Next Stop: Same-Sex Divorce!
Gays beg the state for the right to beg the state
Go to sleep dear, it's time to have sex
'Sexsomnia' occurs more often than we think
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do you want a pen pal?
Inmate Penpals. Photo Personals of male Inmates Wanting Pen pals
Bush's Messiah Complex | February 2003 issue
MTV has banned the Foo Fighters' video for their new single "Low" featuring actor Jack Black and frontman Dave Grohl because of two controversial scenes. In one, Black and Grohl are seen dressed in drag, spanking each other. In the other, the camera shows Grohl and Black's legs intermingled in a way that implies they're having sex.
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No prescription necessary!
Impaza — the brand name is a play on the words meaning "impotent" and "imposing" — has two advantages over its better-known rival Viagra: it costs only eight dollars a packet as against 20 dollars for Viagra, and it is available without a prescription. | loveandsex | features Russian men seek sex salvation
Corporate Mofo Advances the Gay Agenda
some of the dirt on senator Frist
Attention on Sen. Frist turns to issues, his ties to HCA
Top Senator Backs Amendment Banning Gay Marriage
Reuters | Latest Financial News / Full News Coverage
Matthew Shepard Online Resources - Religious Right Hate Speech - home page
Oasismag - A Writing Community for Queer and Questioning Youth.
!!! My Little Phallus !!!
BBC News | In Pictures: "Anti-masturbation device
This Victorian device was aimed at preventing 'self abuse'. "
Hydrogen fuel hopes get a boost: "Organic wastes such as paper mill sludge or cheese whey can be converted into hydrogen using an inexpensive metal catalyst, researchers say, in a process that could boost efforts to replace oil and gas fuels."
The Naked Trucker Show
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handcrafted glass penis paperweights
ezboard - helping.people.connect. The world`s largest online community network emjoyed by millions of people each day.
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Straddling Sexes / Young lesbians transitioning into men are shaking the foundation of the lesbian-feminist world
Sex on the wrong brain.: "Most of the people on the planet may be suffering varying degrees of a previously unknown disease called sex on the wrong brain."
can someone explain to me where this style for men came from?
the scarf thing is soooooo gay
this scan is from a 1970 S&H Green Stamps catalog

sesame street seventies disco
Stop The Gay Canadians! / First icky legalized homosexual marriage, then the apocalypse. Conservative America trembles
The idea behind the Dead Exposure Photo Project is simple, to collect photos of people posing dead in various places from around the world. 'If you are offended by the subject matter of death, or bothered by the creative images of death contained within this site, then you should leave now.'
Dead Exposure -
Gay athletes, long the most closeted professionals, are trying to pry open the sports world
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so you want to be a male porn star?
:: PORNBLOGRAPHY - Daily Grind ::
eBay item 3529961111 (Ends Jun-25-03 18:42:20 PDT ) - 82 Club N.Y. 1969 Drag Transvestite Gay Rare
eBay item 3529959882 (Ends Jun-25-03 18:38:42 PDT ) - Club 82 N.Y. 1950s Drag Transvestite Gay Rare
The Homosexual Handshake Exposed!
They're not just puppets, they're gay puppets!
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The AOLer Translator
Against His Will
Notes on the New Gay Predator
The Village Voice: Features: The Queer Issue: Against His Will by Richard Goldstein
The Village Voice: Features: The Queer Issue: Outing Abe by Richard A. Kaye
yes a computer for your car
Xenarc Technologies - CP-1000 - In-Dash 1-DIN Car PC
Could You Pass the 8th Grade Exam of 1895? - by MWHodges
Healthology | 06/20/2003 | An Intimate Allergy: Reacting to Semen: "Dr. Bernstein explains what causes semen allergy and how to cope with it. " - 'No Science' Behind Male Pill's Claims: "Enzyte is an herbal pill geared for men who think size does matter. Makers of the sky-blue pill promise it increases erection size by as much as 31 percent."
Marriage marks the end of a gay era"
Val Kilmer plays John Holmes
The porn star John Holmes died in 1988 from AIDS related complications. Val Kilmer portrays him in the biopic, Wonderland.
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The Gay Pimp
"Soccer Practice" Music Video
Gay competition winner booed for looking too 'straight'
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Joint Rollers handbook
Ugly People - Ugly Girls - Ugly Guys - Ugly Women - Ugly Men - Priceless Pictures
Express Gay News: "The Declining Role of Gay Bars "
Meet the Droopners!
BBC NEWS | UK | What are the 78 differences between women and men?
My Secret Life by Walter (The Sex Diary of a Victorian Gentleman)
BC Vaporizer
7 Days and 7 Nights: "A Remarkable Half Century
Despite fierce resistance, the struggle for LGBT legal rights accelerates every decade" Books: Gay Men and Anal Eroticism: Tops, Bottoms, and Versatiles> 09/01> Features> History of Drag
Big Muscle Welcome to site that lets you create and maintain your own profile and photos. In addition to viewing profiles from thousands of guys around the world, you can sort, search and compare yourself to others.
The Chronicle: 6/20/2003: 'Dr. Sex' A human-sexuality expert creates controversy with a new book on gay men and transsexuals
TruckNutz - The Ultimate Truck Accessory? Truck Nutz? are a high-quality, novelty, automotive accessory that hang from any bumper and let folks show the world their Nutz.
casey donovan; casey donovan, the boy in the sand, classic gay porn star casey donovan
Underdog Online - the outsider's in site - Sex & the Cybercity: Gay Men and the Internet
What I am reading Books: Darkness at Dawn: The Rise of the Russian Criminal State
Now that Gay Marriages are occurring in Canada, Miss MANners has some suggestions:

1) On the day of a gay wedding, it's bad luck for the two grooms to see
each other at the gym.

2) Superstition suggests that for good luck the couple should
have: Something bold, something flirty, something trashy, something

3) It's customary at gay and lesbian nuptials for the parents to have
an open bar during the entire ceremony.

4) Gay wedding tradition dictates that both grooms refrain from eating
any of the wedding cake because it's all carbs and sugar.

5) It's considered bad luck for either of the grooms to have dated the

6) During the first dance, it's considered unlucky to use glow
sticks, flags, whistles or hand held lasers.

7) For good luck at the union of a drag queen, the bouquet is
always thrown in the face of a hated rival.

8) The reception hall must have a disco ball and at least 1 go-go

9) The wedding singer is not allowed to play/sing Let's Hear It For the
Boy, It's Raining Men or I Will Survive. (I disagree!)

10) The father of the Bottom pays for everything!
this new rape drug will be coming to the US
Yahoo! News - Drug Turns Colombia Crime Victims Into Zombies This penile tube, equipped with a plunger device that restricts genital movement, can be easily detached, posing a choking hazard to unsupervised children. Tube also contains a tiny hole, intended for urination, that may trap a small finger and result in hand injury.
BBC NEWS | Africa | Africa 'needs anal sex awareness' Anal sex could be a major cause of the HIV/Aids epidemic in Africa, according to new research.
Southern Baptists start gay initiative
365 Days Project It’s hard to picture the leader of the Nation of Islam singing a calypso song about a sex change operation but the cheery singer is none other than Louis Farrakhan.
The School Uniform Galleries
J. Michael Bailey clicks on an audio recording of four men: Two are gay and two are straight. Can the audience guess which ones are gay just by listening to their voices? asks Mr. Bailey, a professor of psychology at Northwestern University
The Chronicle: 6/20/2003: 'Dr. Sex'
its about time
Car Audio Electronics Magazine: 42-Volt Autos 42-Volt Autos
The possibilities for car audio are going to be almost limitless with the 42-volt industry standard
The organization also says the booming bottled water industry could be draining aquifers and other water resources, contributing to pollution and producing energy inefficiencies.
There's "an immense waste of energy and plastic and resources if you consider the number of bottles that are made and transported and disposed of," says Erik Olson, a lawyer for the group. - Bottled water booms despite concerns, price
are you not glad that the fighting is over - Hatfields and McCoys sign truce - Jun. 14, 2003
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cable clock
Rum and Monkey - Insulting Name Generator
grandmas sex advice
how to give a blowjob
strange just click it
Psychiatric Association Debates Reclassifying Pedophilia
Psychiatric Association Debates Reclassifying Pedophilia -- 06/11/2003
E-Commerce News: Internet Providers Say Users' Privacy Is Eroding Fast
Could be a clever porn site, but it turns out it's a dating service for rich queens.
Gay Millionaires Club :: Mainpage
i have so much geek stuff to label
Go to LabelOnce site
The Internet Cocktail Database
40 Percent Of Americans Iron While Naked
NCBuy: Weird and Offbeat News Stories
The Ejaculator!!!!
Salvador Dali Art Gallery
Wild West: Drug cartels thrive in US national parks |
Accused say they hazed, not raped, 16-year-old boy
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his greatness Mao
Cultural Revolution Memorabilia Online Catalog
Three decades of research on men's sexual arousal show patterns that clearly track sexual orientation -- gay men overwhelmingly become sexually aroused by images of men and heterosexual men by images of women. In other words, men's sexual arousal patterns seem obvious. But a new Northwestern University study boosts the relatively limited research on women's sexuality with a surprisingly different finding regarding women's sexual arousal. In contrast to men, both heterosexual and lesbian women tend to become sexually aroused by both male and female erotica, and, thus, have a bisexual arousal pattern
Study suggests difference between female and male sexuality
The Burn Maker will turn any text into a more assertive piece of writing. What it actually does is insert a lot of f-words into the text
( Burn Maker
Iraqi Boy Band Hopes Saddam's Fall Spells Stardom (
Semen taste-enhancement dietary supplement
United States Patent: 6,485,773
SoYouWanna get a sexchange?
Morbid Outlook - The Language of Fans
CALENDAR 2002/2003
Come Back, Clinton Sex Nation / Is the country better off with a president who actually has an active libido? Hell yes.
Anatomy of a penis pill swindle
Brad Pitt with a skirt on

Do you meet guys online and hookup with 'em? Ever lose track of 'em? Ever figure out that you're talking to the same jerk that wasted your time a few months ago? Ever have a bro ask if you want to hookup again and you can't remember who the hell he is, or what he looks like, much less if he was any good at it? Don't you wish you knew if he was honest, hot, and skilled before you met him? If you can answer yes to any or all of these questions then iTrick is for you!
make your own music
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The Democratic National Committee boasts electronic files on 158 million Americans. The Republican National Committee says it's way ahead, with files on 165 million.
National party computers today keep track of where you live, your phone number and e-mail address, whether you vote, your willingness or refusal to make political contributions, your interests, ethnic background, reading habits and church attendance. Some files contain hints about your sexual preferences, whether own a gun, and your views on abortion and other issues.
The Democrats call their system "Demzilla." Republicans call theirs "Voter Vault." Advocates of privacy call it Orwellian.
Newhouse A1
An extropian company called "Applied Molecular Evolution" have shipped a designer molecule that neutralizes cocaine in the bloodstream.
Wired News: Designer Drug Snuffs Cocaine High
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Men are queuing up for penis extensions according to a new survey.
But instead of doing it to impress in the bedroom, they want to look good in the gym changing room instead.
Virtual Drug Dealer
folsom street
street fair gallery
Photo Tim - Folsom Street Fair
boys are sexy
Welcome to Jenville
magic negro And Don't Forget the Brother on "Designing Women"
A Gay-Friendly Presidential Field
Express Gay News
NATIONAL POST Influence on Bush aides: Bolshevik's writings supported the idea of pre-emptive war
If you shave your public hair, the thick roots will grow through, resulting in thicker results.
Print Article: Jerry Springer wants leave the trash behind After 13 years of providing a daily dose of punch-throwing midgets and psychic strippers, the Jerry Springer Show may soon come to an end, its host said in Melbourne yesterday.
New York Post Online Edition: entertainment
rent a piece of his body
RentaGent - Own a Piece - of your own living human!
Human Sexuality Image Bank
AlterNet: The Straight Dope on Marijuana Pharmaceuticals
Satellite Radio for Your PC
EdgeReview: Audio & MP3: At a Glance: XM PCR
the best part of a man
XAVIERA HOLLANDER , famous writer of the book "The Happy Hooker" she also has written many other book like: Supersex , Child no more etc etc etc
i skip these events
there really gauche
ORLANDO, Fla. -- The airspace above Walt Disney World has been free of aircraft since March, when the government said the resort was a terrorism target of symbolic value. But a Christian organization that wants to send banner-towing planes over the theme park during this week's Gay Days festivities believes the no-fly zone equals no free speech. - News - Christian Group Wants Disney's No-Fly Zone Down For Gay Days
Martha Stewart May Face Indictment, Her Company Says
I have been collecting these for you
Parliamentary committee calls for gay marriage in Canada
Daily news ...
Yahoo! News - Habitat for Humanity to Open Slum 'Theme Park'
the cost of the war in iraq
Cost of War