how well do you know your TV shows?
Telivision Theme Midi Challenge!
penis size big worry for UK men
Reuters | The World's Leading Provider of Financial Information and News
For the first time ever, a federal appeals court has ruled that the government cannot revoke the prescription drug licenses of doctors who recommend marijuana to sick patients.
Seattle Post-Intelligencer
howdy ive been busy at the beauty parlor trailer
Beulah's Blog
why the nurse in Arizona killed
Makes for interesting reading and should inspire some discussion as to the stereotyping of whites among whites.
need a cd/dvd shredder?
CrewCut Communities
why i still do not buy gas from Exxon
After 13 years, Valdez's oil damage lingers |
How Sex Changed: A History of Transsexuality in the United States
Human Nature Review Bookshelf
gay sex videos NOT SAFE FOR WORK
thanks johnmw!
sex and west nile?
Yahoo! News - Woman Claims West Nile From Sex
the future of peer to peer file sharing
A New Breed of Chechen Children
AIDS in China
Facing AIDS, Silence is Death
the united states according to my racist aunt
tremble - United States of Racist Aunt
The characteristics of your walk may not be as distinctive as the swaggering of John Wayne or the sashay of Joan Collins, but your stride may still be unique enough to identify you at a distance -- alone or among a group of people.
Gait recognition could identify humans at a distance
AlterNet: Was Paul Wellstone Murdered?
horoscopes for black people
Bean Soup Times - Ghettoscopes - Bean Soup Times
hey you could be the next sniper
the gay hockey team
The Cutting Edges
Dan Savage recounts his appearance on The O'Reilly Factor.
O'Reilly pounced. "I want to go to a gay bathhouse!" he barked. "I want to go to a gay bathhouse!" I was stunned. There I was, sitting across the table from the darling of the American right, and... and... he was shouting at me about wanting to go to a gay bathhouse.
Savage Love, No Advice, by Dan Savage (10/24/02)
i may have posted this before but it is worth another look
Eric Doeringer's modern toy sets for urban youth
for you cowboys and waana be coyboys out there
Willard Rope Company Online - Roping Dummies
i just love this site
Page 1
rockem sockem
trashy cartoons MAY NOT be safe for work
BJ's ACE MOORCOCK PAGE ** private pool party **
play his fucked ad
need a pal? rent one
RENTAPAL.COM - You always have a friend at Friendship, companionship, activity partners, New York
x-ray goggles glasses xray goggles xreflect xray goggles x-reflect x-ray goggles xreflect x-ray goggles, x-reflect xray goggles xreflex x-reflex ir pass filters xraycam camera see through clothes dark windows police law enforcement spycam spy camera x-ray video goggles xray glasses x-ray vision xray vision x-ray video goggles xray video goggles Thaipolgoggles
ATTENTION: brothers and sisters. Does the thought of your siblings naked send a shiver up your spine? Well, according to psychologists and people who study adoption, siblings and other close kin who reunite after being separated at birth often experience 'Genetic Sexual Attraction', a potent and embarrassing lust for the estranged relative. You may have heard that 'opposites attract', but scientists have long known that people are, as a basic rule, attracted to physically similar people
Genetic Sexual Attraction and Reunion for Adoptees and Birth Family Members
just do it
Campbell's Chunky
The Dialect Survey -- which asked people how they pronounced words and what they called things
Dialect Survey Results
Medical Marijuana: A History
Inhaling to cure ailments is a lot older than you might believe
TIME Magazine: The New Politics of Pot
who will speak for us? - Daily News
gay money? - Arts & Living
The Turd Twister
yes i do sew
-- getcrafty - making art out of everyday life --
What Happens to Recalled Meat? By Brendan I. Koerner
send an email in blood : A Happy Email Alternative
things overheard at the std clinic
City Pages: Talk Dirty to Me
sexy earth
Earth Erotica Photography by Heather Firth
how to cast spells with no special training/experience
make your own kriss kross video - EGM's Crapstravaganza: The 20 Worst Games of All Time
Actual Auto Insurance Statements
In a series of extraordinary transformations, this young, Korean-born conceptual artist unfolds a multiplicity of lives and identities documented through the lens of her point-and-shoot camera as she "becomes" a young punk in the East Village, a Connecticut-based exotic dancer, or a senior citizen picking through thrift stores in Murray Hill.
Nikki S. Lee
Ask yourself: when you make a statement, does it sound more like a question because your voice gets higher at the end of the sentence? If so, you are suffering from HRT (high-rise terminals), a speech habit that is taking over the way we talk.
Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | Word up
the cities are sinking
Reuters | The World's Leading Provider of Financial Information and News
just keep clicking the next button
he's something else
Example 1 Calendar Quote...-Outland Communications
safe for work
Hotstuff Calendar Photos!
How to Perform an Emergency Baptism
Vatican to test if trainee priests are gay
Sunday Herald
outlaw hip hop
Lie Detector: Build your own
no! your kidding?
United Press International: Drug war has hidden agendas, says report
America's most controversial novelist calls for an investigation into whether the Bush administration deliberately allowed the terrorist attacks to happen
Guardian Unlimited Observer | International | Gore Vidal claims 'Bush junta' complicit in 9/11
make your own Bush speech
The Ultimate Gay & Lesbian Cars
PeterPan's Fashion Pages!
YSL Goes Full-Frontal with Men's Fragrance Ad
where is the ad?
Reuters | The World's Leading Provider of Financial Information and News
Teenage dope smokers become well-adjusted adults
Guardian Unlimited Observer | Magazine | Oliver James: Smoke screen
BBC NEWS | Business | Testing times for condom maker German condom manufacturer Condomi is planning to recruit British and Irish students to road test its products.
Vague Terrain Recordings
A Viable Alternative to Actual Sexual Contact CDR
what freedoms?
USA ranked #17 in freedom of the press. Finland, Iceland, Norway and Netherlands tied for #1
Reporters sans frontières - International George W. Bush and His Family Paper Dolls
undressing for success
MBA Style magazine - Undressing
i just could not resist this one
Topher's Breakfast Cereal Character Guide - General Mills Page Two
A secret industrial plot to curb male aggression? Study shows PCB's, Dioxin are making men into sissies!
New Study in EHP Finds Exposure to PCBs, Dioxins Before Birth Changes Play Behaviors Years Later - E-Wire Environmental Press Release Distribution NFL - Former NFL lineman Tuaolo admits he's gay
A vorarephile is someone who has intense interest in or is sexually aroused by one creature eating another.
What Is This "Vore" Thing, Anyway?
Posting a day early
Getting a new compooter
Gay? get a travel discount
Orbitz: Coupon
Air Safety When was the last time you took a close look at an air safety card?
really cool toys
Future Horizons - Advanced Technology, Hoverboards, Lightsabers, Jetpacks, Science Projects, Electronics Kits, Lasers, Tesla Coils, High Voltage Engineering, Plans, Books, Parts, Kits
if this interests you
CELEBRITY TATTOOS :: Tattooed celebrities, historical figures, supermodels, sports stars, rock stars, pictures and images as well!
i may have posted this before
but its great
The Ambiguously Gay Duo
do the sniper shuffle
( AGHAST AT GAS STATION ACTS News | An ad George Bush should love "I helped blow up a Bali nightclub -- by driving my SUV to work every day!"
history of the jock strap
Jock History
free jock with every purchase
Jockstraps, Underwear, Shorts, Shirts and more - Outsports' Store
how about this for halloween? | T-shirt's message: one strong opinion
just a tip of the iceberg This is probably the most concerted attack against the Internet infrastructure that we've seen."
Sweet Release for Men's Health and Sensual Pleasure Sweet Release™ is a dietary supplement, when taken twice a day, will within 7 to 28 days change the scent and taste of your semen.
thisisDevon : Western Morning News : News : Accused Pilot Was 'Working For The Cia' A pilot from the Westcountry accused of smuggling £22 million worth of cocaine into Britain has told a jury that he had been working for an "arm of the CIA" when he was arrested by Customs officials.
goodbye to Microsoft Outlook
Mercury News | 10/20/2002 | Dan Gillmor: Software idea may be just crazy enough to work
thanks critterz
What Kind of Queen Are You? - Republicans urged not to vote straight GOP GOP political activist Dave Wilson has a message for fellow Republicans -- If you vote straight, you vote gay.
Most Livable State 2002
which state do you live in?
Smartest State 2002-2003
??????.Ru - Only In Russia
A company commander has received a two-year suspended sentence after a military court in the Urals industrial centre of Yekaterinburg found him guilty of battering his subordinates with a ''black latex baton shaped like a male sex organ''.
oh yaaaaa!
safe for work
Daniel Goddard Gallery
Independent News Minute amounts of ''gender bender'' chemicals found in food and the environment are affecting the behaviour of pre-school children, new research shows.
girls exposed to higher levels of PCBs were more likely to engage in masculine play, while similarly exposed boys were more likely to enjoy feminine play. Dioxins produced more feminine play in boys and girls.
The Duke American Workwear - Ben Davis Ben Davis is blue collar chic, the Harley of workwear clothing.
1000 ways to say masturbate
Sex Top 10 Lists
Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | US military scales back war on drugs
Genderfuck: A Disruption of the Learning Process Transgender people face the difficult challenge of being accepted into society because they either do not fit a traditional gender assignment to their sex, or they are not willing to specify a particular gender recognized by society.
Reuters Health Information (2002-10-18): Index finger length can predict penis size: study Index finger length can predict penis size
Guardian Unlimited Observer | Comment | Love is thicker than blood The Lords say no gay or unmarried couples should adopt. They are wrong... it's care that matters, not genes
History House: Freud and Cocaine -- The Deal Freud leads the late nineteenth Century charge for the cause of cocaine.
with this game you too can be a sniper
Flash Player Games/Interactive - Scope Assault
John Waters commercials
John Waters
for that boy at pip printing
Eric Doeringer's Bongs
bisexuality and lesbianism in black culture a black female singer performing a song about love for a woman is a rare find. whereas white lesbians in music now claim their sexuality openly
Absoludicrous Video - Learn the Art of Dancing Dirty
stereotypes very neato
Eric Myer Photography
your so butch
Any Site that has clips from both the molestation episode of Diff'rent Strokes and Bea Arthur dancing with Urkel is ok with me.
The House of Diabolique Hall of Honorary Members - drag queens and pop culture
whitetrash lava lamp
My Homebrew Lava Lamp
i want these
ok go ahead and hit me
Richard Simmons Collectable Dolls
pot up your butt
GoMemphis: Business
The gay male community is having a somewhat understated schism at the moment. Currently, there are aficionados of standard gay fare, oral and anal sex, but there is a growing (and vocal!) contingent which are into consensual frotteurism, specifically rubbing penises together. This is sometimes known as "swordfighting." The devotees of this brand of lovemaking refer to themselves, politico-partisan-style, as cock rub warriors.
to Sex by cthulhu
Gay Today: Viewpoint
The First Lady Builds a Literary Room of Her Own "And I love Truman Capote," she said. "I think he'd be fabulous." Is Laura Bush really all that great ... or is this really just a case of people being amazed that the First Lady to arguably one of the more conservative [and anti-intellectual] presidents of my lifetime isn't herself a homophobe and a close-minded nitwit? NY times registration required (just do it its free and worth it)
andy warhol sex and piss paintings
Weekend Update
all about peeing
crappy kids art
I am better than your kids.
Ampex Signature V - First Consumer Video Tape Recorder in 1963
US: Web: Ashcroft's Nephew Got Probation After Major Pot Bust
snapple used to have this drink
scroll down to juice drinks
its the second one - Snappleton - 'Delay' condom proves popular - Oct. 17, 2002 A condom that contains an anaesthetic to prolong lovemaking has smashed all sales records, its manufacturers say.
the show cheaters
is fake
Houston Press | | News But five twentysomethings say investigator Danny Gomez paid them $400 to act out phony scenarios that were presented as real on the show. They say they've sent many other people to Gomez at $50 per referral. Fake footage has been aired hundreds of times. Host Tommy Grand even brought some with him on a recent Maury appearance.
Yahoo! News - Brain, Not Genitals, May Determine Sex The brain, not the genitals, could be the determining factor in whether a person is male or female. find out if he/she is cheating
Forensex Laboratories Corp
do your own medical work on yourself and others
Products, Services & Surgical Fun
This is extreme lingual fun. Type in a phrase and watch it be translated from English to French to English to German to English to Italian to English to Portuguese to English to Spanish to English.
Lost in Translation
wear bitch!
Imos is the best!
where is the best pizza in your town?
MSN Local Cityguides
live in Maryland or Virginia?
You need Gas Station Decoys
New Products to better mankind
How to avoid a snyper
Tips for Staying Safe ( While outside, try to keep moving. A moving target is more difficult to hit than one that is standing still.
His Greatness Mao
U.S. Source: N. Korea Says Has Nukes ( North Korea has told the United States it has a secret nuclear weapons program
why we must invade iraq
its a cartoon just watch it! -- Web Exclusives
just watch it
All The Queen's Men
'The Truckers Place' Truckers Slang
Camera Zapper How to ZAP a Camera:
Using Lasers to Temporarily Neutralize Camera Sensors
Michel Foucault The History of Sexuality
Michel Foucault's "The History of Sexuality" pioneered queer theory. In it, he builds an argument grounded in a historical analysis of the word "sexuality" against the common thesis that sexuality always has been repressed in Western society. Quite the contrary: since the 17th century, there has been a fixation with sexuality creating a discourse around it. It is this discourse that has created sexual minorities.
DEAR FRIENDS: AMERICAN PHOTOGRAPHS OF MEN TOGETHER at ICP Sex Laws, Weird Funny Laws About Sex and Sexuality | Metro | Fornication law challenged The Georgia Supreme Court this afternoon hears a challenge to the state fornication law, which makes it a crime for a person to have sexual intercourse outside of wedlock. Books | Sunnyside down A new book gives waitresses a chance to say what they really think of their work -- and their customers.
gay marriage? no thanks legally it is not that appealing - Family
funny condoms
Home Page
male heart throbs
E! Online - Features - Specials - Century Story
Cuir Underground how did leather-S/M get so boring?
i love words
yum! - White Trash Recipes
the gay bible
The Final Testament: Bible For Queers Only (TITLE PAGE)
Agency disavows report on Iraq arms -- The Washington Times The International Atomic Energy Agency says that a report cited by President Bush as evidence that Iraq in 1998 was "six months away" from developing a nuclear weapon does not exist.
ArabNews: What the US president wants us to forget
hippie crack
Phoenix New Times | | News : House
Is your index finger shorter or longer than your ring finger? Be careful because according to John T. Manning, those two fingers reveal a variety of characteristics about yourself to the world including assertiveness, attractiveness, reproductive success, hand preference, verbal fluency, autism, depression, health and disease, homosexuality tendancies, musical and sports aptitudes.
Digit Ratio.
AM - 10/10/2002: Scientist discovers lemon could halt the spread of AIDS
tremble - it's a rhetorical question DOES THAT MAKE ME GAY?
BBC NEWS | World | Africa | US eyes African oil
new reality TV in the very near future
OneWorldTV gives a new meaning to reality TV |
Guardian Unlimited Books | By genre | Observer review: The Measure of All Things by Ken Adler drugs have taught an entire generation of American kids the metric system'. Legislation certainly hasn't: the US is one of the remaining three countries in the world - the others being Myanmar and Liberia - which have refused to go metric.
paper airplane simulator
How to beat carnival games
and they deceive men too
Men's Voices Deceive Women -- Discovery Channel -- man, voice
Katy Terrega's Resources for Writers of Porn and Erotica - Articles
losers on the internet
Guardian Unlimited Observer | Review | Guilty pleasures: what artists and criminals have in common What makes one person choose painting and another robbery? A controversial theory suggests that artists and criminals have a lot in common: they both break the rules
Ashcroft’s Baghdad Connection Ashcroft’s Baghdad Connection
Why the attorney general and others in Washington have backed a terror group with ties to Iraq. When the White House released its Sept. 12 “white paper” detailing Saddam Hussein’s “support for international terrorism,” it caused more than a little discomfort in some quarters of Washington.
Family Fundamentals is a documentary about gay people with fundamentalist parents
DeepFocus Productions - "Family Fundamentals"
i love these - Mathematician Trading Cards
The Christian Hanky Code
Is Green Eggs and Ham a thinly disguised account of homosexual seduction? In this kiddie favorite, "Sam I Am" (that is, "Same As I Am") tries to persuade the narrator to "eat" green eggs and ham. Anyone who has traveled in the Spanish-speaking world knows what "eggs" are. The ham, of course, is a long, phallic sausage, perfect for "porking" someone. The protagonist repeatedly denies any interest in the offer, but Sam persists, proposing that he join him in any number of locations, positions, and kinky arrangements. ("Would you, could you, on a boat? Would you, could you, with a goat?") Finally, our hero gives in, just once—and discovers that he enjoys fellating breakfast after all. Sam has made a convert, and the legion of God-Fearing Heterosexuals is diminished by one.
Need an 11-bathroom, 3-kitchen house? Denver's Parade of Homes has just the place for you.
Westword | | News : Feature
AWESOME! and it is all done on the outside of an entire building!
that is why the national Library of France kicks every other library's butt, for all times - the embedded Linux portal: Articles > View > Full text The huge computer screen went live on September 25, 2002 and will continue for eleven nights until the official Nuit Blanche event on October 5/6, 2002. During this period of time, the system will present an ever-changing kaleidoscope of animations and interactive apps, including a new series of classic computer games tweaked to display on the unique low-resolution, yet building-sized, display.
The system has been configured so that people can play games on the building by calling it up from their mobile phones. One popular game is sure to be the all-time favorite pixel puzzle game, Tetris, which can be played using nothing but a mobile phone!
my man had a MicroKilt
he is starting a chain of health clubs
MJF - Health Forum
Cleveland Jewish -- News First acknowledged gay to join Knesset
Headline news from Sky News - Witness the event Madonna suspects her film director husband Guy Ritchie has gay tendencies.
Whan to decipher the secrets of your social security number? The first three digits delineate the state in which it was issued, the last four are the order in which you were issued the number, and the middle three reference the super-secret government tracking system, indicating who gets relocated first in the event of nuclear war.
The SSN Numbering Scheme | History | Sexual Revolution in Early America
classic porn videos
here is what all the fuss is about
(it may be pulled by the time you click the link)
DNC: Social Insecurity
mug shots of people arrested
The Smoking Gun: Arresting Images
oh yaaaaa
safe for work
Actor Archives: David Duchovny
In Iran Iran is a country where rules are fluid, where people of all classes and degrees of religiosity pride themselves on finding loopholes in the Islamic system. Temporary marriage, or sigheh, is one of the oddest and biggest.
the best book on Muhammad
bk-102: Muhammad
do you know a brawny man for the these paper towels?
Brawny Man - About the Brawny Man Contest
Wired 10.10: Living Color Pantone owns the monopoly on every tint, tone, and shade you've ever seen. Now it wants to control the colors you'll see in the future.
Science watch: From the same planet after all Which would upset you more: (A) Finding out that your romantic partner was having passionate sex with someone else, or (B) Finding out that your partner was falling in love with someone else?
If you answered, "both," you are not alone; many people find it difficult to disentangle sexual and emotional infidelity.
Gary Leupp: Taling to Your Kids About Fascism
these are such fun!
Trading Cards: American Crusade 2001
have fun clicking these - /otpics/
American lifestyle and habits
Project Harmony - American Lifestyles & Habits
Journal of the History of Sexuality
Ananova - Sex no worse for the heart than walking upstairs Men worried about heart attacks during energetic sex sessions are being reassured they are at no more risk than when climbing stairs.
Great Mobile Homes of Mississippi - The Trailer Park
The Supreme Court will hear arguments on October 16 on whether federal courts have authority to grant gun rights to felons.
"Although felons may petition the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms to restore their right to own firearms, Congress has eliminated the ATF's funding to review such requests. On Oct. 16, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments on whether federal courts have the authority to grant gun rights to felons. The case has put gun-rights advocates in the unusual position of disagreeing with John Ashcroft's Justice Department."
Welcome to WorkingForChange It sure smells like imperialism.
did your dad spank you?
OIA Newsdesk : Gay America! Welcome to Out In America - Gay Lesbian Bi Trans U.S. senator Gordon Smith (R-OR) has launched what appears to be the first-ever ad for a statewide political campaign that promotes a candidate's favorable stand on Gay issues, The New York Times reports.
Breaking Open the Head Welcome to Breaking Open the Head, a companion website for my book, which includes a cultural history of psychedelic use, philosophical and critical perspectives on shamanism, and my personal explorations, ranging from transcedent to terrifying...
just type in the word gay at the top at XGoogle Search and than enter
American Brass Balls: Patriotic Apparel, Patriotic Gifts, Patriotic Tshirts
dogs, horses, kids...all of it
Porn Spam: It's Getting Raunchier - Public bathrooms What Can You Catch From Restrooms?
very cool!
70s: Space Age Design | Retro Design > Photos by Dirk Behlau / pixeleye interactive
hello??? its quackery!!!
PBS Broadcast Angers Chiropractors
dont believe the hype
Bush's nuclear gamble
The Bush administration has convinced many Americans that an invasion of Iraq is
needed to reduce the threat of terrorists getting hold of a nuclear bomb. But the
reality could be just the opposite: an invasion could hasten the day that the
Bomb falls into al-Qaeda's hands.
The Consortium
and he's gay
Ken Shelin For State House Campaign
Coke to workers
with AIDS in Africa: "Drop Dead."