OneFootPrint Translations | Lingvo news | Bowlingual Takara, announced about its intentions to establish one-way communication between dogs and their masters via a portable mobile electronic translation device called Bowlingual.
want a boys chest?
Rent My Chest!
need that "girl" at your next party/family get together? Confederate Fagg
coutry doug
Outband Photo Gallery
Savage Love, You're a Moron, Mr. Watkins, by Dan Savage (08/30/01) I'm 20, gay, and I just moved to the big city. I'm good-looking, I guess, because really hot guys are always hitting on me. I don't actually like anal sex much, but I'm trying to learn. And that's the problem: Most guys I sleep with don't want to use condoms. How do I handle this? All gay guys want to have sex first before they'll think about dating. How can I avoid getting infected with HIV if no one I meet will use condoms?
Analyst confirms US nuclear war plans. 28/1/2003. ABC News Online
10 Emerging Technologies That Will Change the World
this should keep you busy
may NOT BE SAFE FOR WORK : ManNet: The Best of the Web 2002: Gay Erotica
to figure the amount of food you will need for your safe room
Food Storage and Emergency Preparation
Can Gay Bookstores Be Saved?
Publishers Weekly | Reed Business Information
incredible sand sculptures
Esculturas na Areia - Diversos II
links to all the ads at this years super bowl
The Cockmonkey Breeders Assoc of America presents: All About Your New Cockmonkey
Nearly 1 million Americans are living with the virus that causes AIDS. For those who make their homes in the nation's rural regions, fighting the disease is only half the battle.
Perspectives - Autumn & Winter 2002
they are 50 years old this year!
Swanson 50th Anniversary Celebration - Home
looking for a man with HUGE balls?
Salon Urge: Naked World | Super-sized testicles no man could wish for
senator Jerry Springer
Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | Don't give up the day job, Jerry
the ancient art of penis reading
Lingam Gnosis
It is machine washable and the convenient size makes it ideal to come virtually anywhere you do!
They are made in a variety of colors, so be sure to make sure you buy one that accessorizes well with his/her (wouldn't want to be politically incorrect here) wardrobe: whether it be Gag Green, Blew, or Cream they've got the color for you.
The Blow Bib - index.html
mmm make your own hero
The HeroMachine Online Character Portrait Generator: Welcome
where is big dick's?
A Christian activist chosen by the White House for a presidential AIDS advisory panel is withdrawing his name under pressure after characterizing the disease as the "gay plague," along with other anti-homosexual statements.
Excite News
learn how to yodel
coming soon
ebay tv
there are some hunks here
GI Party
Athletic Model Guild
how to stop fighting and arguing with anyone
AGROCHEMICA : Products : Stresmin® - Spray for piglets
Bug Chasers
The men who long to be HIV+ News: Bug Chasers | Sex- and death-crazed gays play viral Russian Roulette! Sex- and death-crazed gays play viral Russian Roulette!
Rolling Stone claims that a full quarter of new HIV infections stem from morbid thrill-seeking. Sean Hannity is swallowing the story -- should you?
Magazine says that 25 percent of all newly infected gay men are purposefully seeking HIV. Now sources quoted in the story are disputing that
Is Rolling Stone’s HIV Story Wildly Exaggerated?
'Bug chaser' AIDS story disputed -- The Washington Times
Gay Porn Star Charged in Beating of School Committee Chair
It sounds wacky but a porn company says its new technology will revolutionize whacking off.
That's right, Metro Interactive's "Virtual Dreams" porn DVD lets you call the shots and command the actresses to do things to you -- as portrayed by an off-screen porn actor -- or each other.
NCBuy: Weird and Offbeat News Stories
cost of living index by cities, with New-York as a bench mark :Cost-of-living index
very cool
Stop Motion Studies - Series 3
do you use email?
visit websites?
we are all at risk
Web Vulnerability Puts Internet Users, Sites At Risk
are you an hiv bug chaser?
i know this turns you on
Ken Doll in Chainmail Tank Top and G-String
columbia mo was always kinda cool
STLtoday - news
how to ruin a rock show
Chunklet Magazine
take the test
The WildMonk Iraqi-War Personality Test
The Wild Monk - Home Page
do you know what this is for?
i will give you a hint
i am circumcised and if you are not than this may be for you
Bigspace Multimedia The Willybrush range
Feral children, also known as wolf children, are children who've been brought up with little or no human contact when they were found.
Feral Children (wild children, wolf children, niños salvajes, enfants sauvages, loups, wilde Kinder, bambini selvaggi, crianças selvagens, Aveyron, Truffaut, Romulus, Remus, Kamala, Amala, Mowgli, Tarzan)
Evangelical Christian who attacks 'gay deathstyle' appointed to US Presidential panel on HIV
aidsmap - News article display page
create your own virtual model
My Virtual Model Inc. - Home
what does your name mean
What's in your Name? - Demonstration Analysis
White Lesbian Name Generator
why do you show your id before you travel on a plane?
there is NO law that says you have to
Wired News: Judge to Hear Air ID Challenge
why do you show your id before you travel on a plane?
there is NO law that says you have to
Wired News: Judge to Hear Air ID Challenge
armed gays dont get bashed
Pink Pistols Splash Page
The Salt Lake Tribune -- Utah Gays Ready for Trouble
have fun drawing
Imagination at Work!
scroll down to finalprison.swf
some of the others may be good too
not enough time to check em all out
Index of /files/funny/swf
its barbie calling!
Kiddie porn raids: Welcome to Salem
rabble news
i know you just want to cum
KEN Doll Barbie's Boyfriend at
he was great in First Blood
iWon News
April 15th
remember to display Mickey (the original steamboat)
iA Wiki: Copyright Term Reform
those space shuttles go off here and there
do you even notice?
do you know what there doing up there?
Guerrilla News Network
looks good
An American Family - History
Scientific American: Ask the Experts: Biology: Why do men have nipples?
Which Celebrity Pedophile Are You? :: Relax, it's just the web
do you want to meet me
ive been in ALL the chat rooms!
Meet Me at HOT or NOT
dont even think you can erase EVERYTHING on your computer
The Chronicle: Daily news: 01/17/2003 -- 01
the next computer will be a
Scientific American: The Next Big Thing? IN A QUANTUM COMPUTER, each switch can be 1 and 0 at the same time, whereas a classical computer codes information as either 1 or 0.
who cares
hes ugly
Daily news ...
Peter Hyman tells a New York story about getting a massage at his upscale health club
No ‘Release,’ Please! Frisky Masseur Hans Is All Hands
do you smoke at your computer? :: Product :: PC 12v Cigarette Lighter Adapter Kit Books | "World On Fire" by Amy Chua A new book argues that when Third World countries embrace democracy and free markets too quickly, ethnic hatred and even genocide can result.
Think phone sex operators are really bored old hags who file their nails while talking filthy? Guess again.
NCBuy: Weird and Offbeat News Stories
its a flash
careful at work
The Man With The Smallest Penis | Menu
its not new to me
Fake breasts latest fashion accessory for men
Daily Telegraph: Making a clean breast of fashion [14jan03]
find out your porn name
My Porn Name
sabotage handbook
what fun!
Societé Anonyme BOTAGE
Wizard's Gay Slang Dictionary
GLTB Slang Dictionary
Matt & Andrej Koymasky - Gay Slang - index
A contest to predict the date when India or Pakistan delivers a piping hot payload of nuclear armageddon to its neighbor. Note: "If you are an Indian or Pakistani, win the contest, and are killed in a nuclear war, your friends and family cannot claim the prize."
The Indo-Pakistani Deadpool - Home
In California's unregulated porn film industry, an alarming number of performers are infected with HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. And nobody seems to care.
See No Evil
AHC - The Cannibalism and Eating Human Flesh Resource Welcome to the Association for Heterosexual Cannibals'
oh these are fun
Nice collection of GI Joe public service announcements dubbed over with slightly raunchy, bizarre vocals
keeping you updated
and the winner is...........
Brawny Man - Home Page
Verner Panton Design
Polygraph Testing Is a Fraud | Home Page
enter an address
The American Experience | Race for the Superbomb | Nuclear Blast Mapper
As AIDS/HIV rates in the United States have passed their peak and reached a quiet plateau, they have skyrocketed in Africa, Asia and Russia -- skyrocketed in every manner except public attention and concern. Disease remains the biggest threat to most people on the globe -- tuberculosis, malaria and AIDS will kill 6 million people this year, creating mortality rates in some countries not seen since the early 1900s. Yet, we spend significantly more money on -- and pay more attention to -- terrorism prevention... to the tune of dollars to the penny. The AIDS epidemic won't peak for another 50 years. Perhaps by then we'll give it -- and its victims -- the focus it deserves.
AIDS Hasn't Peaked Yet -- and That's Not The Worst of It (
Do penis products actually work?
Sex improves your sense of smell
[] - the pain continues.....
the Marine Corps has issued a year-long "stop loss" order, meaning that a lot of discharges are suspended. Unless you're gay.
Marine Corps Issues 'Stop Loss' Order Suspending Discharges
How To Be Gay - Your online guide to becoming a successful Homosexual
Divine Interventions, a company that makes and sells sex toys in the shape of spiritual icons
welcome to divine interventions News | Football: America's favorite homoerotic sport
A police raid has forced sex between gay men from the confines of a bathhouse out into the streets and in public view
Calgary Sun - TODAY'S NEWS
how to swear in 51 languages
Foreign Languages Swear Words and their English Translations - Swearing
i always was attracted to the all male organizations
Grand Lodge of the State of New York
design your own art
Mondrian Machine
Calling the little general
Male locker-room etiquette
NEWCITYCHICAGO.COM: Street Smart Chicago
Marijuana has been a medicine-chest staple in this area for centuries. A few years ago, Israeli scientists found cannabis residue with the skeleton of a young Jerusalem girl who evidently died in childbirth 1600 years ago.
The Village Voice: Features: Letter From Israel: Keep on the Grass by Sylvana Foa
NationStates is a nation simulation game. You create your own country, fashioned after your own political ideals, and care for its people. Either that or you deliberately torture them. It's really up to you.
Jennifer Government: NationStates
want your own amusement park?
eBay item 2903525221 (Ends Jan-29-03 17:48:26 PST ) - DogPatch USA Amusement Theme Park Lil Abner
Growing hair with styles
The New Position on Casual Sex The New Position on Casual Sex
The rise of Internet dating has brought a sexual openness (not to mention one-night stands) to the younger generation not seen since the seventies heyday of Maxwell's Plum. But can there be too much of a good thing?
kosher search engine
just click the button "click here jackass"
Edge City Swearmaster 3000
'Joe Millionaire' modeled underwear for $1K
The Smoking Gun: Archive
Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | Jesus 'healed using cannabis'
The Justice Department yesterday published proposed anti-terrorism regulations that for the first time would require American citizens traveling abroad to disclose detailed personal information.
Proposed anti-terror rules for travelers get personal -- The Washington Times
what would happen if you wore a name tag all the time/everywhere?
HELLO, my name is Scott!
the world according to America
buy drugs on those men2men sites
San Francisco Examiner
YPL Life-Sized Blow Up Priest Doll
many of them are wealthy
CNEWS Canada - Americans making refugee claims rise
A Canada-based peace and disarmament group plans to launch ''weapons inspections'' in the United States to draw attention to its claim that the country is a dangerous rogue state
Rooting Out Evil - Sign Up
mug shots
The Smoking Gun: Archive
LSSU's Banished Words 2003
you want to find out EVERTHING about someone?
go through their trash
Plastic: Trash Talking - Can Your Garbage Be Used Against You?
i like those men who are fem behind the bedroom door
knot.magazine : whoa nellie!
hey you might need this stuff sometime
100% Predator Urines & PredatorPee
are you dating a geek?
I'm Marrying A Computer Geek
His Greatness Mao
The world's fastest passenger train made its first public appearance
Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | China claims train blue riband
this is important
heed it
or you will continute to view and listen to crap
AIVF | fcc
handy when im all over the world in those chat rooms
Ask Ozzy
is your dik cold?
are you a vore?
What Is This "Vore" Thing, Anyway?
remember punky?
The Punky Meadows Shrine
Bush's gay nominees draw little opposition / S.F. appointee sails through
Upon Reflection of Seeing my Ass on MTV
like spam?
Spam You Silly!®
this one got by ebay (scroll down to the bottom pic)
eBay item 1948441329 (Ends Jan-04-03 04:33:05 PST ) - Mario Paint SNES Game (Super Nintendo) -MINT-
a man for every scene
Fotos Alec Baldwin
Burning semen haunts Gulf War vets