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For those of you who are first-time visitors, I am an evangelical Christian and former pastor who was forced to leave public ministry after being "outed" as gay in 1999.

Sub Democrat seeks Dom Republican Couple for fun and games - m4mw - 38

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The U-S Supreme Court ruled today that San Diego officials were right to fire a policeman who sold sexually explicit videotapes of himself in uniform.

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By its very nature, pornography is made for the voyeur rather than participant.

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Congressman David Dreier: Gay & Ashamed

Heterosexism: the assumption that only heterosexual relationships are normal and should therefore be privileged.

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"Access to networks like the World Wide Web might need to be limited to those who can show they take security seriously"
-- George Tenet, Dec 2, 2004

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"The story of a young Saudi man, Ahmad, who has become a woman has created a furor in the Kingdom — not only because he changed his sex but also because, as a man, he inherited a large sum of money from his millionaire father. He changed his sex only after inheriting; according to Islamic law, as a woman, he would inherit half of what a man inherits. His relatives have filed a lawsuit, accusing him of deception and asking the court to re-divide the inheritance..."

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Biblical marriage: a bad source for debate

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The chair of Bush's reelection team and newly appointed head of the RNC isn't talking about his sexual orientation, but lots of other folks are

Morphases is an online next generation software in face manipulation.
We have never actually believed Anderson Cooper is gay. He's way too cute. But yesterday, when he asserted to Jerry Falwell, in a conversation about those pesky "special gay rights" that "You know we pay taxes," well, we thought it was noteworthy. Like Bush talks about men's pretty faces. Now, the CNN transcript page show no trace of the singular "we," used by queens and other royalty. Instead:
FALWELL: Anderson, that's all a red herring. If you want to leave something to your cat, you can do that in your will...
COOPER: It's not a red herring. That's simply not true. It's not true. You know you pay taxes...
FALWELL: Are you telling me that two men living together cannot make a will out, each of them...


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He is gay, falls in love with the wrong men and now lives in a cave in Mount Hebron

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HIV hasn't gone away

French Scientists Announce AIDS Vaccine Breakthrough

HIV positive children and their loved ones have few rights if they choose to battle with social work authorities in New York City.
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National Field Director for Republican Party sought unsafe sex, multiple partners online; Admits to profile but can’t recall content
Filed under: General— site admin @ 1:27 pm Email This
By John Byrne | RAW STORY Editor

The National Field Director and deputy political director for the Republican National Committee Daniel Gurley solicited unprotected sex and multiple sex partners in an online profile at, in seeming contradiction with the Party’s call for abstinence and positions on gay issues.

Male frontal nudity in the movies uncovers an old debate

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Breaking Ground With a Gay Movie Hero

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Cartoon Primes Kids with a Pro-Homosexual message

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The government of the most powerful country in the world basically got into power because of people's sheer horror of what Jon Stewart so succinctly put as "the idea of two dudes kissing."

is gay marriage older than the bible?

Filmmaker Oliver Stone is defending the bisexuality in “Alexander.”

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"The Tragedy of Today's Gays" by Larry Kramer

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actually democracy is nothing more than mob rule where 51 percent of the people may take away the rights of the other 49 percent
thomas jefferson
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Cops in the Midwest want to make it harder to buy cold pills that contain a key ingredient used for making methamphetamine. But the drug companies say no way.

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the history of sodomy laws in the US

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Peru gives green light for gays in military to have sex

just a side note here
1-700-555-4141 is a toll-free number you can dial to find out who your long distance carrier is. You'll get a recorded message telling you the name of your long distance company. It's a good idea to check it occasionally, to make sure you haven't been slammed.

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RNC Senior Staffer Seeks Others for Unsafe Sex!

RNC National Field Director & Deputy Political Director

Apparently, some of the staff over at the Republican National Committee are not clear about President Bush’s abstinence before marriage program, or at least that’s what I discovered tonight over at I was chatting over the Washington, DC chat room when I realized that Dan Gurley, the National Field Director of the RNC was in the same chat room I was in.
On November 5th -- just days after the election -- the Christian Science Monitor reported that:
Coming off an election in which many voters cited "morals" as a top concern, Bush may use that mandate to promote responsible fatherhood, abstinence-only sex education, and "healthy marriages" in the reauthorization of welfare reform.
Bush made campaign pledges to triple federal funds for abstinence programs in schools and community-based programs. (emphasis added)
On September 27th I exposed the number two political operative of the RNC as a gay man. Here, in the midst of one of his party’s most homophobic campaigns, Dan Gurley was serving at the National Field Director of it all.
And now, in a slap in the face of the moral values wing of the party, this evening I discovered Mr. Gurley seeking unsafe sex with multiple partners, outside of his relationship. Apparently, the new rules of abstinence before marriage don’t apply to senior staff of the Republican Party. These people are PATHETIC!
When I was researching the original story on Dan Gurley I read a post about his RNC appointment which included his AOL emails (and thus instant messenger name). Because I wanted to give Mr. Gurley a chance to respond to my story, I added his AOL name, DGCapitol, to my AOL instant messenger list. Imagine my surprise when earlier tonight I saw someone with the same screenname in the chatroom!

For those of you unfamiliar with the abbreviations in the Chat Bio Line, above, this profile explains that the person lives on Capitol Hill, has pictures and his stats listed in his online profile Dan is looking to host others at his home. "bb" is the abbreviation for "barebacking" which is the term used by gay men who wish to engage in anal intercourse without a condom. R/t means "real time," or that the person is looking to meet in person. The line ends with the request to only send a private message if you have a picture to share.
Here are some other entries from Dan's profile:

Relationship status: an open relationship - Is this the family values bullshit that Mr. Gurley shoved down the nation's throat as NATIONAL FIELD DIRECTOR during the recent election campaign?

Politics: Lean right - Um, Dan, in case you did not notice, "way right" was also a choice here. Don't you think that it's more applicable to you and your day job?

Dan has this selection of photos on line:

Here's some of what visitors to see in Dan's "Adult" profile:

Now, for a quick peek under the cover...
Endowment/Dimensions: Above average, 8+ cut (not an internet 8, either)
I prefer to be: Switch/Versatile, I'll be whatever you want me to be!
November 16, 2004
RNC Senior Staffer Seeks Others for Unsafe Sex!

With all of these right wingers in DC running around looking for bareback sex with multiple partners, you think they would start some kind of club

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Teenagers of same-sex female parents are developing as well as the children of opposite-sex parents

Although scandal-scarred New Jersey Gov. Jim McGreevey spent his final days of office out of the spotlight, friends and political allies predict he will eventually re-emerge as a gay-rights advocate

The Joy of Sexual Physics
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Drag Queen During the War, the Reconstruction and the Sexual Revolution

Call for ban on animal sex toys

ABC is preparing a major investigation of the Matthew Shepard gay-bashing murder that contends it may not have been a hate crime — but a mugging gone wrong.

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Scott Peterson - Gay Porn Star?


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being gay in India
November 10, 2004
Is Ken Mehlman Gay? and if not, why wouldn't Steve Schmidt say so on the record?

I was rather amazed to hear that Ken Mehlman might be running for Chair of the RNC. As we now know, Kenny ran one of the most homophobic campaigns in US History and now there's a rather interesting article about Ken over at John Aravosis' Here are some highlights from John's item:
Now, I have no idea whether Ken Mehlman is gay, bi or straight. But therein lies the problem. In the face of longtime rumors, this 37 year old single man has, oddly, refused to answer questions about his sexual orientation. I can't recall many, if any, straight men who refuse to acknowledge that they're straight - if anything, most are a bit too obvious about it - and that ultimately leads to speculation, caused by Mehlman's own failure to respond to a direct question posed by a reporter.

America is in the throes of a culture war, nurtured by groups like the RNC and people like Ken Mehlman. Americans have a right to know which side of the culture war Ken Mehlman is on, and whether, as RNC chair, he's would be a fifth columnist for those very forces that the RNC tells us are out to steal America's Bibles and jam homosexual sex down its throats and the throats of its children.
Now, this is where it gets interesting. During the Republican Convention, I was about to run a piece about Ken Mehlman. While I was writing the piece, the two sources I was in contact with told me that they were called by unnamed press folks at the GOP and had decided to not go public with their story. Around the same time, TWO New York City newspapers were called by press folks at the Bush Campaign attempting to kill the Mehlman worked. Within hours of hearing about these calls from the campaign to my sources and news outlets I received a call from Steve Schmidt, Deputy Communications Director of Bush Cheney '04, who personally called me to tell me that Ken was "not gay." Then I asked Steve if he would go on the record and say on the record if Ken Mehlman was gay or not and get this, HE REFUSED TO GO ON THE RECORD!

So, we have the Deputy Communications Director of the Bush Cheney Campaign refusing to go on the record! Interesting, eh?

I called over the the Bush campaign this morning to speak to Ken. I was quite surprised when he picked up his own phone. Immediately after I identified myself and explained that I was to write a story on Ken running for RNC Chair, Ken refused to answer any questions and hung up immediately.

Hmmmmm, you have something to hide?
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Brad Pitt visits Ethiopia to study AIDS

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font fetish

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How to configure your router to allow fast BitTorrent downloads

more on arafat dying of AIDS

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David Weekly, a geek whose work teaching tech in Ghana we blogged earlier this year, just launched the public release of a software project he's been developing for more than a year. IMSmarter is described as "a new kind of instant messaging enhancement that empowers all of the major messaging services with cool, new features -- without requiring a software download or even an email address."
IM Smarter gives users a single place to easily and securely search all their IM conversations from work, home, and elsewhere. It works with official clients like AIM, Yahoo! Messenger, MSN Messenger, and ICQ. It is also compatible with third-party clients like Trillian and even OS/X and Linux clients like iChat and GAIM.
Users can receive reminders and notifications across multiple IM networks... or create new blogs and post to them as easily as sending an IM, and they are notified whenever a user on their buddy list updates their own blog. Blog feeds are available in RSS, RSS2, and Atom formats, and users with existing blogs can automatically republish their IM Smarter blog entries to LiveJournal, Blogger, and Xanga.
The service runs on a cryptographically secured, fault-tolerant cluster of over a dozen servers in two near-military-grade secure Internet facilities in San Diego and San Jose.
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The Circuit Party: Mass Orgy or Cultural Mecca?

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‘My husband’s gay’
Critics says ‘sensational’ ‘Oprah’ episode exploits serious issue

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Sex in the Iraqi Occupation

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Russian student turns two traffic cops into gay porn stars on web.

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There's no place for the state in the living rooms of the nation, the Supreme Court of Canada was told yesterday as it heard the bizarre case of a B.C. man caught masturbating by his next-door neighbours.
does arafat have AIDS?

Devoted husband, father to 20 children (of whom one survived), besotted lover of the Duchess of Alba - the grandest grandee of Spain - but was Francisco de Goya gay?

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8 Guys Out is a private, personalized social club that utilizes an upscale and intimate dining experience to provide single gay men with interesting social contacts.

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"Just Around the Corner" is a London restaurant without prices on the menu Instead, they ask people to pay what they think the meal was worth.

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Everyone and their miniature curse-breaking sidekick want DaimlerChrysler to import the smart brand as soon as humanly possible. The too cute line now has some custom models to show off the potential aftermarket work that can be done to their miniscule powerplants. These fortwo and fortwo truestyle models offer custom exhausts, 16 inch wheels and other goodies from BRABUS to set them apart in a crowd. That is, if you can even see these guys in a crowd.

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Jesse Helms’ Granddaughter Outed
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October 26, 2004
Bush says party is wrong to oppose gay civil unions
President Bush said in an interview with Charles Gibson, an anchor of "Good Morning America," that he disagreed with the Republican Party platform opposing civil unions of same-sex couples and that the matter should be left up to the states. It's true that Bush has previously said that states should be permitted to allow same-sex unions - even though he flatly would not have endorsed such a thing as governor of Texas. And here we are in the 11th hour of the campaign and we certainly didn't see this curve ball coming. For the record, while supporting ammending the Constitution to ban same-sex marriage Bush said that the union of a man and a woman was "the most fundamental institution of civilization."

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This person is not ignorant.
They are a prophet.
The machines will rule us.

There are a couple of beautiful things about this particular use of the form they.

The pronoun form they is anaphorically linked in the discourse to this person. Such use of forms of they with singular antecedents is attested in English over hundreds of years, in writers as significant as Chaucer, Shakespeare, Milton, Austen, and Wilde. The people (like the perennially clueless Strunk and White) who assert that such usage is "wrong" simply haven't done their literary homework and don't deserve our attention.

The sequence they are exhibits, of course, the syntactically correct plural verb agreement. The following phrase a prophet is a singular predicative NP complement. This is again quite correct; we see the same thing in Anyone who claims they are a prophet should make sure they have some actual predictions to their credit. In that case we use singular they because the antecedent is a quantified NP, and neither he nor she is appropriate: we intend to refer to anyone of either sex who claims to be a prophet. And to use he or she would be desperately clumsy (Anyone who claims he or she is a prophet should make sure he or she has some actual predictions to his or her credit — gack!).

A minor point of interest about Nick's example is that the antecedent (this person) is a definite NP; singular they more commonly has quantified or indefinite NP antecedents, not definite ones.

But as Nick observes, the most interesting thing about his example is that the motivation for the use of singular they does not come from either indeterminacy of sex (as with antecedents like anyone) or ignorance about the sex of the referent (as in If you have a partner, you can bring them too), because the inscription was on the wall of a men's bathroom. Given the user population of such establishments, one can be entirely confident that the first writer was a male. That means the third writer could have put He is a prophet. But the fact is that singular they is becoming completely standard, at least among younger Americans, whenever the antecedent is of a sort that could in some contexts refer to either sex. I heard a radio piece about pregnant high-schoolers in which a girl said something like I think if someone in my class was pregnant I would be sympathetic to them. In such cases it's not the inability to assign sex to the referent that drives the selection of singular they, it's the mere fact of the antecedent being quantified or headed by a noun like person that can in other contexts be used of either sex. Mere inferred sex of the referent is not sufficient to force a choice of either he or she.

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