An inventor has designed a system of tiny lenses and mirrors he says could be used to camouflage almost any object. It would require covering the surface with lenses or "pixels" that receive, transmit and reflect light from the object's surroundings. - Inventor claims he can make things invisible
drive around town and spy on peoples personal home cameras
The GULLY | Gay Mundo | Iraq War Won't Help the Homos
duh! p2p is where you get your porn isnt it?
Will Apple's new paid music service put a dent in free file-trading services like Kazaa and Gnutella? No, because most files being traded on [peer-to-peer file-swapping] sites aren't music files at all. Surprise -- they're porn."
Wired News: Smut Trading Outstrips Tune Swaps
The Hallucinogenic Powers of Atropa Belladonna
Canada is looking at decriminalizing marijuana - Chrétien ready to ease pot possession law
A seven-year-old boy who was admitted to hospital with stomach pains was actually "pregnant" with his twin brother.
BBC NEWS | Health | Boy 'pregnant' with twin brother
RRC: Archives The Hidden History of Rock and Rap Music
Rapid romance / Speed dating attracts a lot of nice gay men looking for Mr. Right
Could the ruling on the sodomy case before the U.S. Supreme help define the upcoming national elections? Could be.
Sodomy law ruling may reverberate in 2004 elections
Yes Portal - Adult News The only thing dirtier than some of the used panties I’ve seen online researching this article are the business tactics that eBay recently employed to try to muscle out competitors in the adult action business
Yahoo! News - Circumcision Does Not Dull Sensitivity: Study
scroll down and play this one:
Left Rights Music Video, 2002
Animators Unite, Inc.™ | Films | News Films
Manor House. Quiz | PBS
You're In Control (Urine Control) The You’re In Control system uses computation to enhance the act of urination. Sensors in the back of a urinal detect the position of a stream of urine, enabling people to play interactive games on a screen mounted above the urinal.
why is it when i see this furniture i think of sex?
Aqua Creations -- Furniture & Lighting Design by Ayala S. Serfaty
Dull Men's Club
Lots of Jokes - Multilingual Swearing
man shaped bookshelf
I want one
Any Amount of Books: Bookman
Film Threat - Features Perhaps the most elusive ribbon of film in the history of cinema is "Frankenstein." Not the 1931 masterpiece with Boris Karloff, but the first screen adaptation of the Mary Shelley novel, produced in 1910 by Thomas Edison. Censored in its day and considered lost for decades, the film still exists in a private collection but is still a great distance from returning to the screen.
i dont even know 2000 songs let alone 7500!
Apple - iPod
new index measures how much rich nations do to help poor nations
Australia ranks 19th, the United States 20th (out of 21)
Foreign Policy
We won't marry you because you're gay.
We won't ordain you because you're gay.
You can't be an elder because you're gay.
You can't be baptized???? because you're gay.
Charlotte Observer | 04/25/2003 | Baptizing gays might get church expelled
Bible Sex Stories: The untold story behind the Bible's sexiest tales
Guide to Skating Naked -
how to tell if you are an american
American culture
the world of PIP boy
Pork Gravy dot com . . . Hot Damn ! ! !
anyone know about this site?
CruiseTool - Cruising and Dating Personal Ads for Gay and Bisexual Men
Rude Food
Pubic Shaving A Growing Trend Among Men
NCBuy: Weird and Offbeat News Stories
Kids Stoned Chewable Vitamins
SpEciaL EdD
High fashion: wacky, hemp-themed wallpaper, humping-bunny fabric
nest products > pillows Books: The Man Who Would Be Queen: The Science of Gender-Bending and Transsexualism
XM Satellite Radio comes to the PC | CNET
political supression of sex science in the US || The Decline of Sex Science and the Decline of Society
Twelve young priests have raised eyebrows in Italy by joining the ranks of housewives and porn stars in posing for a glossy calendar
Reuters | Latest Financial News / Full News Coverage
vote for your favorite
Anonymous weblogging could be the next big thing for those who want total anonymity online. Using the mixmaster remailer and GPG encryption you can have a truly impersonal weblog. (beta) - anonymous weblog publishing The Perfect Man Exists — on Video
This website contains information for gay and bisexual men who use methamphetamine. We in no way promote or encourage the use of this controlled substance. is a site for men 18 and older.
Tommy (not his real name) has been HIV-positive for years. But he's not dying from HIV-related complications.
Tommy is dying of methamphetamine addiction.
In S.F. gay community, speed kills slowly and cruelly
hunky kid
Untitled Document
the white party in pictures - The Leading Gay & Lesbian Online Entertainment Community
Calling a payphone is always an opportunity to make someone's day a little more surreal. Thanks to the Payphone Project, you can now screw with people in Paris, Antarctica, or the Vatican.
The Payphone Project
be a druglord
FrEaKy FoLk - The wackiest and weirdest people in the world!
A German company said on Thursday it
wants to market a new condom to improve men's sexual
performance by numbing the penis to prevent premature
The condom, which would carry thin film of anaesthetic on
its inner lining, has yet to win regulatory approval.
News at Netscape
feel the music
Is your computer stuck in first gear? Does it cough and sputter and crash more often than usual? And, by chance, are you seeing an unusually high number of pop-up ads?
If so, it's possible your machine harbors one or more programs known collectively as spyware, nasty little intruders that combine the worst features of e-mail viruses and spam into one package.
Wired News: Check Your Viral Load for Bugs
Gay Satellite Radio Channel Beams In - Spotlight News
tokyo skin heads
oh just enjoy
the penis blog project
Masculinity and the Military:
Reconstituting the Mythology of War and the Warrior in Post-Vietnam America
The Joan B. Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies at the University of Notre Dame
Guns and penises
American society's problem isn't firearms -- it's the sexually dysfunctional men and women who abuse them.
Salon People | Guns and penises
add your own apartment to the tallest apartment building in the world
~~ MrWong's Soup'Partments ~~ Get Your Apartment Today!
search the ellis island data base for your relatives
American Family Immigration History Center
who's smarter?
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the best ad
AdForum Ad of the Day
IrfanView - one of the most popular viewers worldwide
U.S. cash so contaminated with cocaine, heroin and ecstasy that the latest drug craze has become sniffing paper bills to get cheap high
Weekly World News Books: Masculine Marine: Homoeroticism in the U.S. Marine Corps (Haworth Gay & Lesbian Studies)
Is Bush a Nazi?
Take Back The Media! Our Sponsors
Milkmen: Fathers Who Breastfeed.
sex rays
Sperone Westwater
Some fume after Republicans meet with ho-mo-sex-you-als:
The Seattle Times: Nation & World: Some fume after GOP, gay meeting
Kansas City Star | 04/12/2003 | How Americans lost their freedom of choice and never said a word
want a drummin man?
The online resource for Drummers and Percussionists by Drummin' Men Adult Baby Punishment Nursery for Naughty Adult Babies
be a cop in iraq
International Mission Information Source | Iraq Mission
i know you want these
Remote Control Vibrating Panties.  Cordless, 7 Speed, High Quality
this little girl has a message for you
Image Changer by Fashnek
Ancient cannibalism may protect us from 'mad cow' ailments: study. 12/4/2003. ABC News Online Widespread cannibalism among our ancestors may have transferred genes to some modern humans which provide protection against so-called prion ailments, such as Creutzfeld Jacob disease, the human variant of "mad cow disease".
beginning to view San Francisco as the highest-risk city in the world. When one combines the high likelihood that San Francisco will suffer a devastating earthquake and fire in the next few decades with its outsized role as a terrorist target, experts say, the combined level of peril is unique in the world.
SF Weekly | | News : Matt Smith Risk Reassessment,As the Bush administration scares America witless, San Francisco might offer a model for living well in the shadow of apocalypse,By Matt Smith The Alternative San Francisco connection for events, event listings, music reviews, CD reviews, and all of the latest alternative news from the San Francisco, bay area.
wild videos
Untitled Document
The Long Conversion of Oscar Wilde There are hints in the novel at elements we now see as autobiographical. The young man, Dorian Gray, frequents opium dens and has furtive relationships that are clearly homosexual, all the while maintaining his mask of youthful purity
make your own dub music
saddams love shack
News From The Associated Press
Bush and Ashcroft Begin Long-Promised Assault on Adult Pornography
their content goes so far beyond that which any production that I'm aware of has undertaken in terms of depictions of non-consensual material, the purportedly HIV-positive gangbang, the depiction of incest, rape or rape of adult actresses portraying extremely young people, it was as predictable as anything in the world that they were going to get busted."
AVN :: Experts Say Extreme Is In Deep Trouble
The Divine Metaphor: God began Creation by Masturbation
Yahoo! Top Stories - Saddam Starred in Gay Porn Films!
Purring Kitty - bringing pleasure to your Nokia
an ass on a face
Bumheaders Plc.
Why do we have sex? One of the main biological reasons, contends Ridley, is to combat disease. By constantly combining and recombining genes every generation, people "keep their genes one step ahead of their parasites," thereby strengthening resistance to bacteria and viruses that cause deadly diseases or epidemics. Called the "Red Queen Theory"
Barnes & - Red Queen: Sex and the Evolution of Human Nature
The Day My Butt Went Psycho
Two Spirit  People Nadleeh Berdache in Native American Culture Many of the world’s cultures recognize more than two genders. The notion that there are those of us who do not fit precisely into either a male or female role has historically been accepted by many groups.
Adult Musicals- The Story in the 1970's
Conservative U.S. Christian organizations have joined forces with Islamic governments to halt the expansion of sexual and political protections and rights for gays, women and children at United Nations conferences. Islamic Bloc, Christian Right Team Up to Lobby U.N.
Foreign Policy The True Clash of Civilizations
Samuel Huntington was only half right. The cultural fault line that divides the West and the Muslim world is not about democracy but sex. According to a new survey, Muslims and their Western counterparts want democracy, yet they are worlds apart when it comes to attitudes toward divorce, abortion, gender equality, and gay rights–which may not bode well for democracy’s future in the Middle East.
the history of mens swimwear
Men's Swim Wear
how do I swear in aribic from
just strange
move your mouse around
Cryptozoologist Loren Coleman says the legend of Bigfoot dates back 5000 years to ancient Mesopotamia -- now modern Iraq -- and a hairy creature named "Enkidu."
Enkidu plays a major role in the Epic of King Gilgamesh, and Coleman claims Gilgamesh and Enkidu engaged in a lot of cross-species gay sex, with an occasional threesome.

NCBuy: Weird and Offbeat News Stories
ever want to go on a date with a gorgeous man?
Little Nicky--Weather in Hell
its TY!!!!!!!!
Portal of Pork Articles: Homemade Bong by EyeEatCrayonz
Cocaine addicts get a high before the hit
New Scientist
Instructional Videos -- The Learning Channel (TLC) -- sex, century
Text messaging is popular in Europe and Asia, but not in America. Why? | Mobile telecoms
Scientific American: Rat Studies Elucidate the Neurochemistry of Addiction
the latex condom
International Latex Conference - Topic Abstracts

Welcome to the Tony Curtis Virtual Art Gallery - I Did It For Science: Gay Bar by Grant Stoddard
I did it for science
To see how I fare as an object of carnal desire in a gay club.
KOTV - The News On Six Former Tulsa mayoral candidate arrested
Former mayoral candidate Paul Tay has been arrested again. Tay has been a lightning rod for controversy lately for riding his bicycle around Tulsa with a giant, inflated penis on the back.
Ananova - Kermit rolls a joint in joke email
The cyberwar begins Predictions of some sort of cyberwar have been floating around for months now, with security experts suggesting that if war actually broke out, a series of cyberattacks was sure to follow. However, there hasn't been much evidence of anything devious happening in cyberspace beyond attacks by isolated groups of criminals and vandals -- until now.
According to U.K.-based mi2g, a security consultancy (, its intelligence unit is receiving reports of significantly increased numbers of cyberattacks between interests sympathetic to Iraq and interests sympathetic to the United States , the United Kingdom , and other nations in the coalition currently involved in the war in Iraq . The company also reports that both site defacements and DoS (denial of service) attacks have increased markedly on both sides.
Iraqi Acres Welcome to Iraqi Acres
As the war in Iraq continues, you might be interested to know that the President has asked Congress for about $75 billion to finance American operations there. That comes to about $375 per U.S. taxpayer.
So if you're wondering what you'll get in exchange for your hard-earned money, has the answer: land. That's right, an acre of land in Iraq.
very manly
Brandon Bird's Brandon-Bird-O-Rama
Mercury News | 04/07/2003 | Why we may never regain the liberties that we've lost
The Observer | Politics | Cannabis 'link to schizophrenia rise'
Sunday Herald Vatican to test if trainee priests are gay
Pope expected to demand that seminary students who display homosexual tendencies are not ordained
gay NASCAR fans
Behind the Tucking, Taping, and Lip-syncing at the Miss Gay Maryland Pageant
Baltimore City Paper: Queen for a Day (April 2 - April 8, 2003)
Last words of death row convicts.
au revoir les inmates
dildo art
Dildo Art: Where the worlds of sex toys and art collide
Yahoo! News - Iraq War Shows Growing Latino Role in U.S. Military
Calvin Klein, total nutjob @ Gawker During Monday night's Knicks game, Calvin Klein apparently walked up to Latrell Sprewell as Sprewell was getting ready to inbound the ball and struck up a conversation with him before being escorted away by security. A number of possible explanations here:
1. Klein has gone completely batshit.
Gusworld: How To Do Things With Four Letter Words
Masturbation Horror Stories
Imagine if the Ku Klux Klan got total control of Texas and its oil and used the money to run KKK schools all over the world. That’s Saudi Arabia...
Call to Arms (
Are American elections fixed?
how did AIDS start?
LRB | Edward Hooper : Aids and the Polio Vaccine
GW Bush Went AWOL - Home Page So, while the media have sat on this explosive story for months, it's well documented that George W. Bush never showed up for National Guard duty for a period of approximately one year, possibly more, in 1972-1973. Despite all the talk about "honor and dignity," Bush seems to have a problem meeting his commitments.
Meet Bert. He used to be the webmaster here. Bert kinda freaked out one day. Now he wants to be called Bertrice.
Error 404 - Page Not Found
Is Sodomy Patriotic? / Where naughty gay sex in Texas meets the rigid U.S. Supreme Court. Hide the children
who armed saddam?
Xanga dissidentfrogman's Weblog 3/31/2003
hot asian men
safe for work
Asian Men
someone finally said it
Boston Globe Online / Nation | World / Kerry says US needs its own 'regime change'
book you can read
right now
University of California Press eScholarship Editions: Public Subjects
Hyperbole? Yeah, some. Truth? Yeah, some.

1. Cabal of oldsters who won't listen to outside advice? Check.
2. No understanding of ethnicities of the many locals? Check.
3. National boundaries drawn in Europe, not by the locals? Check.
4. Unshakable faith in our superior technology? Check.
5. France secretly hoping we fall on our asses? Check.
6. Russia secretly hoping we fall on our asses? Check.
7. China secretly hoping we fall on our asses? Check.
8. SecDef pushing a conflict the JCS never wanted? Check.
9. Fear we'll look bad if we back down now? Check.
10. Corrupt Texan in the WH? Check.
11. Land war in Asia? Check.
12. Rightists unhappy with outcome of previous war? Check.
13. Enemy easily moves in/out of neighboring countries? Check.
14. Soldiers about to be dosed with our own chemicals? Check.
15. Friendly fire problem ignored instead of solved? Check.
16. Anti-Americanism up sharply in Europe? Check.
17. B-52 bombers? Check.
18. Helicopters that clog up on the local dust? Check.
19. Infighting among the branches of the military? Check.
20. Locals that cheer us by day, hate us by night? Check.
21. Local experts ignored? Check.
22. Local politicians ignored? Check.
23. Local conflicts since before the USA has been a country? Check.
24. Against advice, Prez won't raise taxes to pay for war? Check.
25. Blue water navy ships operating in brown water? Check.
26. Use of nukes hinted at if things don't go our way? Check.
27. Unpopular war? Check.

Vietnam II, you are cleared to taxi.
Marijuana Special Report
New Scientist
The Second Superpower
While not even the most experienced traveller can insulate himself or herself completely from ocasionally shocking, disgusting or insulting his or her hosts, here is a little something worth keeping in your laptop.
Window on the World, Inc.: customized cross-cultural training and consulting
Gay marine comes out as conscientious objector
Daily news ...
very french
very strange
! D*I*R*T*Y digital culture !
the geek in me
BPM Calculator
ahhh this is real

RE-CODE.COM is a free web service that allows its customers to share product information and create barcodes that can be printed and used to re-code items in stores by placing new labels over existing UPC symbols to set a new price - participating in an act of tactical shopping. RE-CODE.COM at its core is a shared database, updateable by our customers. Participation is free and requires no special membership agreements or software download. After entering the website, customers can choose to search and view information in our database currently or add their own collected data to the system. Using our custom Barcode Generator application, barcodes are drawn in real time and made available to the user. : Re-Code Your Own Price for food, electronics, software, movies, music, and more!
Gay Books: The Rise and Fall of Gay Culture
I have to much time
Peter Hirschberg - My Software
BRADY WORLD - Home of The Brady Bunch
trailer trash
A sordid tale of death and deceit in a simulated trailer park
Naked is a gallery of sixteen regular people in various stages of undress
Judd wants a date
this is his profile
Judd Arthur Books: Queens in the Kingdom: The Ultimate Gay and Lesbian Guide to the Disney Theme Parks
Vile world Records Starring -thedanceman- A New Dance Video Every Day!
fluffy tuffy
the secret war
Washington’s quiet war in Colombia
Pink Man - The Singing Super Hero
ahhh i did not have an older brother
New theory links older brothers to male homosexuality. 28/3/2003. ABC News Online - Create A Band Online
Gays Blast Vatican's New Sex Glossary
Reuters | Latest Financial News / Full News Coverage
very cool!
iPAQ & GPRS Streaming Internet Radio In Your Car