Anal toy: multiple orgasms for men
The Enemagra is supposed to enable men to have multiple orgasms, and is 20 times more pleasurable than a "normal" ejaculaton
Orlando Gay Days 2004 - Home Page
its all in your head
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Sexual Orientation Among Men Is Connected With Brain Metabolism, University of Chicago Research Shows
The Courier-Mail: No jail over oral-sex incident [12nov03]: "A GAY man narrowly escaped a jail term today for performing oral sex on an unsuspecting, sleeping straight man." - education: "Homosexual grads 'come out' to academy
Gay and lesbian veterans seek recognition for group from alumni organization "
YPL Life-Sized Blow Up Priest Doll: "It's hard being a parent in this modern world. Giving your child a loving and portable nurturing device or, your failure to, could mean the difference between Good-Little Jimmy and Crackhead-Fag-Little Jimmy."
Abstract Nixon | Another Miscalculation Of The Ambiguously Gay Bartender Variety: "I think that twenty-year old frat boys come in two flavors: straight and pre-homosexual. "
The Talent Show: George, you dirty little bitch!
nut poppers?
Planters Nuts - Mr. Peanut
The Register
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p r e m a t u r e e
evolution of the word queer - The evolution of 'queer' - Nov. 5, 2003
the democratic candidates on the issues
The Advocate - With BC-CT--Democrats-Debate, Conn Bjt - Health - Aphrodisiac Can Be Served Up On The Rocks: "Would you like your libido lifter on the rocks, or straight up? In some bars, bartenders are serving up liquid love. "
"The website is an enhanced Flash companion piece to HBO's in-house web promotion of "Naked World," a documentary about artist Spencer Tunick, the guy who gets thousands of people to congregate in public spaces, take off their clothes, and lie down on the ground to be photographed by him."
Naked World
Telegraph | Arts | A change of shape: "How do you pick out a gay man in a crowd? "
Cigarette lighters: The new cupholders? - Nov. 6, 2003
Next Halloween?
THE world's first talking gay dolls are set to come out of the toy box in Australia in time for Christmas."
Herald Sun: Gay dolls are outed [02nov03]