AVN :: Sex and Taxes While professional sex industry workers have an established network of accountants and experienced advisors to help them maneuver through the tax season, what about the amateur? What about those of you who are independent contractors for phone sex and Webcam companies? What about those of you who sell your photos online? What about those who moonlight their humble 9-5 job being a gay porn Webmaster?
yes it is
Connect - Fear - Is Wi-Fi the Internet's Next Big Freebie? - - Online Features - Darwin Magazine
MDN: WaiWai SOM is an acronym for Super Onanism Machine and its inventors claim it's the first powered sex aid capable of moving vertically as well as horizontally without needing a guiding hand from the user.
What's more, the SOM is also unisex and has apparently been selling like hotcakes since hitting the market late last year.
Silly Putty Silliest Uses Contest
e.Peak (15/5/2000) humour: An open letter to Durex Condoms Dear Durex condom people,
You assholes have ruined my sex. How, you ask? I'll tell you.
American Legal System Is Corrupt Beyond Recognition, Judge Tells Harvard Law School
The Supreme Court Tries Sodomy - … and discovers that Texas is confused about it too. By Dahlia Lithwick
Drug giants get 'next tobacco' warning: the drugs industry risks destroying its reputation, investors warn, unless it does more to help AIDS patients in poor countries
BBC NEWS | Business | Drug giants 'next tobacco' warning
nobscan.com - scanned, flaccid pictures of male genitalia, flaccid and funny nobscan.com exists to show scanned pictures of male genitalia in flaccid and humorous states. It's not a pornography site - so you won't find any pictures of pointy projectiles on here.
The Encyclopedia of Unusual Sex Practices
we used to kiss saddam husseins ass
Yahoo! News - Saddam Once Received Key to Detroit
Why not hear about the Iraqi War from the soldiers themselves?
Baghdad 10:17:12
Gay men and lesbians have gender-bending brains that contribute to their effeminate and “butch” stereotypes, it was claimed today.
BreakingNews.ie: Gays and lesbians have 'gender-bender' brains
Yahoo! News - Study Looks at How HIV May Spread Through Oral Sex
"Everyone should be aware that under the USA Patriot Act of 2001, anything you enter into a search engine can be obtained by the government merely by telling a judge "that the spying could lead to information that is 'relevant' to a criminal investigation,"
IHT: Being Googled: Web search tool is not without critics
available this August
Gadget deciphers dogspeak
ahhh ok
1iotaproductions.com :: Jimmy Kimmel Live 'Happatai' Outdoor Performance
Mormon masturbation
Could a faltering dollar and global rebellion against its values presage the decline, and eventual fall, of the American empire?
Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Bush fiddles with economy while Baghdad burns
Welcome to Jerry's Love Line!
The Oscar Wilde web design page
Normal Page
the condom jar
MTV.com - Onair - Auction - 2003 - Realworld
Men Underwater
20/7 In some parts of Hollywood it's the new craze to have your anus area bleached blonde. Why? I hear you ask. Well apparently as you get older, your anus part gets darker, due I must assume to all the craps that one has over one's lifetime. Anyway to make it look nice and new like a babies bottom no doubt they get it bleached. Oh yes people, it's true.
they dont like us
Slow Aid and Other Concerns Fuel Iraqi Discontent Toward United States
ABCNEWS.com : 'Liberated' Iraqis Question U.S. Motives
viagra pop drinks
The Observer | UK News | Brewers prepare to seduce young drinkers with wave of 'Viagra pops'
UrbanDictionary.com: The Repository of American Vernacular
quality slaves and whipping boys
Fatwa Sam's Online Bazaar
IPRC Drug Photo Menu - IPRC INFOsite
bitch bitch bitch
Periodic Reason I Rule
Scientific American: Making Computers Talk Say good-bye to stilted electronic chatter: new synthetic-speech systems sound authentically human, and they can respond in real time
Whatever you may think about the values or intentions of our world leaders, the idiots, we are now at war. And that means, as any patriotic American knows, that we have to be fully prepared on the home front to protect ourselves from retaliatory attacks. We must protect our loved ones at all costs, as they are our most valuable possession. I'm speaking here, of course, of our pornography collections.
It can truly be said that the freedom of a country can be measured by its porn. A country and its people must hold dear the highest ideals of free expression and liberty before they'll allow publication of such fine periodicals as Jeff Stryker, and in every video, DVD, and Colt mag I see what our brave soldiers have fought and died for. Can we allow this to be lost? I think not.
In case of mutual or terrorist attacks, fragile things like the 1st Amendment and glossy paper are the first things to go. We have to work together to protect our precious porn from those despotic zealots who rule through intimidation and mistaken religious fundamentalism and who would gladly stomp all over our American values, such as Attorney General John Ashcroft. And, in the worst case scenario, you may be one of the few left alive to carry our proud tradition of muscle beach booy into the post-apocalyptic society. Below are some tested tips on porn-preservation.
Your first step is to create a place that can withstand the inevitable onslaught of chemical warfare, nuclear fallout, and attacks from ground troops. Fortunately, many of you are already accustomed to spending long periods of time in a single small room.
1. Grab some plastic sheeting and duct tape, both to protect yourself and to bolster our sagging economy. Mostly for the economy. Find the room in your house or apartment that offers the best protection, i.e. concrete walls, one or fewer windows, cable hookup, etc, and use the duct tape to hang the plastic sheeting over the window and doorway. Be sure to get it as tight as possible to guard against chemical weapons attack. If, after a few short hours, you begin to have difficulty breathing and focusing your eyes, you've made it tight enough.
2. Stock it with enough essentials to stay alive for a minimum of two weeks, which is the amount of time CNN has already alloted to war coverage. According to the U.S. Government pamphlette "Jacking for Victory" each adult in your shelter requires at least three different sources of pornography per day under normal circumstances. This means you'll need 21 different sources of filth handy and accessible, per person, in the unlikely event you have company. For some of you this means a quick shopping trip, for many of you it means opening only one drawer. Oh, and you'll need food and water, probably.
3. Follow the news. You'll need to know when to close yourself off from human contact. I When they start using graphics that include mushroom clouds and titles like "The Naked Soldier," it's time to start duct-taping.

While movies and websites have made a massive incursion into our porn-enjoying lives, nothing can ever really replace the sneaky, private feeling you get when you duck into the bathroom with a copy of Slut Boys stashed inside a copy of Entertainment Weekly. They store easily, are relatively inexpensive, and do not require electricity, a big plus when selecting your porn stash.
For basic protection, seal your porn into mylar bags, easily available at any comics shop. If intense heat or chemical attack is a concern (and when isn't it?) consider rolling your magazines tightly and storing them inside empty PringlesTM cans. They stack well and, when duct-taped shut, offer maximum protection against the mightiest of attacks. You can even spray-paint the cans green and stencil "U.S. PORN" on the side, just to make them look all official and shit.
These present a bit more of a problem, as you'll need a self-contained power source to enjoy them unless you've got really, really good eyes. Your VCR and DVD player will require a generator, enough gasoline to keep it running, and another sealed room to keep it in since you don't want the gas fumes to fill up the one you're sleeping in. Here I suggest investing in a portable battery-operated DVD player and stocking up on adult DVDs. Batteries are way easier to deal with, and you can hold it up with one hand.

Buy a large box of heavy-duty freezer bags and some bug spray. Take each book, stick it into a bag, and spray it with the bug spray. Seal it, and put the sealed bag into anotehr freezer bag. Spray some more bug spray into that, and seal it. That book is now completed protected against rot and insect infestation. And against you, because there's no way you'll ever bother to take the time to dig it back out just to whack off, especially considering the RaidTM stench.

Here you may be in luck, because the Internet was designed for the specific purpose of keeping communication lines alive during nuclear attack so that the military could continue to distribute pornography. Even in the event of massive retaliatory bombing, you'll be able to access many, if not most of your favorite sites! Your biggest problem will be keeping your computer running. Maybe you can plug into your neighbor's generator in exchange for some SkittlesTM.

Memory. Spend some time memorizing your favorite scenes, the pictures you save for last. Then seal your head in plastic sheeting to keep everything safe and protected.

Tattoos. Got a guy you can't get enough of? Have his picture etched into your skin, and you'll never lose it! Don't put it on your business arm, for obvious reasons. You might even consider gaining more weight to increase the potential canvas. Or you could have the top of his head tattooed on your stomach, so that when you look down... you get the idea.

Novelty items. "adult" playing cards, peek-a-boo movies, porn star action figures, wind-up hopping penises, all these things need to be preserved for future generations. Besides, you'll need trade goods after the smoke clears, and the big guys will get all the food and booze.

Wartime is a time of sacrifice, and a time to support our brave soldiers. They need your porn, all you can spare. Pack up your smut and send it to the American Red Cross for overseas distribution. It might even be tax-deductable! And you can take pride in knowing that somewhere a soldier is fighting for his country with the kind of focus and determination that's only possible for someone who jerked or rubbed themselves silly the night before.

And don't forget to stock big on lotions, creams, soft cloths, extra batteries, and whatever else you may find necessary. Avoid VaselineTM or anything with a petrochemical base, for fear of collusion accusations. Act now, because tomorrow might be too late!
The Alliance for Marriage, a newly formed coalition of religious groups, has launched a campaign to amend the U.S. Constitution to define marriage as strictly between a man and a woman, invalidate all state and local domestic partnership laws and nullify civil rights protections based on marital status.
American Civil Liberties Union : Oppose Writing Intolerance into the U.S. Constitution!
MODELS.com's 50 Top Male Models - 50-46
Most Beautiful Man -- Most Beautiful Men in the World -- Men you've never heard of : athletes, models, singers, actors, bands and more..
Welcome to Teen Male Idols Shirtless
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Muscular Men Fetish
Artistic Male Nudes - Naked Men, Erotica for Women, Nude Men, Art History, Nudity
First image in each set is free.
Hotmale - Home of Free Sexy  Hunks!
the preview is awfully nice
All American Guys.com
a glow shirt for the disco
Glow Gallery - The Online Shop Where Everything Glows | T-Shirt Equalizer
www.arsenalvideo.com : gay male porn stars bios contact videography wallpaper screensavers escorts men galleries
RedHeadedMen.com - Red Headed Men NAKED!
'Hi! I'm Anita Bryant. And I can cure homosexuality in just 10 days!'
Anita Bryant's Cure (National Lampoon Spoof: 1977)
Moron's Guide to a Larger Penis: Size Doesn't Matter Enough
German Toilets
Why the “HIV Tests” Can’t Tell You Whether You Have HIV
HEAL Toronto: Alternative AIDS Information
for $15.00
PCWorld.com - Credit Card-Size Hard Drive Can Hold 5GB
they are not like any other gay couple: they are 'Strays' - enthusiastic players of a new dating game gaining currency across the country when STRaight men pretend to be gAY to attract women. It's a trick, they insist, that delivers the required results.
The Observer | UK News | Straight guys play at being gay in cunning (and successful) ploy to pull
guys in spandex
Conservative Judaism revisits gay issue
PRINCESS Diana made a sensational secret video diary in which she complained that Charles had an "unhealthy relationship" with top aide Michael Fawcett, the Sunday Mirror can reveal
All the weird, sick, evil and sad stuff that is the Disney Empire - the deaths, pedophiles in the parks and of course stills of the sex in the cartoons.
The Icelandic Phallological Museum is probably the only museum in the world to contain a collection of phallic specimens belonging to all the various types of mammal found in a single country.
marilyn manson blog
marilyn manson
i knew the gays were responsible for WWII
Gay News From 365Gay.com Holocaust Denier Now Claims Gays Responsible For WWII
Jeff Stryker is a porn star of monumental proportions.
Willamette Week Online | Culture COLUMN | Ride 'Em, Porn Star!
how many of these stinky smelly chemical thingees do they have?
Glade: Fragrance Finder
i have a few of these
The Phobia List
artforum.com / IN PRINT Wigstock
THAILAND'S male police are battling unwanted advances from besotted women and gay men who can't seem to resist their snug-fitting brown uniforms.
Police officers taking emergency calls are filing complaints with their bosses over lewd calls from both men and women averaging around 400 per month, the Nation newspaper reported.
NEWS.com.au | Thai police swamped by sex offers (March 13, 2003)
Among adults, the hottest new party trends in the gay neighborhood are "booty bumping" and "disco dumping." No, they're not funky new dances—booty bumping has the jaded set getting drugs blown up their butts through a straw, while disco dumping has wasted, often booty-bumped queens making a poopy in their pants, usually trying to flush their dirty underwear later (which explains why club toilets are so often stopped up). Aren't you proud to be gay?
The Village Voice: NY Mirror: La Dolce Musto by Michael Musto
In Delivering a Classic Tale to the Age of AIDS, Will Self Crashes and Burns
Baltimore City Paper: Self-Destruction (March 12 - March 18, 2003)
make your own movie with subtitles
Fanta Shokata
Pink Pistols promote gun rights for gay community
For years, the gay community has rejected gun ownership. Now, the Pink Pistols say it's time to move away from that thinking.
Pioneer Press | 03/08/2003 | Pink Pistols promote gun rights for gay community
into armpits?
The ARMPITS Website
Pimps at Sea
Traumatic Masturbatory Syndrome (TMS) is the habit some males have of masturbating in a face-down (prone) position. Some TMS practitioners rub their penises against the mattress, pillow, or other bedding, while others thrust into their hand. Some rub against the floor.
What is Traumatic Masturbatory Syndrome
Will Clark USA
if your into this sort of thing
Love Ewe - The Inflatable Love Sheep Love Ewe is a hilarious, high quality, life sized, anatomically correct, inflatable sheep with red garters, fishnet stockings, and lipstick.
i can tell how old you are by the smelling your urine
New Scientist
In a move wireless industry analysts say will infringe on customers' privacy, clothing designer Benetton plans to weave radio frequency ID chips into its garments to track its clothes worldwide.
Wired News: What Your Clothes Say About You
A new Web site features Thai police in their new tight uniforms. The cops have been admired by many, especially the gay community.
new software monitors your web surfing habits and reports to your friends if you've visited any naughty websites. think of the blackmail potential!
Fertility Solutions, Inc - The Semen Analysis Experts!
The music industry this week condemned the launch of two recording systems that will let people copy between 30 and 100 hours of music onto a single disc
New Scientist
Sex in Prehispanic Times
the pip boy is definitely a hoosier hot shot
HOOSIER HOT SHOTS history of the creators of rural midwestern jazz
Freddie Ljungberg unofficial fan club news galleries pictures t-shirts
Joe Millionaire Runner-Up To Pose For Playboy. Big Surprise
Yahoo! News - NAKED GREED
Independent Gay Forum: Corvino, John. 'Homosexuality and Morality: Part 3 -- The Harm Arguments.' The ancient Roman Emperor Justinian believed that homosexuality was the cause of earthquakes, plagues, famine, and various other maladies. Modern-day critics have been only slightly less creative in their allegations. Homosexuality has been blamed for the breakdown of the family, the AIDS crisis, sexual abuse in the priesthood – even the September 11th attacks. It sometimes seems as if the entire nation's infrastructure hinges on my sex life.
Liberal Arts Mafia | Commentary things Bush has done to destroy the American economy
are you one of those jerks that drives an suv?
The Future of SUVs
oh this is so me
The rise of the metrosexual - smh.com.au
Divine Interventions Silicone Dildos
In the Bedroom
Come July, the United States might finally make homosexuality legal.
TAP: Vol 14, Iss. 3. In the Bedroom. E. J. Graff.
Amazon.com: Books: Psychopathia Sexualis: With Especial Reference to the Antipathic Sexual Instinct: A Medico-Forensic Study 237 classic case histories of lustmurder, necrophilia, pederasty, bestiality, transvestism, rape, mutilation, sado-masochism, exhibitionism and other psychosexual proclivities.
Controversial for decades, now finally back in print, this classic 19th-century work on so-called sexual deviation is the pioneering collection of case studies that cataloged and defined "perversion"--from fetishism to incest to homosexuality and much more. Informative and entertaining, PSYCHOPATHIA SEXUALIS is considered one of the most important documents in humankind's modern efforts to understand itself.
me jock
Mens Health Men's Guide to Fitness, Health, Sex and Life
Kingston This Week (ktw.ca) Kingston, Ontario :: online classifieds and classified ads, local news, movie listings, columns, discussion boards and more Doctors were shocked to find a markedly swollen penis as the cause which required immediate surgery to remove a large blood clot. The question -- how did it happen?
He was reluctant to explain but finally admitted he had been masturbating vigorously when he heard a sudden snap followed by intense pain and swelling.
The diagnosis? A fractured penis, the 67th case to be reported in world literature.
But it was how other cases occurred that amused me.
oh ya oh ya
Suson O'Bay
EVERYTHING you wanted to know about the penis
Penis Information
say goodbye to Windows XP
Next Windows leaks onto Net | CNET News.com
Punch a celebrity. Smack them in the face. As hard as you like. And slap politicians, slap celebs, wankers and more!
Star Wars = Allegorical Tale of Coming to Terms with Homosexuality
be careful out there
Nationally Notifiable Infectious Diseases - United States 2003
We've launched an emergency petition from citizens around the
world to the U.N. Security Council. We'll be delivering the
list of signers and your comments to the 15 member states of
the Security Council on THURSDAY, MARCH 6.
If hundreds of thousands of us sign, it could be an enormously
important and powerful message -- people from all over the
world joining in a single call for a peaceful solution. But
we really need your help, and soon. Please sign and ask your
friends and colleagues to sign TODAY at:
MoveOn.org: Emergency Appeal to the U.N.
Attention all Straight Guys!
Our elite team of experts in the fields of fashion, grooming, interior design, food & wine and culture want to help you become a better you.
The Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, a new series to premiere on Bravo/NBC Summer 2003, is looking for guys to makeover, complete with fantastic free stuff! We're shooting in the New York/Tri-state area and are looking for straight guys both single and married of all ages and backgrounds to help become more stylish, more cultural and more functional straight men.
We're doing it all…wardrobe, grooming, we'll even fix up your apartment!
Attention gals, friends and moms: Please feel free to nominate your boyfriend, husband, brother, best friend, colleague or son...if you think he needs help.
Email a recent photo and paragraph explaining why you want a makeover to info@thequeereye.com or call Barbara Barna casting at (718) 855.9522. Series shoots March-June 2003.
USATODAY.com - 'Hairspray' prep: Kind of a drag
do you pay your jock tax?
HoustonChronicle.com - Many states use 'jock tax' so those who play will pay
Oddly Enough - Weird, Funny and Strange News Stories A German artist has applied for a licence to open a brothel in Berlin for sexually frustrated dogs and says it will be the first of its kind anywhere.
they cook naked on tv
home - Barely Cooking Official Web Site - barelycooking.com - The first Cooking show on Television to explore the relationship between Food & Sex on Citytv and SexTV
i love ron
AskMen.com - Ron Jeremy
Penis enlargement pills may pose health risk | wkyc.com
you can be a female!
Maskon 2002
His Greatness Mao
China plans three-phase Moon exploration
New Scientist
NEWS.com.au | Penis transplant makes history (February 25, 2003)
What You Are
scroll down to
its beginning to look a lot like syphillis
Cool and Strange Music Magazine Compilation
Men Wearing Panties Club is the only site dedicated to men who like to wear women's panties, pantyhose and lingerie and for those that like to see men wearing women's panties, pantyhose and lingerie.
Men Wearing Panties Club, largest site for men wearing panties, pantyhose and lingerie
Select an image file of someone's face to upload. This file will then be morphed with an ass.
How does it work? Well:
The ass morpher begins by using a backpropagation neural network learning algorithm to identify prominent facial features.
This facial feature detection process is followed by a Sobel edge detection filter, which convolves the image with two kernels, one which measures the image's horizontal gradient and the other its vertical gradient.
The Ass Morpher