Pushing the Envelope: German anatomist/showman Gunther von Hagens, who turns autopsies into performance art and treats corpses as dolls, has even grander plans:
His future plans include displaying corpses as though in the act of sex, for what he calls educational purposes to show how "easily disease can be transmitted, how an erection functions, showing all the blood vessels." He has some ideas on "how to do it so that even children can look at it and say `Isn't it wonderful?'"
bmj.com Singh 326 (7387): 468
just goes to show you
when we are all long gone....they will inhabit the earth
smh.com.au - Attack of killer ants
i want these
X-Entertainment: The Incredible Hulk's Foam Hands!
Tom of Finland
The Spectator.co.uk It’s worse than you imagined
There are a lot of myths about why Aids is widespread in Africa. But the facts, says Hugh Russell, are more bizarre
get your kung fu name
Itchy Tiger, Scratchy Dragon
How To Fart At Work Without Anyone Knowing
beautiful flash
everything is gay
windows media player required
cool coasters
Sister Ignatius Coaster Set -- Alpha Boys' School
Matt Lutz ... a Advocate.com exclusive Young actor Matt Lutz played a “questioning” teenager on the February 24 episode of the Fox series Boston Public, about the founding of a high school’s gay-straight alliance. But why did he take the job if he thinks homosexuality is a sin?
I Can't Believe It's Not The Advertising Slogan Generator!
Homeland Security Threat Monitor is a small Windows application that runs in your system tray, showing the current terrorism threat level. Features blinking notification of increased threat level!
Homeland Security Threat Monitor
take the rorschach ink blot test
Ink Blot Test
The 9-foot snow phallus, constructed in Tercentenary Theater, was torn down just hours after its erection.
The Harvard Crimson Online :: News
LesbianPhoneCall.com delivers you a phone call from a genuine lesbian! For $10 one of our professional lesbians will call anywhere in the US. Choose from: militant lesbian, regular lesbian, lesbian-on-the-fence, transgender lesbian or catholic lesbian.
Lesbian Phone Call - order calls from lesbians
Type in a word and let the Great Leader bushify it.
Amazon.com: Books: Speaking Sex to Power: The Politics of Queer Sex
Disco, Boom Cars, and Homosexuality
The great duct tape conspiracy? It seems that 46% of all duct tape is produced by the Manco Company of Avon, Ohio. The company, a division on Henkel inc, was run by Jack Kahl until just after Bush's 2000 election. It turns out Mr. Kahl donated no less than $100,000 to GOP committees in the 2000 election cycle. Has Tom Ridge become the official spokesperson of all things duct tape purely out of his concerns for our security here in the Homeland? Got duct tape?
The GOP Home Shopping Network (washingtonpost.com)
"For men who enjoy being shaved and enjoy watching other men being shaved."
shave by nordicshave
One battle lost, but the Aids war goes on
The most advanced HIV vaccine trial so far has failed but left useful medical leads to pursue
Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | If at first we don't succeed ...
want to see porn? hire an escort?
use your cell phone
TheFeature :: It's All About The Mobile Internet
Albino Blacksheep - Flash / The Smurfs "The Lost Episode"
Military Policy on Gays Unfounded; Harvard research shows 'don't ask, don't tell' does not protect privacy
The Harvard Crimson Online :: News
are your eyes tired?
Eye Massager
Imaging the X-Men
BrianRobert.com This site is a gathering place for gay and lesbian fans in the Phish community.
gay jazz musicians
Francis Davis on Don't Ask, Don't Tell
BBC News | Health | The ethics of transplantation The BBC's Newsnight has revealed the case of a family of an organ donor who requested that the organs only be used for white people. BBC News Online looks at the issues behind the controversy
thanks dave
Weekly Twink Pics
thanks Ed!
Autoerotic: Erotic Affirmation through Photography
This is a dildo in the shape of a garden gnome!
Big Sex Toy Store
i love history
The Violent Teacher The US's imminent military adventure in Iraq bears a striking resemblance to events occurring almost 2500 years ago--Athens' Sicilian Expedition during the Peloponnesian war. Thucydides' classic work provides us with a history of the expedition, a turning point in Athens' war with Sparta and the beginning of Athens' downfall leading to its eventual total defeat.
might i suggest?
go to 'hey, it's 2 Kurt Russells' and click the word buster
than go to 'choose a movie'
scroll down
Secret Lovers
How 'bouta fresca?
oh ya oh ya
Safe For Work
ESPN.com - Page2 - Page 2's Hottest Sports Personality
do you rub your duckie?
IRMD Intro
quick how many battery run items do you own?
An amazing reference guide to rechargable batteries, exhaustive and deep without being incomprehensible to non-engineers.
The Gay & Lesbian Star Trek Home Page
gay star trek
[=/\=]USS Rainbow Trek[=/\=]
Cash machines vulnerable to hackers
A corrupt banking employee can guess your pin in just 15 attempts, researchers say
New Scientist
Baseball hit with gay rumors again
Daily news ... Advocate.com
tweak those muscles
BBC NEWS | Health | Dirty needles research rejectedSex, AIDS, and Africans: A new study suggests that the African AIDS epidemic is from poor medical hygiene (i.e. reusing needles for injections) more than sexual promiscuity:

Research published by US experts indicates that the spread of HIV infections in Africa may be more closely linked to unsafe medical care than previously thought.
Condoms will soon join Bibles as a regular feature in thousands of New York hotels, motels and inns, if two Brooklyn Democratic state senators get their way.
hey im high right now
AlterNet: Everybody's High
Who are the Iraqi people? Do you really know, or could it be that your perceptions of them have been choreographed by distant news reports and administration warnings of danger? I know that certainly was the case for me.
We should get to know these lovely people and the world they live in before we allow our government to execute them through a toxic melange of bombs and sanctions.
On a Small Bridge in Iraq
Life is better as a boy, street girls find
Express Gay News HIV Cases Soar in South Florida
like techno
CNN.com - Rumsfeld Suggests Use of Tiolet Brush for Defense - Feb. 13, 2003
The Atlantic | March 2003 | Caring for Your Introvert | Rauch o you know someone who needs hours alone every day? Who loves quiet conversations about feelings or ideas, and can give a dynamite presentation to a big audience, but seems awkward in groups and maladroit at small talk? Who has to be dragged to parties and then needs the rest of the day to recuperate? Who growls or scowls or grunts or winces when accosted with pleasantries by people who are just trying to be nice?
f so, do you tell this person he is "too serious," or ask if he is okay? Regard him as aloof, arrogant, rude? Redouble your efforts to draw him out?
If you answered yes to these questions, chances are that you have an introvert on your hands—and that you aren't caring for him properly
ESPN.com: SPORTSBUSINESS - Reality bites? Tyson may get own TV show
frontline: coming soon: the war behind closed doors | PBS
Penis Reduction: Get a Smaller Penis in only 90 Days
On February 13, 2003, teams of artists and activists postered New York City with thousands of copies of snapshots from Baghdad. Quiet and casual, the snapshots show a part of Baghdad we rarely see: the part with people in it.
Tip: Getting Online in Snow Storms
Now that folks in the the North East are digging out of the snow storm, thought some of you might be interested in two services to help journalists with such emergencies - GoToMyPC and the Emergency Email Network. Even if you aren't dealing with a snow storm, you might find those services useful for other kinds of emergencies
Poynter Online - Covering Emergencies
create your own college diploma
Magic Mill- Create a fake college diploma
What Makes a Man a Man?
forget those slim guys with 8 pack abs
Welcome to BellyBuilders!
How to use a condom, a simple guide with pictures
Media Beat: Playing the "Terrorism" Card
Sifry's Alerts: New Kiddie Porn extortion spam in the wild: Hoax? There's a new, nasty attack out there on the web, and this time it involves an innocuous email, an Olympics website, surreptitious downloads of kiddie porn, and blackmailers from Bulgaria who threaten to "expose" innocent victims - unless of course, the victim pays $50 and hands over their credit card numbers.
Hey You
Check your ass!
Some Urge Type of Pap Test to Find Cancer in Gay Men
SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 17 — Some doctors and researchers at major medical centers have started to recommend that gay men undergo regular anal Pap smears to screen for cell changes that could lead to anal cancer. Although anal cancer is rare in the general population, the risk for men with a history of anal intercourse can be more than 30 times as great, published studies have shown. Researchers from the University of California at San Francisco, Stanford, the Harvard School of Public Health and elsewhere have also reported that gay men with H.I.V.are at even more significant risk. An anal Pap smear, which involves taking a swab of cell tissue from the rectum, is similar to the Pap tests that women receive to screen for precancerous cells in the cervix. Cervical and anal cancers can be fatal if they are not caught early enough. The cancers — as well as cell abnormalities called dysplasia, which can progress to cancer — are linked to infection with the human papillomavirus, or HPV. "This is something we really need to be paying attention to," said Dr. Joel Palefsky, a professor of medicine at the University of California at San Francisco. "We've decided as a society that it's important to spend billions of dollars to test for and treat cervical dysplasia before it turns into cancer," Dr. Palefsky said. "And we should also be testing for and treating anal dysplasia in high-risk populations. "HPV is a widespread, though often asymptomatic, sexually transmitted disease. More than 20 million Americans are believed to be infected with it. A number of studies have reported that sexually active gay men, especially those with H.I.V., are at high risk for anal infection with HPV. A 1998 study, appearing in The Journal of Infectious Diseases with Dr. Palefsky as a co-author, showed that 61 percent of 262 H.I.V.-negative gay and bisexual men in San Francisco and 93 percent of 346 H.I.V.-positive gay and bisexual men were infected with anal HPV. Dozens of HPV strains, including ones that cause common warts, have been identified, but only some infect the genital and anal areas. Even fewer are believed to cause dysplasia. And while treatment of dysplasia in the cervix has been proven to reduce the incidence of cancer, there is so far little hard evidence that the same is true for anal dysplasia, despite similarities in the disorders. Many doctors who treat gay and H.I.V.-positive men still do not screen for anal dysplasia. They point to a shortage of evidence that treating the dysplasia, which can be painful, prevents cancer. But Dr. Lisa Capaldini, a San Francisco primary care physician, says that anal Pap tests had nonetheless emerged in the past couple of years as a substantial topic of debate among her colleagues. "This is an evolving field, and it's a very active issue among doctors who treat gay men," said Dr. Capaldini, who does not perform regular anal Pap smears. Treatment of anal dysplasia involves either burning off the abnormal cells or surgically removing them. Because the anal Pap smears and the treatment of anal dysplasia are still considered experimental, insurance companies generally decline to pay for them. But they do pay for treating anal cancer, which usually responds well to a combination of chemotherapy and radiation. The problem is growing because many men with H.I.V. are taking effective antiretroviral medications and are living long enough to develop anal cancer. Dr. Palefsky recommends anal Pap smears every two to three years for H.I.V.-negative gay and bisexual men and annually for those who have H.I.V. Gay men themselves often have not heard of anal cancer. David Maxim, 57, a San Francisco artist, knew nothing about it — until his was diagnosed two years ago. "I didn't know about HPV, about anal Pap smears, and when I told gay male friends of mine, they didn't know about it either," he said.
SubIntSoc.net: Create Your Own Terror Warning
SignMaker 2.3.1 - Make your own freeway sign - Play Online
AlterNet: Rice For Peace (and Other Ways to Oppose War)
Welcome to Gay City News, the Newspaper New York deserves Sleeping With the Enemy? Tourism and Gay Cuba’s Changing Face
San Francisco Examiner At the San Francisco Zoo, Jane Tollini is best known as the official sex expert and penguin keeper
From gay flamingos to fish that can give themselves sex changes, animals and their love lives are giving zoos a hot draw for the slow winter season - adults-only sex tours for Valentine's Day.
heraldtribune.com: Southwest Florida's Information Leader
Why penis pills and passion potions are all the rage
CityBeat: Sexual Healing (2003-02-12)
are you a bear or like a bear type?
ctnow.com: STYLE & SHOPPING Getting Hairy: Advertising, Entertainment, Pop Culture Explore The Beauty Of The Bear Market
Paul's Gay Stamps - "Out of The Closet" Gay History on Stamps  Exhibit
5000 HOURS of music archived at Basic.ch : possibly one of the (music) web's best kept secrets...
basic.ch internet radio : live & archived dj mixes
A pedophile who labors to keep his desire to rape little boys a figment of his imagination admits he's a walking time bomb
Phoenix New Times | phoenixnewtimes.com | News : Feature
funny computer banners
bannertown #1 | chickenhead.com
The Jarhead Officers Club is a web based social organization, hangout and meeting place for men who appreciate short military-style haircuts and haircutting.
ABCNEWS.com : Chat Rooms a Meeting Place for Risky Sex
MDN: WaiWai Cool kimono making a comeback -- with men!
MDN: WaiWai Gorgeous guys in miniskirts prowl in search of kinky johns
The Great Bush Approval Count-DOWN
The Bulge Report: The Latest on the Male Package Semen quality begins to decline when a man is in his 20s
(but taste improves)
the feds knew it about the OK city bombing
Hints not shared in Oklahoma City bombing?
meet the Nazi family
LILEKS (James) :: Jetsam Cove
Dell Dude In Pot Bust
The Smoking Gun: Archive
The U.S. Military Needs Its Speed Dextro-amphetamine, aka speed, has been banned on college campuses and locker rooms. Why, then, does the military threaten to ground pilots who refuse to take the drug?
Wired News: The U.S. Military Needs Its Speed
Dieter was the best
the US map of the moslem world
Cleveland Scene | clevescene.com
Original Male Nudes - Image Gallery 1
This blog was created by the "peers" of gay, lesbian, bi, and straight kids in Kentucky who have been struggling for their right to a safe space.
Xanga scottrakes's Weblog 2/4/2003
5-Minute Security Advisor
opinion.telegraph.co.uk - Of course Jackson's odd - but his genius is what matters
Most men who were sexually abused as boys do not go on to abuse children themselves, a study suggests. Researchers at the Institute of Child Health in London have found evidence to suggest that just one in eight continues the cycle of abuse
BBC NEWS | Health | Few abuse victims become paedophiles
need a gun?
use your cellphone
Reuters | Latest Financial News / Full News Coverage
celebrity paper dolls
Gail's Creations
men of the 1960's
1960's trouser ads
are you a longhair?
On Being a Longhair
Gay Longhairs on the Internet
Herald Sun: 36-hour erection drug on sale [05feb03]
Coming out as obese ... a Advocate.com exclusive Coming out as obese
The upside of coming out as gay to yourself and others is supposed to be that you become part of a supportive community. But that may not be the case if a man is more than a little overweight.
I've known Tony since we were gay boys together in a redneck country town. He was beautiful; I was plain. He was outrageous; I was shy. He was my gay mentor and protector, in a way, and I basked in his friendship
Baltimore City Paper: Idle Worship (January 29 - February 4, 2003)
Plastic: Wear What You're Selling, Or You Won't Sell No More
The Mens Deluxe Eyebrow Grooming Kit
what would Jesus say about gay slurs?
Independent Gay Forum: Varnell, Paul. 'WWJD: Jesus on Anti-gay Slurs.'
have an alcohol problem?
smoke pot
Mouse model links alcohol intake to marijuana-like brain compounds
GayToday.com - Top Story Bush is Packing Courts with Right-Wing Ideologues
Members Urged to Call Their Senators and Oppose Jay Bybee
The nation's top desert resort for gay men has become a hot spot in the growing national outbreak of syphilis
Gay.com News
prison rape calculator
follow the webiste through and you can have the man of our choice strip for you
videOH! nightcharm [best gat porn ever] cont...
the wrestlers, both seniors and one a 275-pound heavyweight, allegedly pinned the 120-pound cheerleader, a sophomore, against a locker. The victim reported the wrestlers had pulled down his pants and shaved hair in his groin area with an electric razor.
Principal to decide hazing incident outcome
might i recommend....
Amazon.com: Books: Man Enough to Be Woman
Have a GPS system in your vechile?
Now I can stalk you!
Satellite Tracking Spurs Stalking Fears (TechNews.com)
what I am reading
Amazon.com: Books: Pox: Genius, Madness, and the Mysteries of Syphilis
gotta watch the drudge report
Debunking the Drudge Report (Metro Times Detroit)
Men who don't shave have less sex, more strokes
how to set up your own wireless network
Wireless for the Clueless
"I'm finding a new generation of young people who are weary of pop culture and are losing interest in a Christian version of it. They are going to come to church and want something different from Saturday Night Live warmed over with a Sunday morning message. They already see 'contemporary worship' as being for yuppies -- their parents' generation.
"This explains in part the current interest in Celtic music and more orthodox forms of worship -- even an interest in religious icons that I am finding among college-age Christians."
In Praise of Flannelgraph - Breakpoint
My Family Photos
do you deal drugs
be sure to pay your taxes
Kansas Department of Revenue - Personal Tax Types - Drug Tax Stamp
East West: Stop Ejaculation Today!
Welcome to PISS BEER
listen to music right now
no ads no junk nothing to download
M O O N T A X I - tour the universe of music
i love this show
Bosom Buddies Home Page
why do you hiccup?
BBC NEWS | Health | Why we hiccup
more safe sex on tv
Yahoo! News - Study Finds Sex Getting Safer on TV
buy vintage kimonos by the pound
YokoDana.com - Yoko Trading - Kimono fabric, whole garment Vintage Kimono by pound
How to fly without ID!
when geeks think about sex
Penises have higher bandwidth than cable modems@Everything2.com
Gay in Pakistan: The Invisible Men
Clean Sheets Erotica Magazine
Philadelphia Inquirer | 02/02/2003 | Gay Baptist church, possibly the first, finds a home in Phila.
24 hour Viagra
Headline news from Sky News - Witness the event
My Creepy Valentine
what the dark symbols mean
Mucha Lucha Build Your Own Wrestler
flush your X or anyone else you want down the toilet
Rowanlea Grove Novelties
Here's how it would work: Single people would subscribe to the service online or by text message over their cell phones. They would fill out applications with their interests. They could also post pictures, because cell phones increasingly include a camera or image-viewing option.
When out and about, users could ping the service asking for compatible singles in the area. After notifying the other members nearby, the system would provide the user with a list of people in close proximity and their location. A potential match could be right across the street.
This type of service is already popular in Japan and some parts of Europe, where teenagers and 20-somethings often set up rendezvous by cell phone. AT&T Wireless (AWE) says it has had success with its Find Friends service, which lets people look up the locations of people on their buddy lists.
Wired News: Ring, Ring! It's Your Soul Mate
hydrogen car?
here is one
CarsEverything - Volkswagen Successfully Tests Its First Hydrogen Fuel-cell Car.
the new world trade center will be one of these two entries
BBC NEWS | World | Americas | Sky-high WTC finalists chosen
IraqJournal.org FOX NEWS: ‘The Network America Trusts’ (to pay ‘Saddam’)
its back!
Lavasoft -> Ad-aware Standard Has Been Released!
quick AIDS test?
ya right
The new AIDS test, called OraQuick and made by OraSure Technologies Inc., has 99.6 percent accuracy from testing a drop of blood drawn from a finger and is simple to use, the Food and Drug Administration

Don’t expect it to be available at your private physician’s office, though. The test isn’t CLIA-waived . CLIA is the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments which restricts what testing doctors can do in their offices without being overseen by federal authorities. Doing tests that aren’t waived in the office is a big pain, so until or unless it gets a waived-status, it isn’t likely to be adopted by many physicians.
CLIA Home Page - Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments
WorldNetDaily: Terror alerts manufactured? Terror alerts manufactured?
FBI agents say White House scripting 'hysterics' for political effect
Castro Speech Database
Vatican bans transsexuals from religious orders
use a computer?
it may be killing you
silicon.com - PC users face deadly DVT threat
Bush Calls for More Domestic AIDS Funding
gfn.com - Spotlight News
The Beast - Buffalo's New Best Fiend
token white guy clothing
how to have cleavage
Cleavage Creations- Page 1
TIME.com: The Space Shuttle Must Be Stopped -- Feb. 10, 2003
Beam Me Out Of This Death Trap
Goodbye, Columbia
"5 ... 4 ... 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... Goodbye, Columbia" by Gregg Easterbrook
i know a lot about you
Boston Globe Online / Magazine