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no condoms allowed
A Los Angeles sexologist is trying to get the pulse on how men orgasm in order to triple their pleasure.
The Gay Café is a cleanly designed site offering gay photos, videos and personals. There's a free section with regularly updated samples.
the whizzinator
Why are we attracted not only to the biggest version of almost anything but also to the smallest, the weirdest, the first, the last, or the only? Why does something gain value merely because it is rare and authentic—the odd voyeuristic pleasure that comes from seeing on display the salt and pepper shakers from the mess kit George Washington may have clutched as he crossed the Delaware? Is it mere curiosity, or is it something more
turban dance
gay porn is worth millions
Last week, a Florida man sold for $1.3 million, a healthy profit over the $15,000 he paid for it in 1997.
naked surfer guy NOT SAFE FOR WORK
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do you have monobrow?
do you look or even think of looking at porno at work?
The extortion scam, which is believed to have surfaced one year ago, indiscriminately targets anyone on the corporate ladder with a PC connected to the Internet.
It usually starts with a threatening e-mail in which the author claims to have the power to take over a worker's computer through an exploit in the corporate network, experts said.

rules of the black panther party
It can make you, it can break you, but what is it exactly? From infatuation to friendship, therapist Andrew G Marshall analyses the many faces and descriptions of that overused four-letter word
"It's good policy and good business." NYC's Employees Retirement System (5 funds managing $78.6 billion in holdings) is targeting Fortune 500 companies to adopt policies that specifically bar discrimination based on sexual orientation. One of them, CSX Corp., didn't even wait for their shareholder meeting, but immediately amended their policy in response. These funds recently had great success after a decade-long battle with Cracker Barrel Restaurants--infamous for firing gay and lesbian employees because they don't “demonstrate normal heterosexual values.
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underwear for boys and men SAFE FOR WORK
Is same-sex marriage too big an issue for the courts to ignore? Maybe, says Richard Posner, it’s too big for the courts to meddle with
want to see my webcam?
Simply put, the Logitech QuickCam Orbit is a superb high-end Webcam which stands out from the rest thanks to amazing technical innovations, for less than $130.
When sending a video message or taking part in videoconference, a software utility coupled with a precision engine follows the filmed face through an angle of 180° from side to side and 90° up and down, so the face is always perfectly centered in middle of the image.
The Federation of American Scientists presents its full rack-up of conflicts around the globe. The bad news is that there's a whole lotta war out there; the good news is that there is less of it than there was four decades ago.
now this i like
Dodgeit allows you to create throw-away email addresses (for crappy registration sites), and then delivers the email that comes into the resulting mailbox as an RSS feed that you and everyone else who can guess at your throwaway email addy can read. That's pretty sweet.
Pick a throwaway address, say: Give that address out whenever you need to. Check deeznuts from homepage of Subscribe to RSS feed to keep an eye on the mailbox. Get it?
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men in skirts
now what picture came into your mind after reading this?
in Malaysia it is common for the ceremony to become an event with dozens, or even hundreds of boys being circumcised together.
i think the whole world is becoming sissified
lord of the cockring
ok here is my saddam
Ties by Infectious Awareables - Home
Gay Marriage You Never Know What Kind of Relationship Will Turn Up!
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doggy style? NOT SAFE FOR WORK
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Research on transsexuals
Research on transsexuals
research on transsexuals
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Queer in America: Sex, the Media, and the Closets of Power
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the penis stretcher
boys behind bars NOT SAFE FOR WORK
A&F continues to straddle this very fine line between homo and heterosexuality
gay glory hole NOT SAFE FOR WORK
Cock Sucking Mirror
Utah Polygamist Invokes Ruling on Gay Sex
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The 12 STI's of Christmas
I love you Kirk

what do you call AIDS?
His Greatness Mao
'Gay' Art: Dolled Up and Still Dressed Down
The history of a love that dares speak its name Homosexuality and Civilization