Eminem Lyrics Blamed in Gay Rape The rape of a 9-year-old boy by a 12-year-old is being blamed on a song by homophobic rapper Eminem.
The Official Korean Guy Homepage: REAL ULTIMATE POWER  
like ebay but for witches
Welcome To Auction Witch )0( Online Pagan/Metaphysical Auction Community!
Zoom in on the happy boy role-playing with his pole.
Girls of all ages seem to just love Harry Potter's VIBRATING Nimbus 2000. They spend countless hours in their room riding the majic stick.
Amazon.com: buying info: Harry Potter Nimbus 2000 Broom
"Jarl Espen Ygranes is Norway's best looking Ice-hockey player.... You can look at all the pictures here at his home site. The way he is displayed naked, has got the men and also some females to jump and put their coffee in their throats.
Jarl Espen Ygranes | galleri 2
Channel 4's Gay-O-Meter
Top 10 Reasons Not to "Do" Iraq
He Shoots, He Scores
Meet Sammy Sperm, the official fluid of the Prostate Cancer Charity. Sammy's mission is to avoid hazards such as television, beer, and warm testicles, wake up a bunch of his friends, and lead them all to a successful ejaculation.
Planet Prostate :: Home
Male Exposure - the net's largest amateur male submitted picture site
The latest Japanese fad: hiring 70-year-old prostitutes
MDN: WaiWai
24 Hour Party People Trailers
talking toilet paper
This year's hottest gag gift!
want some free nifty downloads for your compooter?
Join the Axis of Peace. End the War of Terror Below is an archive of articles that relate to team Bush's fore-knowledge of the 9-11 suicide hijackings and the subsequent spin, non-debate. The links also include efforts by his evil posse to disable dissent and together form a melange of freaky facts, a trail of blunders and evidence that we hope will eventually lead to the dismantling of his reign of [T]Errors.
United Press International: Interview: Stereotypes of homosexuals
Column about a good way to fight everyday garden-variety homophobia.
Newsday.com - A Word To The Wise
E-mail marketers busy cultivating a penile colony
yipeee!! Make a paper matchstick rocket!
Matchstick Rocket Website
BurlyQ: A Queer Cabaret --- Seattle's Best Burlesque!
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HoustonChronicle.com - Saudi royalty live it up in hedonistic Marbella Shopkeepers have stocked up on luxury items, expecting the royals to spend some $5 million a day during the month or more that they stay here.
World Sexual Records
Yahoo! News - CBS hopes hicks click in "Hillbillies" reality TV CBS is resurrecting "The Beverly Hillbillies" as a reality series.
My son, the 11-year-old drag queen ... advocate.com
BBC NEWS | England | 'No sex' rule for longer life
rap and the men who love rap
ILL Mitch
Gay parades of the 70's
(when they really were for pride; now they are just to sell products and junk)
Uncle Donald's Castro Street- Gay Pride Parades of the 1970's - INDEX
how is the river water in your state?
EPA > Total Maximum Daily Loads
sex dictionary
Comedy Convoy - comedyconvoy.com
clothing made out of toliet paper
The Best 345 Colleges Complete List
The UN predicts that two-thirds of the world's population will live in water-scarce regions by 2025, and many of them in regions previously considered water-rich, like the United States. ]
The Village Voice: Features: A World Without Water by Ginger Adams Otis
Adultstaffing.com is the first job board of its kind catering to the Adult Industry. Find adult jobs and employment for phone sex operators, models, actors, porn stars, webcam performers, chat hosts, strippers, massage therapists, photographers, makeup artists and much more. Adult Jobs, Modeling Jobs, Webcam Jobs, Phone Sex Jobs, Porn Jobs, XXX Jobs
CNN.com - U.S. correctional population at record high - August 25, 2002 U.S. correctional population at record high
Edinburgh Evening News - Top Stories - ‘Gun’ craze risk to clubbers’ lives CLUBBERS who have adopted imitation handguns as the latest fashion craze are risking their lives if the trend continues, police have warned.
NOW: Reefer Sadness, Aug 22 - 28, 2002 REEFER SADNESS
Yahoo! News - Your Family Stinks, Researchers Say Family members tend not to like the way each other smell, researchers say, speculating that the unpleasant stink of your closest relatives may be one of nature's ways of discouraging incest.
Marijuana Party
Solving Pre-1996 Master Locks picking Master locks
NOW AVALIBALE ON DVD (www.deepdiscountdvd.com has it for $16.00)
Amazon.com: buying info: L.I.E.
Global Lips A Guide to European Kissing Etiquette
NYPOST.COM Entertainment: OK, WHO'S THE BRIDE? By ADAM BUCKMAN IT doesn't premiere until September, but I couldn't wait that long to tell you about a new reality-TV series called "Gay Weddings."
POP! The First Human Male Pregnancy (Mr. Lee Mingwei)
A Different Light Bookstore MUSCLE-BOUND & OTHER STORIES
DrugTestHelp.com - Drug detox information and products
Subvert Press: The 'Thank You' Sticker 'THANK YOU FOR FINANCING GLOBAL TERROR'
Make a subtle-but-powerful statement about the connection between rampant fuel consumption in the United States, and the financing of terrorists (and their families) by oil-producing nations, particularly America's 'ally', Saudi Arabia.
Butt Print Artist - Steve Murmer
Amazon.com: buying info: A Thousand and One Night Stands: The Life of Jon Vincent A Thousand and One Night Stands: The Life of Jon Vincent
Firefighters Vote to Boycott Bush Sept. 11 Tribute
"The president has merely been using firefighters and their families for one big photo opportunity... We will work actively to not grant him another photo op with us." 'The International Association of Fire Fighters voted unanimously on Wednesday to boycott a national tribute to firefighters who died on Sept. 11, in an angry response to U.S. President George Bush's rejection of a bill that included $340 million to fund fire departments.
Excite - News
Oh sure, by themselves some people are fairly attractive. Some are even beautiful. Put them together, however, and they spawn some of the goofiest offspring this side of the Mississippi. If they mated.
NBC.com > Late Night with Conan O'Brien > If They Mated
Home Makes your ass "KISSIN' SWEET"
Keating, Boesky and Milken collectively swindled Wall Street out of more than $500 million. Yet together they served less than 10 years. I know a man serving 20 years for an $800 heist.
Americans say they want to see greedy, dishonest CEOs punished. But in truth, most Americans are more afraid of boys from the housing projects holding them up in an alley for 20 bucks than they are of having their pensions and portfolios gutted by Wall Street scoundrels.
AlterNet: Bank Robber Meets Corporate Criminal
design your own sand art
Asylum Sand Art therapy
Salon.com Arts & Entertainment | Let's talk about sex Let's talk about sex Margaret Cho on her Emmanuelle year and her ex-boyfriend, the super-duper leather dude. Plus: Why Asian-Americans make fun of their parents
sfbg.com The Deep Dickollective – smart, talented, dangerous, black, and queer – is determined to destroy your comfort zone.
The Village Voice: Hot Spot: Pucker Up: Still in Diapers by Tristan Taormino ave you ever seen a group of grown men in diapers, running with balloons between their legs, causing them to waddle like toddlers? No? Then you've never been to a relay game at a diaper-lovers party.
America's Most Fucked Up Home Videos. Definately NOT safe for work. You've been warned.
Fucked Up Home Videos | www.fuckedupvideos.com
everthing is a dik
Christendom and Freemasonry's Use of the Phallus Christendom and Freemasonry's Use of the Phallus
Football news, fun, results and features from Football365.com David Beckham may be known as Golden Balls but his penis is below average,
i know you want one
DreamKitty.com: Hello Kitty Auto Gear Cover
Medical marijuana takes a hit.
Ajulemic acid (also known as CT-3) is a new synthetic THC analog that helps relieve arthritis pain without the side effects of other non-steroidal analgesics, such as aspirin and ibuprofen -- and without the high of its chemical cousin.
see where you pee
Buy it Here
Salon.com Books | Sometimes a snake orgy is just a snake orgy A new book examines what we can and can't learn about sex from watching bonobos, birds and earwigs.
John....Call me
interesting idea. Your investment of as little as ten dollars may persuade future humans to pluck you from the present or even reanimate you some time after your death. Now that's putting your money where your future is.
The Time Travel Fund[tm]
Circumcision Case to Proceed to Trial - Men's News Daily™ Berkeley, CA - In July, North Dakota District Judge Cynthia Rothe-Seeger denied a motion for summary judgment by defendants in the Flatt v. Kantak circumcision case, and decided it will proceed to trial on February 3, 2003. The precedent setting decision confirms that a baby who is circumcised can sue his doctor when he reaches age of majority, even if there was parental consent for the circumcision, and even if the results are considered to be 'normal.'
"The Royal Bank, last year, refused to open an account for the "No Committee 2006" saying it believed the committee was violating the human rights of gays and lesbians." (The No Committee being an anti-gay group whose only reason to exist is to oppose bringing the gay games to Montreal.) The Royal Bank stated that "we will not knowingly open and operate bank accounts for groups whose express purpose is to incite discrimination against minorities."
GaySports - Games/Olympics
totally gay music
The Art of the Mix
According to this right-wing rag Al Gore used to be friends with Fred "God Hates Fags" Phelps: "Phelps now claims on his notorious 'godhatesfags' web site that his like-minded son Fred Jr. hosted a fundraiser for Gore during Gore's 1988 presidential campaign. He also claims his son lent the basement of his law office to the 1988 Gore campaign for use as a Kansas office. And their "godhatesfags" web site includes several photos from that time of Al and Tipper Gore with various members of the Phelps family."
Alamance Independent, Alternative News, Alamance County, Burlington, Graham, North Carolina, News
This is fun. Select band members and get them to play loops. Fiddle with the settings and you'll have your very own band.
CreateBands.com - Create A Band Online
The Dow Jones Sindex
The Vice Fund, a new mutual fund, enables investors to profit from the wages of sin by supporting its portfolio of smoking, drinking, gambling, and war-making companies. "We consider these industries to be nearly ‘recession-proof," explains fund manager Dan Ahrens
HoustonChronicle.com - White-collar prison camp still hard time White-collar prison camp still hard time
Club Fed myth usually dashed upon arrival
gladwell dot com / The Naked Face Can you read people's thoughts just by looking at them?
ALGORITHMIC PSYCHOGEOGRAPHY 19th Century opium eater Thomas de Quincey remains the first reported case & indeed the prototype of the obsessive drifter.
space rock
the game
CNN.com - What to do with 9/11 hijackers' remains - August 16, 2002
The Good Drug Guide : new mood-brighteners and antidepressants THE RESPONSIBLE PARENT'S GUIDE
Room for rent. Similar to the Clinton administration that they heavily criticized, the Bush folks have opened a bed and breakfast up in that big White House with the cee-ment pond. Rates are steep but one thing many guests share is a membership in the exclusive Pioneer Club
The Pioneers: George W. Bush's $100,000 Club
goooood men
CHRISTIAN SOLDIERS: A Military Brotherhood
a few good men
CHRISTIAN SOLDIERS: A Path to Knighthood
Voodoo Machine - The World's First 'Digital Drug' - Voodoo Magick Box Are you ready to experience the future of digital pleasure? Simply attach the clips to your earlobes, turn on, and trip-out! Experience feelings of inebriation, psychedelic visuals, extreme relaxation, floating sensations, intense endorphin releases, all culminating in a relaxed yet alert euphoric state. It's a completely electronic drug-like experience and it's entirely safe, legal, and beneficial in so many fantastic ways!
Martha Stewart's Doing Time
Hot Topic Brand Products
The Seattle Times: Nation & World: Big Brothers Big Sisters moves in support of gay mentors; provokes conservative attack
LA Weekly: Features: Tale of the Tape Tale of the Tape
Kroeker's recorded comments about gays haunt his bid to be LAPD chief
retroCRUSH: The barely legal pleasure palace ERIK ESTRADA GALLERY
A little something for the ladies (and gay guys who like Erik Estrada)
Shirtless Teen Idols: Antonio Sabato jr.
Three Gamer Chicks - The Opposite of Sex The Opposite of Sex
Bob the Builder: A Crash Course in Sexual Innuendo
learn how to bullfight
California Academy of Tauromaquia - The First School of Instruction For Toreo in the United States
HIV rapidly growing resistant to drugs
Ananova - Drivers take cars on to ferris wheel
John Holmes, Porn Star John Holmes was by far the most famous male porn star. His penis was 13 inches long. He had sexual intercourse with more than ten thousand women, mostly in the movies.
John Holmes died of AIDS in 1988. His obituary was published in the New York Times and in other major news publications, the only male stud ever to be so honored.
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Today Date and Time
a resouce for you multimedia peeps out there
Multimedia authoring system with MP3 support. Create autorun CDs
lots and lots of tech stuff for us geeks
techbargains.com: Cheapest computer deal, best digital cameras, wholesale computer parts.
What I am reading:
Amazon.com: buying info: The Faustian Bargain: The Art World of Nazi Germany
nicely designed
Here’s a site with pictures of the actual documents the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem exchanged with Nazi leaders during World War II, begging them to keep the Jews out of the Middle East and gas them right there in Europe:
Muftism and Nazism: World War II Collaboration Documents
Sex in the Dog Days let’s talk about the excesses that some conservatives have when it comes to sex-namely, their fascistic tendencies to stop it from happening (and let’s see if they praise this column as much as they praised last week’s). To start, a few questions:
for Jim
Oooers Breakup Cards - New Cards
i know you want one
Hello Kitty Television
The Consortium More than three decades apart, two political riots influenced the outcome of U.S. presidential elections. In 1968, protests at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago hurt Democrat Hubert Humphrey and helped Republican Richard Nixon eke out a victory. On Nov. 22, 2000, the so-called “Brooks Brothers Riot” of Republican activists helped stop a vote recount in Miami -- and showed how far George W. Bush’s supporters were ready to go to put their man in the White House
spectator.net - Banning Porn in the 21st Century The Royal Treatment
Banning Porn in the 21st Century
Lesbian Porn and the Fisting Issue
Amazon.com: buying info: Best Transgender Erotica
make your own mr. man
Make A Mr. Men
Michael Moore.com : Books & Films : Stupid White Men : Bonus Online Chapter : Part One: "What Does a 99-cent Bic Lighter Tell Us About the Bush War on Terrorism?"
Speaking of Abstinence: The idea of promoting abstinence and sexual responsibility among HIV-infected homosexuals is gaining popularity. Not a bad idea. Not only would it help prevent sexually transmitted disease, it would promote the idea of gay sex as an emotional and spiritual union rather than a completely carnal one. Reframing the concept of gay sex from pure hedonism to love would do a lot more to help them gain acceptance in society than all the gay pride parades combined.
requires registration (it is free) http://www.nytimes.com/2002/08/13/health/13AIDS.html
want a slave boy?
Fatwa Sam's Online Souk
Nuts For Your Truck, Balls For Your Buggy, and Cohones For Your Car!!!
Glossary of terms used by Muslims
Quiet storm raging around Boy Scouts' policy on gays
Sun-Sentinel: News Local Civil rights activist works to repeal gay rights law
Operation Infinite Purity - Winning the War on Masturbation - WHITEHOUSE.ORG
Economist.com | Prison and beyond America may want to rethink a system that creates so many hardened criminals
John Waters, Wholesome Guy - How the Prince of Puke became the Baron of Broadway. By Tim Appelo
click the pics at the top
The Galaxy Girls 2.0
Which Country Imprisons More Citizens Than Any Other in the World?

If you guessed the U.S., you are right. Here are the facts from the Economist as of 1999.

The scale of imprisonment in America is now unmatched in any democracy, and is greater than even most totalitarian governments have ever attempted. Last year one in every 150 American residents (children included) was behind bars. The rate of incarceration, at 668 inmates per 100,000 residents [In 2002 this is now 700 people in every 100,000], is five to ten times the rates of countries in Western Europe, six times the rate in Canada and nearly 20 times that in Japan. The number of Americans in prison has nearly quadrupled since 1980 and more than doubled since 1985.

In todays editorial (no link because it is paid content), the conservative business magazine says "The result is a society that, statistically at least, is beginning to look a little like early Australia. Nearly one in eight American men has been convicted of a felony—and thus, in many states, has been automatically deprived of numerous rights, including the right to vote. One in 20 men has been to jail. The average is much higher among some groups (one black man in five has been to prison, one in three has been convicted of a felony). "

Think about how close recent elections have been, and the fact that 1 out of 3 black men are barred from voting in most states. Does anyone see a pattern here? Our "freedom" is a myth when drug laws and absurd mandatory sentencing leave a huge proportion of poor or minority men deprived of liberty and the right to vote.

This years effort in New York to repeal disasterous drug sentencing laws that give higher sentences for non-violent first drug offenses than for many violent crimes such as rape and murder failed again due to Gov. Pataki. No democratic candidate in any race should be allowed to duck this issue.
m and m has a movie coming out and it getting good reviews
lots and lots of cool stickers
Howstuffworks "Where do salad dressings get their names?"
When I heard that John Water's Hairspray was about to be launched as a musical, I wondered who who take Divine's place.
ctnow.com: ARTS & THEATER
mmm mmm mmm
yes John it is safe for work
Josh-Hartnett.Org * The Ultimate Fan Site * Multimedia * Gallery
Israel News : Jerusalem Post Internet Edition A thriving Bronze Age drug trade supplied opium and hashish for medicinal purposes to ancient cultures throughout the eastern Mediterranean, proving a sophisticated knowledge of medicines dating back thousands of years, researchers say.
gay johnny
there is more "gay" stuff if you hunt around their site
Paperstuff Label Sales
A psychedelic trip up the ladder of evolution Mr. McKenna contends that hallucinogenic fungi inspired our primate forbears to develop language,
Yahoo! News - German Catholic church threatens dismissal for workers who get same-sex marriages
Amazon.com: buying info: Mauve: How One Man Invented a Color That Changed the World
break-up lines @ soyouvebeendumped.com
do you have water?
soon it will be the most valuable resource on the planet
Nor any drop to drink
How the Postman Almost Owned E-Mail Imagine that the U.S. Postal Service was in charge of e-mail. Sound absurd? It does to most people—until they realize that it almost happened.
theatres are boring and a waste time and money
AlterNet -- Hollywood vs. the Internet If you have a fast computer and a fast Internet connection, you make Hollywood nervous. Movie and TV studios are worried not because of what you’re doing now, but because of what you might do in the near future: grab digital content with your computer and rebroadcast it online.
its a mess
Economist.com | America's economy More and more confusing
i can John in one of these
Elvis Wigs From Style Beauty & Barber Supply Company
email me the address of your house
Kwick Lock Pick - never call a locksmith again
what does the CEO earn?
Ecomp Executive Compensation Database
forget all the bottled water
ABCNEWS.com : No Need to Guzzle All That Water, Expert Says
what style
James Dean Pictures
AMNews: Aug. 12, 2002. Duty to third party to warn of drug effects ... American Medical News If a physician prescribes a medication to a patient and the patient injures someone when an adverse side effect of the drug kicks in, should the physician be responsible to the person his or her patient injures?
no kidding!
United Press International: Terror threat overblown, says expert
The Austin Chronicle Movie Guide: The Cockettes
Jayne County - Man Enough To Be A Woman. All about the campy career of transsexual punk rock legend Wayne/Jayne County.
Jayne County - Man Enough To Be A Woman
Shop for super light, super thin, super tiny Japanese laptops and gadgets from the comfort of your big ugly American computer.
Dynamism.com - Next Generation Japanese Notebooks and Electronics
oh oh sorry!!
BBC NEWS | Health | Penis amputated 'by accident'
OMG information overload!!
Outcyclopedia - A to Z Index
LiteraryCritic.com -- Gay & Lesbian 100 The 100 Best Lesbian and Gay Novels
here some candy little boy
Au'some Candies, Inc. - Fr-ooze pop The Fr-ooze Pop is an exciting new candy lollipop, made with real fruit juice and fortified with Vitamin C. As you lick the lollipop to dissolve the thin coating, pull up on the top and squeeze the bottom, for a burst of fruit flavored ooze.
Grow Yer Own Smut.
This hands-on workshop walks you through conceiving, writing, planning, casting, shooting, editing, critiquing and distributing your own ultra-short video with explicit sexual content. You provide the performers and your own dirty little mind. They supply the gear and the guidance.
Grow Yer Own Smut the Ears
submit your own drawing for the WTC
CNN.com In-depth Specials
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hey John it is safe for work
Webshots Community - Vin Diesel Wallpapers Vin Diesel Wallpapers
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hey John it is safe for work
Vin Diesel - Immagini
Drug trade thrived in biblical times
Rockbitch are/were a band of outrageous gay and bisexual women (and one guy) who live in a sex-commune in France (although they are mostly British). They gained notoriety for their explicitly sexual performances which ended with a golden condom thrown into the audience.
Official Rockbitch Headquarters
Ananova - Man ends up with barnacle stuck to his penis
A man sleeping on a beach ended up with a barnacle stuck to his penis.
I am finishing up reading:
Amazon.com: buying info: Sex Lives of the Popes : An Irreverent Expose of the Bishops of Rome from st Peter to the Present Day
The National Rifleman Association's KOOKY KIDZ KORNER! - chickenhead.com Welcome to the NRA Kooky Kidz Korner boys and girls! Hope you're packin' heat and lookin' for fun - cuz we're all about playing with high-caliber guns!
Guardian Unlimited Books | LRB essay | Glossing over it: homoeroticism in Shakespeare's sonnets
Shakespeare's lyrical poetry has long been considered marginal to his plays - is it because he addressed his poems to a man?
Pow! Crunch! Bam! Zowie! Gay! In the current issue of a DC Comics series called The Authority, superheroes Apollo and The Midnighter get hitched on the second-to-last page, becoming "husband and husband."
purportal.com: the bunk stops here Search Before you Forward
That story that your brother-in-law just sent to you via email and forty other people sounds true... Put it to the test here. Take a couple key words from the message, paste or type them into one of the boxes below, and press the Enter key on your keyboard.
The Village Voice: Features: Lesbian Mothers Making Men by Peggy F. Drexler
Drug Abuse Growing, Officials Warn Marijuana is being grown on about 1 million hectares of Russia but drug enforcement officials managed to destroy only a tiny one-thousandth of those crops in the first half of the year, officials said Tuesday, warning that the country's drug problem would grow.
His Greatness Mao
A new Congressional report says China is preparing for war with the U.S.
TCS: Defense - Red Menace
Sand Sculpture World Championships
be sure to go to the home page (i have posted it before)
Icy Hot Stunta Name Generator By Mike D.
i want all these candies
Au'some Candies, Inc. -
lots of strange/funny pics
Crackshack Directory of Whack Images!
Hayseed: The Hillbilly, Redneck, & White Trash Journal
•US government pushing drugs: American pilots in Afghanistan, blamed for a series of "friendly fire" incidents and devastating erroneous attacks on innocent civilians, were routinely provided with amphetamines to tackle fatigue and help them fly longer hours. Pilots were allowed to "self-regulate" their own doses and kept the drugs in their cockpits. The pilots were provided with the stimulant Dexedrine, generically known as dextroamphetamine and referred to as a "go-pill" by the airmen, when they set off on missions. When they returned, doctors gave them sedatives or "no-go pills" to help them sleep. Pilots who refused to take the drugs could be banned from taking part in a mission
Independent News
ESPN.com: MLB - Rocker apologizes for anti-gay remarks DALLAS -- Texas Rangers pitcher John Rocker issued a written apology through the team Monday for anti-gay remarks he made toward patrons of a popular Dallas eatery on Sunday.
Is Ice-T a Softy? - Rumor Mill - NEWS - VirginMegaMagazine.com Ice-T, rapper and Law and Order: Special Victims Unit star has signed on to be the national spokesman for "Posse Pops," a brand of ice cream targeting urban kids.
What a real depression looks like. Total collapse of the middle class, malnutrition, starving bands of marauders eating road-kill, it's every survivalists dream come true. Until last year, Argentines were part of the richest, best-educated and most cultured nation in Latin America. Not anymore.
Despair in Once-Proud Argentina (washingtonpost.com)
Free Online Barcode Generator Use the CGI form to generate a printable and scannable barcode
Dudes from 103GBF wet boxer contest
103GBF The River City Rocker
Yep. It's true. Gay people like sports too. At Outsports you can find out which pitcher has the best curve ball and which one has the best curves. The site is content rich and has a thriving message board community.
Gay sports fans and athletes, your place for discussion, stories, and photos - Outsports.com.
Q-online - News: Beckham talks about being a gay icon David Beckham has acknowledged he is a gay icon for the first time by agreeing to an interview and cover shoot for gay lifestyle magazine Attitude.
Philadelphia Daily News | 08/03/2002 | Episcopal Church war over gays escalates
Christian who might be gay must learn to live with both
InformationWeek > Listening Post > Langa Letter > The "Dead Drive" Security Loophole > May 14, 2001 Any time you return a system or hard drive for repair, resell it, hand it down, discard it, or otherwise place it in someone else's hands, you're potentially giving that person access to everything on the drive, including files that you thought were deleted, reformatted, or overwritten.
Head Candy - Gum Job - the ultimate in oral pleasure Head Candy is the brand name of the first and only devices that increases your enjoyment of giving and receiving oral sex.
HEALTHY PENIS 2002:: Making every penis a healthy penis
FOXNews.com Ex-Male Stripper Seeks Seat in House
Is masturbation wrong? - ChristianAnswers.Net Is masturbation wrong?
i scored way above 126
International High IQ Society | Free IQ Tests
faggots for dinner?
Faggots: British Recipes
Control Tower, Sex Work Slang, by Mistress Matisse (07/25/02)
Maintenance workers have tried without success for a month to eradicate the image of male sexual organs on the hillside behind a Connecticut high school. The 25-foot penis was apparently etched into the grass with weed killer.
Connecticut Post
need a jump?
ThinkGeek :: Case o' Bawls
The new Fr-Ooze Pop, a candy being marketed under the slogan "squeeze and lick it,"
Cool Candy
Daily Photo: Rock Star Penis Party
The Official Cynthia Plaster Caster Website Hi, I'm Cynthia and I'm a recovering groupie.
I make plaster casts of penises and breasts that are attached to rock stars and other talented earthlings.
Teleport City: Life -- THE NAKED MAN FESTIVAL
Utne Reader Online: Culture Down on the Farm
The surprising prejudice against country people
Goldband Artist Dolly Parton Dolly recorded her first single Puppy Love for Goldband Records in 1960 at the age of 13. The song was written by Dolly Parton and her Uncle Bill.
Martin Luther King Jr's Family Disputes Anti-Gay Fliers A flier using a picture of Martin Luther King Jr. and urging people to repeal Miami-Dade's gay rights ordinance is drawing fire from the late civil rights leader's family.
Salon.com Life | Minor report Sex between teenage boys and older men is not always coercive -- and it can be more ecstatic than traumatic.
Marks & Spencer’s new bulge-enhancing wonderpants for men a truly swell idea.
The Sun Newspaper Online - UK's biggest selling tabloid
The Shuar first came to worldwide attention in the late 19th century for their custom of head hunting and shrinking the heads to the size of an orange. This site explains who, why, where and how this unusual tradition came to be.
Head Hunting : History of the Shuar : Shrunken Heads
The economies of South America are collapsing
When Hunger is the Law, Looting is Legitimized
More than 13 supermarkets were looted in poor neighborhoods of Montevideo today (aug 2) to the shouts of "we are hungry." Riot police were dispersed throughout the city, shooting rubber bullets at people as they tried to get food. The Minister of the Interior has called for "people to remain peaceful," but to whom does he speak? The families of children who so hungry they eat grass in the schoolyard? Uruguay's crisis exploded this week when the government ordered all banks to remain closed, preventing people from getting whatever money they have saved. Fears of "another Argentina" are sending tremors through Uruguay, as the people prepare to enter another phase of their long battle against neoliberalism.
motorbikes make you gay
IslamOnline - Contemporary Section Postmodernism and the Other
The New Imperialism of Western Culture
Size Him Up You're on your way to finding out a man's most secret detail - the size of his penis. A new mathematical formula, that estimates penis size, has been developed for people who have not yet seen the real thing in the flesh.
My dog is smarter than some people i have met
CNN.com - Report: Dogs are smarter than people think - August 1, 2002
have i posted this before?
Kiki and Herb
The Virtues of Promiscuity
The New York Observer After just two weekends of filming, HBO has pulled the plug on a planned documentary about five gay men sharing a summer house in Fire Island's Pines community.
HEALTH / Global Pandemic / Iron curtain over gays / Homophobia hinders AIDS efforts
The Bareback Lie
NYPress - The Gist - Michelangelo Signorile - Vol. 15, Iss. 31
Castles of the United States
Bush Impeachment Countdown
Yes the outlook is not good
Economist.com | America’s economy New data suggest that America’s recession last year was worse, and its recovery this year is weaker than previously thought. Is there now a risk of another downturn?
the origins of the word fuck
The Vocabula Review - July 2002 - Obscene Words - Julian Burnside
ass blaster
ohhhh! my arse!
The Straight Dope: Can sumos retract their testicles inside their bodies? Can sumos retract their testicles inside their bodies?
the imperial colonial american war machine
Ananova - Scientist blames failure of monsoon on US warplanes
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Tickle Tykes 2 - Pee-Mail
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BBC NEWS | Technology | The weed and the web A survey about cannabis use has found that people who work in the technology industry are the most likely to have tried the drug.
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BBC NEWS | World | Americas | Kidnapping for kicks in New York
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Independent News You can't buy it yet, but a drug is being developed in labs in Australia and the US that may prove to be the ultimate lifestyle enhancer - you'd get a fantastic tan and a highly active libido, with a slim figure and clear skin as possible side-effects. It's been tagged 'the Barbie drug', but has serious origins as a treatment for skin cancer and sexual dysfunction.
ding dong the witch is dead
Harris resigns after election-law conflict 08/02/02
this one is for oliver
Abandoned Resort - Exploring Scrub Island - Anguilla
punk photos
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Ray Stevenson - Photography
our goverment at work
Friends of Liberty - Jose, Interrupted: Where Is Terrorist Jose Padilla? In a sequence of events that should turn every American literally white with terror before the awesome power of our media apparatus, a former gang member-turned-would-be terrorist was dug up out of a pit after being held illegally for a month, offered to the entire world as public enemy number one for about ten minutes, and then tossed back into purgatory, apparently to be officially forgotten for the rest of eternity.
Ohio Supreme Court rules lesbian couple can adopt same last name
remember this one?
A Virtual Visit to Expo '74, The Spokane World's Fair
United Press International: Pot-like chemical helps beat fear
sfbg.com I've been with my boyfriend three years. Although we get along great and we both think we'll spend the rest of our lives together, I've been having doubts. I discovered he was molested as a child and was forced to wear lingerie. The most disturbing part for me is that he gets off on pictures of men wearing panties
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Amazon.com: buying info: Sex Lives of the Popes : An Irreverent Expose of the Bishops of Rome from st Peter to the Present Day