Fun and fashionable, Crazy Eyes contact lenses let you go from a cat to an wolf in a blink of an eye. Available in 6 styles. Special order and not returnable. Packaged in sets of 2 lenses.
Crazy Eyes
Gay and bisexual HIV patients “more likely to develop cancer”
Chortler -- The Bush Administration Random Allegation Machine
Atlantis Gay Vacations
childrens tv
SEVEN Productions
Did you know that Bob Hope made a public service announcement about gay bashing? "Bigotry has no place in this great nation, and violence has no place in this world, but it happens. Prejudice hurts, kills. Please don't be a part of it." Because GLAAD had so little money for media time back in 1988, it probably never aired, but you can see it online at The Commercial Closet.
Commercial Closet
Not only music is shared!!
They are the country clubs of the file-sharing world, exclusive Internet networks that require knowing the right people and having a wealth of content on your hard disk to get into the clique. - Secret networks protect music swappers - Jul. 29, 2003
Top Ten Urinals
Ananova - Estate agent, 63, is world's oldest male stripper: "An estate agent over 60-years-old has been recognised by the Guinness Book of Records as the world's oldest male stripper."
President Bush said Wednesday he has government lawyers working on a law that would define marriage as a union between a woman and a man, casting aside calls to legalize gay marriages. - Bush wants marriage reserved for heterosexuals - Jul. 30, 2003
prsion rape
A National Disgrace in the Nation's Prisons -- 07/02/2003
FindLaw's Writ - Mariner: Stopping Prison Rape
get your own jam going
(drag the little records on the bottom to the turntables and play em)
Untitled Document
are you a metrosexual?
MSN Health - Metrosexuals: It's a Guy Thing!
duh most of the movies are just lame
While the movie industry is likely to blame the drop in theater revenue this summer on things like file sharing, it appears that most teens
Techdirt.: "While the movie industry is likely to blame the drop in theater revenue this summer on things like file sharing, it appears that most teens aren't going to see movies because the movies aren't very good - and they have other options for their time."
Private fertility for gay and heterosexual women - Report: Internet Linked To Gay Men, Unsafe Sex
all sorts of stuff to check out
the cum scene is faked
Porn Biz Comes Clean About Fake Semen Accusations: "The geyser effect is often achieved through the use of a clear tube taped to the actor's cock and an air compressor."
gay wine
Rainbow Ridge Wines
Hooking Up: Protective Pairing for Punks: "Note: this advice article was written for incarcerated heterosexual male survivors of prisoner rape, but provides a good description of a unique form of sexual relationship which is an important part of the culture of confinement. "
Keds Masturbation Manual
The Erotic Museum
EFF: RIAA Subpoena Database: "Concerned that information about your file-sharing username may have been subpoenaed by the RIAA? Check here to see if your username is on one of the subpoenas filed with the D.C. District Court"
A Short History of Circumcision in the Physicians' Own Words
do you like music?
its all here
WorldNetDaily: Michael Savage to run for California governor?: "Radio talk-show host, best-selling author considering independent bid in October"
Shagnasty's Penis Owners Manual
IOL : 3-legged boy with two penises 'doing well': "3-legged boy with two penises 'doing well'"
The City Hall killer was an HIV-positive man who made meticulous preparations for his own death before setting out to assassinate a political rival who he believed was blackmailing him because he was gay, law-enforcement sources said yesterday
New York Post Online Edition: news
Sunday Night Sex Show
Ananova - Huge erection causes blushes on the eve of Royal visit: "A giant statue of a naked man with a two-foot erection has caused a row in Salzburg after it was unveiled on the eve of a visit by Prince Charles."
BBC NEWS | Technology | Young men 'download illegal porn': "Forget the dirty old man in a grubby raincoat thumbing through a dog-eared girlie magazine.
Pornographic images are traded via the web
These days it is likely to be internet-savvy young men, living at home with their parents who are trading illegal pornography, says a report. "
re-create your dik
BoneClone-A Personal Pleasure Kit
do you like this swimwear?
eBay item 2845954460 (Ends Jul-29-03 09:04:35 PDT) - Yellow Bikini FRAT MEN Swimwear Gay Interest
need a swimsuit?
eBay item 2846209188 (Ends Aug-02-03 14:51:13 PDT) - Van Darkholme's swimwear
coming out at 13
Coming out at 13 ... an exclusive
get physical
"Physical" by The Original Position - featuring NICK NAME
Homosexality, Lesbianism, Bisexuality, and Transgenderism - research resources on religious doctrines, issues, and practices: "From an evangelical, orthodox Christian perspective, homosexuality is immoral and sinful. However, while homosexual practices are considered sinful according to the Bible, ''they are not to be treated differently than other forms of sinful behavior'':"
Your sexual fantasms: "This file is designed to bring to light your probable sexual fantasms according to your first (given) name. Once you get conscious of them, you may feel more comfortable psychologically as you become less foreign to yourself. "
American Gallery of Psychiatric Art
Kansas City Star | 07/24/2003 | National report sheds light on domestic violence in gay community
demandmedia || Censored SNL Animation about Corporate ownership of media.: "Here is the song that was removed from the re-airing of a Saturday Night Live show from March. Most likely, NBC's owner, the $80B GE corporation, didn't like the truth being told on its own network.
Proof that wealth can't buy class: the top four ugliest cars on the road.
Globetechnology: "Want to protect your data? Send it to the moon.
A company called TransOrbital of La Jolla, Calif., is seriously considering the idea of putting storage facilities on Earth's only natural satellite"

KRT Wire | 07/23/2003 | Gay unions aren't enemy of marriage; heterosexuals and Hollywood do far more to undermine it: "Gay unions aren't enemy of marriage; heterosexuals and Hollywood do far more to undermine it"
pinstruck - what is pinstruck?: "Do you have a lot of people on your nasty list? Let help you get revenge on those unfortunate folks in a completely passive aggressive and anonymous fashion. allows people like yourself to vent on their friends and enemies by sending them personalized voodoo curses via e-mail. "
Think the Cheech & Chong film franchise ended with 1984's "Cheech & Chong's The Corsican Brothers?" Think again. The comedy duo is reuniting after 20 years for a new feature set up at New Line Cinema that will catch up with Cheech Marin (news) and Tommy Chong (news)'s wacky stoner personas in the present day.
Yahoo! News - Cheech and Chong Take Another Hit
Just by looking at a few key letters can help you, and your friends, avoid a relationship full of games, betrayals, and emotional heartaches.
Handwriting Analysis TROUBLE TRAITS...
Men can forget the penis-enlargement hype -- they've got all they're going to get
Gays are getting their own version of a “Girls Gone Wild” video — but it won’t make them happy.
This version is an erotic undercover video made at Walt Disney World during the annual Gay Days celebrations over the last 12 years.
NCBuy: Weird and Offbeat News Stories
Divine Interventions Silicone Dildos
Third Position: "Racial Nationalism, the Third Position, and Ethnoviolence
Including a Discussion of Possible Connections Between Militant Islamic Fundamentalists and the U.S. Extreme Right"
hogbelly's webpage update
In These Times | The Changing Face of AIDS
Let's face it, drinking is a sport and a bar is the playing field. If you want to win - and who doesn't want to win? - study these time-tested moves. And remember, practice, practice, practice.
Modern Drunkard Magazine
For the first time since the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, rank-and-file Republicans say they are worried about President Bush's re-election chances based on the feeble economy, the rising death toll in Iraq and questions about his credibility.
News From The Associated Press
freddykonings : Portfolio :: Color
Why Gay Marriage Isn't Radical Enough
Stop the Wedding!
The Village Voice: Features: Stop the Wedding! by Judith Levine
BBC NEWS | Health | HIV 'more resistant to drugs'
top 75 security tools
Top 75 Network Security Tools
U.S. media still REFUSES to mention Bush sexual assault lawsuit that Texas woman continues to pursue
ABCs of pot smoking
Feds to release marijuana user's manual
ABCs of pot smoking
As more and more people look for love online, a new industry has arisen: online dating consultants. For a fee, they'll spruce up your profile (or write you a new one guaranteed to make your boring, unimaginative self look dazzlingly witty and original), and/or furnish you with a digital portrait guaranteed to reel 'em in.
Yahoo! News - Online Cyranos offer a guiding hand through Internet dating maze
YPL: Nicolaxx Nicotine Anal Suppositories: "Cigarettes are this nation's number-one preventable health hazard. With Nicolaxx, the only Nicotine Anal Suppository, you will be on your way to breaking the horrible and destructive habit of smoking."
Sickday Excuse Generator
Season Five of Absolutely Fabulous — kicking off in early 2004 on Oxygen
TV Guide Online - [TV Guide Insider]
==>=Video- Iron Crotch-99 Power Practice in Mandarin=<==
worlds only alcohlic spring water
DNA main
Hedonist dens or havens? Danger zones? Bathhouses clearly stir debate.
Steamed (Metro Times Detroit)
the bathhouse stories
NY Daily News - News - New hot drug: Stronger than LSD and legal
Heads up, head 'hos: A Spanish study in the June Journal of AIDS asserts that deep-throating is a loooooooooooow-risk pastime for HIV transmission. For 10 years, 135 HIV negative partners in serodiscordant couples engaged solely in latexless head bobbing. The outcum: 19,000 unprotected headjobs, not a single seroconversion.
aidsmap - News article display page
you too can be a fake
TrixiePixGraphics: Personalized Fake Newspapers, Gag Birthday Gifts, Practical Jokes, Fake Certificates - A Glimpse of Thailand || "Quido" - The Queer Guido: "Do you wear wifebeater shirts and gold chains, slick back your hair with gel after every shower, and suffer from an endearing speech impediment?
And do you also enjoy fucking similarly styled men?"
possibly the best legal drug | drink recipe: Mojito
all clear for the tea rooms
The truth about toilet seats: "The truth about toilet seats
They're not as contagious as you might have thought"
i know you have been waiting for this
Six Perfect Sideburns in Five Minutes!
The Cutting Edge Radio Program - Transcript of TV/TOYS CONDITIONING OUR CHILDREN.
steves story
Man With H.I.V. Looking For Friends
who did her hair?
Sky and Telescope - Mars at Its All-Time Finest
Bob Cringely thinks the government's information gathering capability is a disaster waiting to happen. Does our government have too much faith in computers as a solution to our problems? Just as electronic voting is looked at skeptically by the computer-savvy among us, so should the use of computers to gather information.
I, Cringely | The Pulpit
Chicago Tribune | Major league reality: Gays aren't welcome
Townsville Bulletin: Masturbation 'may prevent cancer' [ 16jul03 ]
Men On The Net Erotic Stories
for the geek in me
notlong: Web Sites That Shorten Long URLs
Temporary_Tattoo Club - 'Operation: Hidden Agenda' cards - Jul. 15, 2003
AIDS Marathon
First Documented Case of HIV hybridization in a human being was presented at the International AIDS Society conference in Paris. In this case, genetic tests on a superinfected woman showed that the two strains she was infected with swapped genetic material, creating a new hybrid strain of HIV. The actual effects are not yet clear, but this could pose a serious problem for researchers trying to create a vaccine.
New Scientist
time-line of restaurants
George W. Bush is sending out signals that battling pornography will be a key objective of his administration.
The Position
bad show
Boys R Us
garbage pail kids are back!
Yahoo! News - Top Stories Photos - AP
about time
BBC NEWS | World | Americas | California eyes SUV ban
boys boys boys
STLtoday - Life & Style - Story
The Casper Star-Tribune: "Nation's oldest gay rodeo goes off without a hitch"
BBC NEWS | Health | Botox 'may cause new wrinkles': "People who have botox injections may develop new wrinkles as a result of the treatment, it has been claimed. "
420 Tours: Home of the High Times Cannabis Cup
looking for that special fabric?
Lil' Cowpokes Flannel
the worlds largest condom
Condom-minium - JULY 13, 2003
me thinks you dost protest to much - POTTER IS NOT GAY, SAYS ROWLING
Radar-About the magazine: "RIGHT-WING SHLOCK-JOCK MIKE SAVAGE HAS A SECRET. Since recapping his racist and homophobic rants in our premiere issue, we've learned that the ex-liberal (aka Michael Weiner) whose syndicated radio program The Savage Nation (aka Sieg Heil on the Dial) was scooped up by a desperate MSNBC was once a close friend and pen-pal of Beat poet Allen Ginsberg. It took a search of the Howl author's collected letters at Stanford University to discover just how close: "
SATAN IN THE GROIN | Jailwear since 1898
the uncensored golden age of comics
gay heavy metal music
Pink Steel - The inspiration behind 'Queer Eye' - Jul. 14, 2003
New York Post Online Edition: gossip: "PRESIDENT Bush's brother Neil cheated on his ex-wife, Sharon, with local women he met during business trips to the Far East, according to a videotaped deposition conducted by Sharon's lawyers. "
Gadhafi tells African leaders: 'Straights' don't get AIDS
SCIENTISTS have found that high doses of fat and sugar in fast and processed foods can be as addictive as nicotine - and even hard drugs. | Fat, sugar as addictive as drugs (July 14, 2003)
the members of the Beatles were and are NOT nice people
'Fifth Beatle' died after fight with Lennon, sister claims
The brain haemorrhage that led to Stuart Sutcliffe's death was caused by his closest friend, claims the sister of the former bass player. And the proof is in the archive she is about to auction, writes James Morrison
hiding porn
Mercury News | 05/29/2003 | Criminals' new trick
Åĵµ¸»¸ÞϺ¡ÁGay Erotic Art of Gengoroh TAGAME
Male Physique Photography Exhibition - Vintage Cuban Beefcake Models
Nearly everyone in South Africa knows how HIV is transmitted, and how to avoid it. The enduring mystery is why so many people don't apply that knowledge
The New York Review of Books: AIDS in South Africa: The Invisible Cure - News - Unknown 0/0/0: "Drug-Resistant Gonorrhea Spreads Coast to Coast
Injections, not pills, are the fall-back defense. "
Forensic scientists in the US are applying DNA fingerprinting methods to the cannabis plant. They say the technique, which is being used to create a database of DNA profiles of different marijuana plants, will help them to trace the source of any sample.
"It links everybody together: the user, the distributor, the grower,"
New Scientist
pictures of animals mating
Animals Mating.
i like to move it
Man-Faye: The Greatest Cosplayer of All Times.
Five gay men, out to make over the world — one straight guy at time.
They are the Fab Five: an elite team of gay men who have dedicated their lives to extolling the simple virtues of style, taste and class. Each week their mission is to transform a style-deficient and culture-deprived straight man from drab to fab in each of their respective categories: fashion, food and wine, interior design, grooming and culture. > Queer Eye for the Straight Guy
The first rule of Junior Fight Club is don't tell your mom.
Worcester Boxing
Forced to Feminize! Helping women feminize their non-transvestite husbands!
U.S. Newswire - Vietnam Veteran Files Constitutional Challenge to 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' and Federal Sodomy Statute: "
601am : The Gayification of the Guido: - The Other Buchanan Controversy: "The Other Buchanan Controversy
Was the Fifteenth President of the United States Gay?"
Bush's 15 billion for AIDs will mostly go to US corporations - Beware of Bush Bearing Gifts:
Remember the days when red-nailed, high-heeled, hard-boiled, torpedo-busted Mommies Dearest ruled their domestic domains with the business side of a wooden hairbrush and a scalding, cat-o-nine tails wit? Aunt Keri remembers. And she's back, after a fifty-year appointment at the beauty parlor, to take you to task for all your naughty, filthy, dirty, modern misdeeds. Meet Aunt Keri
Is President Bush a Flamboyant Homosexual? Baptists Are Saving Homosexuals asks what conservative Christians demand to know
The gay-friendliest camp on TV is still The Nanny, whose reruns, thankfully enough, seem to have an eternal lifetime channel slot, right after the equally fag-haggy Golden Girls. So imagine what a shock it was to be watching that poufy-haired show, only to have a commercial come on asking, "Are you among the millions who suffer with sexual addiction, rape, pornography, or homosexuality?" Suffer with homosexuality?
The Village Voice: NY Mirror: La Dolce Musto by Michael Musto
Open Government Information Awareness: "
'Knowledge will forever govern ignorance, and a people who mean to be their own governors, must arm themselves with the power knowledge gives. A popular government without popular information or the means of acquiring it, is but a prologue to a farce or a tragedy or perhaps both.'
- James Madison (Fourth President of the United States)"
Gay History and Literature
Columbine PaintBall
send a fax to anyone in the world
The Phone Company (TPC.INT) Homepage
its still alive!
According to a team of computer scientists, we give away our gender in our writing style
Boston Globe Online / Sunday | Focus / He and she: What's the real difference? - Your Miami Everything Guide: "MSNBC on Monday fired Michael Savage for anti-gay comments."
How Do People Freebase Cocaine And Make Crack
The Art of George Quaintance
Sandbridge Technologies said Monday that it's the first chipmaker to pack an entire world of cell phone standards into a single handset.
Chipmaker Sandbridge packs in standards | CNET
how many of you are online
Geographics: Population Explosion!
Oddly Enough - Weird, Funny and Strange News Stories: "A new city is flexing its muscles on the bodybuilding circuit -- Kabul.
Unlikely as it may sound, the Afghan capital is becoming a muscleman's paradise, with gyms sprouting up across the city featuring posters of scantily clad, oily-skinned strongmen. "
i think you will find something in here
Porn Evolution : Best Porn of 1870->200x
Sex chat gone horribly wrong when a couple of guys pretend to be teenagers in cyber sex chats online.
Not for kids or those easily offended.
Best viewed with a twisted sense of humor.
Not safe for work. - If you're not laughing, you've probably found a log with your name on it. / Business / Website turns tables on government officials: "Annoyed by the prospect of a massive new federal surveillance system, two researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are celebrating the Fourth of July with a new Internet service that will let citizens create dossiers on government officials."
Mexico's transvestite candidate close to win
The Globe and Mail
nice t-shirt
Rainbows Are Dumb
Move over, Julie. We search for the real 'Sound of Music.' |
Turns out cocaine and coca leaves have been getting a bum rap. A Peru firm, National Coca Co., exports coca leaves and says if the U.S. allows Coca Cola to use the leaf, it should allow it for other uses.
The Miami Herald | 07/04/2003 | Peru firm exports coca leaves
Reason's Jesse Walker riffs on the Supreme Court sodomy ruling. "First of all, this decision isn't anywhere nearly as dirty as the Starr Report. If the Supreme Court is going to legalize civilian sodomy across the nation, and maybe pave the way for military sodomy as well, the least it could do is enumerate in painstaking detail all the acts that are now permitted. The closest anyone comes is dissenting justice Antonin Scalia, who growls something about a 'homosexual agenda.' Oh boy, you think, a homosexual agenda. What do you suppose is on it? Better calm down, friend: The coy old boy doesn't say."
Where Have All the CDs Gone?
The record industry blames piracy and downloading for sagging sales — here's the whole story.
Sound And Vision Magazine - What's your body worth? Try $45 mil - Jul. 3, 2003
good riddance!
Malls: Death of an American icon - Jul. 4, 2003
I4U :: Future Technology News - Handheld Video Player For under $100!! Announced
For centuries, believers in the Yazidi religion in northern Iraq were oppressed by their Ottoman overlords and Muslim Kurdish neighbors and labeled a sect of devil worshipers. When not the victims of massacres, they were snickered at for what was seen as their strangely eclectic list of taboos -- among them, eating lettuce, wearing the color blue and uttering words that begin with the sound sh.
[Yazidi] Ancient Faith Is a Reminder of Iraq's Diversity - Buddhist says nirvana not for gays - Jul. 4, 2003:
no kidding
NMA To Go: "Today's Mirror reports that the mobile phone revolution has turned us into a bunch of lazy, rude and needy liars. "
Screw Everything
Need sex? Who doesn’t? Expand your horizons into perversions with this A to Z of all that is lovable—or at least humpable.
Abolish Marriage - Let's really get the government out of our bedrooms. By Michael Kinsley
sex in the library | Techsploitation
your crazy
Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | Cannabis link to psychosis
Transexual-man The only Gay FTM Porn star on the net!Gay photos,FTM pictures,free photos,gay and Man with a pussy
The true story of a young soldier who fell in love with a trans-gendered nightclub singer forms the basis for this original drama starring Troy Garity - Movies - Soldier's Girl - Main Page
VGG | History of the Blowjob
make your own stamps
"By vacuuming the air from between two layers of 14 gauge latex, the vac-bed immobilizes the person inside and produces an extremely restrictive and sensual experience."
Latex Vac Bed: JT's Stockroom R065
do you want a
body massage
Create your own dream girl or boy and then meet them.
BBC NEWS | Health | Mixed-sex human embryo created
AltaVista Unveils World's Largest Multimedia Index Today
"There isn't a computer filter in the world we can make that will keep young people from getting to the Web sites they want. You don't have to be a savvy computer jock to know that if one search engine fails, another will work. No technology or court ruling can take the place of adult supervision of the reading diets of young people." | Editorial
Free at Last?
What the Sodomy Ruling Has Changed—and What It Hasn't
The Village Voice: Features: The Court's Big Week: Free at Last? by Richard Goldstein
its the fourth
Lady Liberty Fireworks
Lip Tattoos 1/3
into fisting?
what is fisting?
Fisting Free
Spinsanity - Screed: With Treason, Ann Coulter once again defines a new low in America's political debate - A car stereo that can kill you? Cool - Jul. 2, 2003
the ads are interesting
and so is the beer
Tinkoff > English version
Don't Tread on Me: Gadsden Flag History: "Don't Tread on Me
The history of the Gadsden flag and how the rattlesnake became a symbol of American independence"
harry potter is gay
News and Features | There’s something about Harry
I notice the 6th is a Sunday. It would have to be, so all the children can do it without missing school.
Government, industry warn of mass hacker attacks on July 6
the geek in me
GSM is the way to go
I fly to Asia once a month,and GSM is the standard in that part of the world. Can't beat over a billion people as customer base
GSM World - the website of the GSM Association
AlterNet: Bush Dominates a Nation of Victims
who wears these clothes?
International Male: Department: 'Meet the Model'
Brotherly Love: 'Buddy films' mean man-to-man action in more than one way
Seattle Weekly: Film: Pride 2003: Brotherly Love by Andrew Bonazelli
Although the Supreme Court has overturned bans on sodomy, the US military does not uphold the decision. - Sodomy Will Always Be Criminal Under The Uniform Code of Military Justice - Rick Erickson : Shows : The Greatest : 50 Greatest Teen Idols : Episode
Oh like you have never done this:
27-Year-Old Man Poses as Teenage Girl
Detroit Now/ WXYZ-TV : News
The New Republic Online: Sex Appeal
clothes make the man
State: State limits circumcision coverage: "State limits circumcision coverage
Medicaid will no longer cover most of the surgeries in Florida as state officials seek to reduce costs."
Redefining the Center
Liberal Decisions From a Conservative Court
The Village Voice: Features: The Court's Big Week: Redefining the Center by Sanford Levinson
M&R: Jerry Brown, Al Davis not exactly 'buddies' / Straight 'Pride Idol' ruffles some gays' feathers / But winner of San Francisco competition understands how it feels to be ostracized: "Watch out, 'American Idol.' San Francisco's first 'Gay Pride Idol' makes her debut at today's big parade and rally -- only guess what? She's not gay.
Or lesbian, bisexual or transgender, for that matter.
She's straight. And boy, are some people ticked. "
His Greatness Mao | China's growing impact on world trade
oh the sheep are finally waking up
A CNN-USA Today-Gallup poll conducted over the weekend shows that people are beginning to realize that Bush lied--and it matters to them.
The number that expects the United States to find weapons of mass destruction... has dropped from 84 percent in late March to 53 percent now.
Almost four in 10 say they believe the Bush administration deliberately misled the public about whether Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, while six in 10 say they do not believe that.
More than half, 53 percent, say it would matter a great deal to them if they became convinced the Bush administration deliberately misled the public on that subject.
The poll of 1,003 adults was taken Friday through Sunday and has an error margin of plus or minus 3 percentage points, larger for subgroups.
New Poll: Nearly 40% Believe Bush Deliberately Misled Public On Iraq
In our 2003 Queer Issue, gay and lesbian writers are asking that you straight people--no, insisting that you straight people--start taking the bad along with the good of gay culture.
The Stranger Pullout (06/26/03)
you can lick jesus
What is RIAA Radar?
The RIAA Radar is a tool that music consumers can use to easily and instantly distinguish whether an album was released by a member of the Recording Industry Association of America.
RIAA Radar: Home
jeffery dahmer
what so great about gay marriage?
The New Yorker: The Talk of the Town - PocketPC Software, News, Etc...: "My Sexual Encounters is a simple program that allows you to record details on all your sexual encounters/aquaintences.Never loose that number or forget his/her name again! "
Tel Aviv Pride Parade 2003