Coast Weekly Online For some local teenagers, promiscuous sex is just something to do.
The Daily Page: Features: Mr. Right: Archive You can have a heyday finding homosexual references in The Wizard of Oz News Cardinal Law: Don't go to gay weddings
IHT: Iraq war could hurt jittery U.S. economy Iraq war could hurt jittery U.S. economy
The Village Voice: Features: The Rise of the Black Nerd by James Hannaham Separated From Racial Mainstreams, the Outsiders Make Their Mark The Rise of the Black Nerd
Michael's Surgery Story
Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), in U.S. history, a radical student organization of the 1960s. In the influential Port Huron (Mich.) Statement (1962), the organization, founded in 1960, presented its vision for post–Vietnam War America and called for students to join in a movement to establish “participatory democracy.”
Port Huron Statement of the Students for a Democratic Society, 1962
The Nando Times: PBS won't rule out HIV-positive muppet for 'Sesame Street'
The Web didn't kill libraries. It's the new draw. | Library-building is booming in US, surprising doomsayers.
Rand McNally Rates Best Highways For Oral Sex
LA Weekly: Pulpit: Smoke Pot, Stay Outta Jail
At Home Sperm Diagnostic Test
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Rock And Roll Confidential One of these guys has a butt-plug in. Guess which one.
off-color turkish - Learn Turkish
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Tighty Whities are Hot!
you know its coming
Foundations are in place for martial law in the US - Foundations are in place for martial law in the US
Animal Dildos
Not dildos for animals, but dildos for people who want dildos shaped like animal penises
Animal Dildos
yes it is overrated
Dropping the Ball - The overrating of Six Feet Under. By Emily Nussbaum
fuck your mac lifestyle
Fuck your Macintosh Lifestyle
New Scientist "Being male is now the single largest demographic factor for early death,"
Suicide bombers leave a trail of disease
New Scientist
Willamette Week Online | Culture COLUMN | Rules of the Gay
The Florida teacher in the porn video says he was drugged, and had no idea he was in a gay sex video. He's not even gay!
Well, I've heard some guys in gay porn aren't gay, and that is some acting. But ... if you were drugged and featured in porn, wouldn't you call the cops way before someone connected with your school saw it on the net? UK | News | Ex-Teacher Claims He Was Tricked Into Appearing In Gay Video
Apparently you can fly in for the weekend and get a civil union in Vermont but they won't dissolve it if you break up unless one of you is a legal resident of Vermont. And your home state probably won't dissolve it, either.
Something about that makes me laugh. The gay marriage trap. But now we have to campaign for the right to divorce?
Yahoo! News - Connecticut court says it cannot dissolve civil union for gay couple
written by a former weapons inspector who was in Iraq
Is Iraq a True Threat to the US?
Photocopy of George W. Bush military suspension document Want out? Just don't take the required medical.
Photocopy of George W. Bush military suspension document
disinformation | the bush ethic of responsibility The President's FY 2003 budget either freezes or cuts funding to crucial programs benefiting the nation's 12 million impoverished children. Slated to be axed, cut back or frozen are programs designed to help local communities improve access to early learning opportunities, programs providing child/after-school care to needy families, and programs for early literacy. Even Head Start, which the President has referred to as "the nation's premier early childhood education program," is given an increase so deficient as to prevent any new children from joining.
IdeeFarbe: Deutschsprachige Ausgabe Do you know Isaac Newton’s Theory of Colour? Or maybe Goethe’s? We present you with a total of 59 easy-to-understand, richly illustrated colour theories from the Antiquity to modern times: in short, a complete cultural history of colour
Butt Ice creating relief and comfort for Hemorrhoids - Make Your Own Movie
The Consortium George W. Bush is shattering records for the worst first 18 months in office for a U.S. president as measured by the benchmark Standard & Poor’s 500. In his first year-and-a-half in the White House, Bush presided over a 36.9 percent decline, almost twice the percentage drop of Herbert Hoover, the president who led the nation into the Depression.
Yahoo! News - Mass Circumcision in Kabul
BBC NEWS | Programmes | Panorama | Secret database protects paedophiles The Jehovah's Witnesses organisation keeps a sex offenders register that nobody outside the church is allowed to see,
The Village Voice: Features: Buying Trouble by Erik Baard Your Grocery List Could Spark a Terror Probe
Servicemembers Legal Defense Network
Photo Gallery: where people hide their drug money
Photo Gallery
yum! - White Trash Recipes
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Carolina among the nation’s ‘hot and trendy’ universities
New Times L.A. | | News : Feature The Jackson Jive
Michael Jackson vowed to raise $50 million for 9/11 victims. After the deal for his charity record imploded, he accused Sony of racism without mentioning that he’d hired a gay porn producer pal to handle the botched project.
Guardian Unlimited | Archive Search After the Twin Towers attacks, a frightened city indulged in 'terror sex' for comfort. Ten months on, the middle classes can't get enough of erotic parties - and it's no longer just a reaction to fear.
how dirty is it where you live? enter your zip code and find out
Find Your Community
Philadelphia Daily News | 07/22/2002 | How to cook your books like big guys
NYPress - Hill of Beans - Christopher Caldwell - Vol. 15, Iss. 29 Who Bought Bush’s Stock?
"How can Mr. Bush crack the whip on Big Business," asks The New York Times’ Maureen Dowd, "when he’s a wholly owned subsidiary of it?"
on your knees and worship the god priapus!
Priapus, Greek Mythology Link.
all worship the god priapus
Priapus Weighing his Penis
Welcome to Gay City News, the Newspaper New York deserves Female to male transsexuals and their
doctors speak about the quest for manhood
Welcome to Gay City News, the Newspaper New York deserves The queer kids who hang out on Christopher Street and its adjoining pier, and who are currently under attack from Residents in Distress (RID) and other West Village organizations, are the epicenter of a social and political crisis. The cause, as youth organizer Gabriel Martinez says, is that kids “are coming out at a younger age.”
The Register Face recognition fails in Boston airport
The Miami Herald | 07/18/2002 | Prison sex -- An AIDS `time bomb'?
Independent Independent Rape by soldiers is much more than 'simple lust'
When the rich make war, it's the poor that die. - Jean-Paul Sartre
do you own a pet? - humor with a cold wet nose
Gay Gambling Giveaways
tv's so thin you can roll them up and put them in your pocket
Reuters | The World's Leading Provider of Financial Information and News
play the George W Bush cokehead game
A Concise History of Liberation Theology The historical roots of liberation theology are to be found in the prophetic tradition of evangelists and missionaries from the earliest colonial days in Latin America -- churchmen who questioned the type of presence adopted by the church and the way indigenous peoples, blacks, mestizos, and the poor rural and urban masses were treated. CONNECTICUT MANCHESTER -- The town appears to be safe from a cross-dressing Girl Scout cookies salesman.
Broken Newz - Sesame Street to Introduce Crack Addict Muppet
None More Black None More Black: Norway's Black Metal Bands Take Evil To Another Level
The Science of Medical Marijuana
Blood Alcohol Content Calculator - The Police Notebook
you can sneak these on a plane past the detectors
KNIVES - ABS Stealth
not safe for work
Porn for women - Free porn for woman. Hot naked straight men, erotica for women.
is anything really fool proof safe?
State: Tainted donor blood infects two with HIV - Upstairs, backstairs Here, among his fellow "flitty flies", as the Duke of Windsor disparagingly referred to the more effeminate members of the royal household, he settled in happily, gossiping over the teapot with the other staff about the doings of their employers and picking up handy tips on crochet and creative ways with starched napkins
City Pages: Body Vs. Soul This branch of the rainbow family includes women rebuilt as men, gals who were born guys (some of them lesbians in male bodies), cross-dressers, drag queens, and some folks who say gender no longer means much Male models Undressing the Hollywood action figures of summer
Improv Message Boards - True Porn Clerk Stories
ugly people web site
white pride toys for children
Balch Institute--Ethnic Images in Toys and Games--Toys as History: Ethinc Images and Cultural Change
Boston Globe Online / Metro | Region / Gay marriage ban thwarted
Cosmopolitan: Sex Up Your Screen
Homosexuality and Human Cultural Evolution
Michael Swift: "Gay Revolutionary" 1987 - CitizenLink - Homosexual 'Big Brothers'?
WHAT IS THE CBDTPA? The law would force all new personal computers and digital home entertainment devices sold in the United States to have government-approved "policeware" built-in. This policeware would restrict your use of copyrighted material on these devices -- including music files and CD's, video clips, DVD's, e-books, and more.
Stop Policeware - FIGHT THE CBDTPA
Ravers Against the Machine ( Partiers and ACLU Take On 'Ecstasy' Legislation
want some gold teeth
Removable gold teeth and vampire fangs - Bridgeport International
Guardian Unlimited Observer | Special reports | John Pilger: The great charade As the West prepares for an assault on Iraq, John Pilger argues that 'war on terror' is a smokescreen created by the ultimate terrorist ... America itself
"The American 1950s" The Literature & Culture of the American 1950s
The Village Voice: Features: Richard Goldstein: Bush's Gay Gambit
build your own lie detector in a few minutes
Simple Lie Detector
Intersex Society of North America
Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Why US press didn't give Bush a burning
'South Park' episode upsets Catholic group
The Counseling Corner: What to say when someone ‘comes out’ to you By DR. FREDERIC B. TATE SPECIAL TO THE SENTINEL July 15, 2002
Against Legalization -- Hakim Bey AGAINST “LEGALIZATION”
hot gay men
Chubnet -- The Wide Spot on the Web!
like trance dance music?
::Trance-site:: -=The best online music=-
Yahoo is Editing Your Email
NATIONAL POST In future, will only gays get married?
Public Affairs - Press Release Weeks of Bad Business News Create Political Problems for Republicans, Bush
-= Bad Taste Bears =-
the michael rosenbaum fansite ( he is on smartville)
Fur on Film - Your Guide To Hairy Chested Actors
HBW: Hardcore Backyard Wrestling
CBC News: Same-sex marriages must be recognized: Ontario court
New York Metro - New York Magazine "Q" Is for What? AMY LAROCCA
'How to Get Laid Like a Priest' article comes under fire
Yahoo! News - DC Has Plan To Cut Back on Transvestite Prostitutes
HIV rise linked to Caribbean visits
Untitled Document
fast food fashion
Infocus -- Uniforms
{Make a model of you} Wouldn't it be cool if you could physically walk into cyberspace? Well, you can't... so stop thinking about it. However, you can design a virtual model of yourself on this site. Choose your features like body shape, eyes, nose, lips, facial hair, height, and weight. The amazing thing is how closely your model resembles you. My only complaint is that you can't add glasses. How in the heck is my digital doppelganger supposed to see? Once you're finished, the site can even offer style advice for your body type.
My Virtual Model Inc. - Home
Johan's Guide to Aphrodisiacs
Drink Safe Technologies Date Rape Drug Personal Test Kit
XXL condoms ... measure 20cm long
The Sun Newspaper Online - UK's biggest selling tabloid
Drug Calculator Money Cost - The best online INCEST forum, free incest pics, incest chat and much more
A Straight Person's Guide To Gay Etiquette
Forum: Editorial: Gay Chicken Littles wrong on Bush
NYPress - The Gist - Michelangelo Signorile - Vol. 15, Iss. 28 About that Gay Mafia
Articles New Anti-rave/club Law
Yahoo! News - George Michael Feels Unsafe in U.S. UK | News | Michael Jackson Blames Press Anti-Black Conspiracy For Branding Him Gay Michael Jackson Blames Press Anti-Black Conspiracy For Branding Him Gay
BellyBuilders is an online community for guys who have, love or want a larger belly, and for anyone who appreciates these things in a guy
Bellybuilders - Generation 2000
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its free and worth it
Is There a Gay Basis to Nietzsche's Ideas?
A Day In The Life of Justin
scratch richie's itch
Russian-American Jokes
STUFF: WORLD NEWS - STORY : New Zealand's leading news and information website
GI Joe Soldiers of the World
This article says that men are becoming feminized due to chemicals dumped into the environment that have estrogen-like effects.
The Feminization of American Culture - The World & I Online Magazine
Erotic Art of Ancient Rome
“No thanks. I’m on mineral water.” Drinkers are not comfortable when one among them does not join in. Stand-alone sobriety creates an instant social hierarchy
The Atlantic | June 2002 | Beyond the Tippling Point | Killen
Foreign Policy -- The Eagle Has Crash Landed The United States in decline?
Central Park is a lot of things: the pastoral center of New York City, a relaxing stroll on a Saturday afternoon, a patch of grass lined with horse manure. It’s also home to a minimum-security prison...
The Morning News - Prison on the Park
executive transvestite
----------------- www.eddie -------------------
BBC News | HEALTH | US minister forced off Aids stage
The Consortium In the nine months since Sept. 11, George W. Bush has put the United States on a course that is so bleak that few analysts have – as the saying goes – connected the dots. If they had, they would see an outline of a future that mixes constant war overseas with abridgment of constitutional freedoms at home, a picture drawn by a politician who once joked, "If this were a dictatorship, it would be a heck of a lot easier – so long as I'm the dictator."
The Village Voice: Nation: Mondo Washington by James Ridgeway George Bush, Failed Corporate Crook
street smarts with sign language
The Gaping Maw - Editorial
The Miami Herald | 07/09/2002 | Reno taking 'Dance Party' to glamorous club in SoBe
Yahoo! News - Online Safe Sex Game Attracts 125,000
Gay, Catholic, pro-drug, conservative Andrew Sullivan loves to blab about his contradictions
Andrew Sullivan
Old-school porn kings lament the age of the "Viagra Boys" Viagra has had a skyrocketing effect on the numbers of men able to react adequately on the usually crowded, bustling and extremely unerotic sets of porn movies in this dowdy suburban epicenter of the global erotica industry.
feel my ass
Yahoo! News - Psychic gropes buttocks to see future
Marijuana Laws Could Go From Strict to Lenient (
MSF Canada | Press Release [ 08 June 2002 ) WAITING TO TREAT AIDS IS A CRIME
the rich people are loosing money
News Story
do you get emalis? than you have been exposed to klez
Anyone recieving even a small amount of email is likely to have encountered Klez varients of some form in the last few months it is the biggest email-transmitted virus of all time
Virus Bulletin -> Resources -> Viruses -> W32/Klez
Interview - 2000.12.14 The safety of the food seemed to be determined more by the personality of the manager on duty than by the written policies of the chain. Many workers would not eat anything at their restaurant unless they'd made it themselves. A Taco Bell employee said that food dropped on the floor was often picked up and served. An Arby's employee told me that one kitchen worker never washed his hands at work after doing engine repairs on his car. And several employees at the same McDonald's restaurant in Colorado Springs independently provided details about a cockroach infestation in the milk-shake machine and about armies of mice that urinated and defecated on hamburger rolls left out to thaw in the kitchen every night.
I love Gore
LA Weekly: Features: The Last Defender of the American Republic?
SoYouWanna avoid getting a traffic ticket?
Lurlene the Trailer Court Queen
where do languages come from
Exploratorium Magazine: Language
facial feminization surgery
Business 2.0 - Magazine Article - The Technology Secrets of Cocaine Inc. Colombian cartels have spent billions of dollars to build one of the world's most sophisticated IT infrastructures. It's helping them smuggle more dope than ever before.
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FaceTheJury - Profile - Amul_Muzz
According to more than a dozen scientists, authors, and futurists, advances in nanotechnology will soon make the threat of dirty-nuke terrorist bombs seem like a best-case scenario. "By 2020, bioterror or bioerror will lead to one million casualties in a single event," predicts Martin Rees
Lifeboat Foundation Quotes
::: Gay Kitty Porn :::
Briefe History of the Codpiece
i'll be dead and so will you
Guardian Unlimited Observer | International | Earth 'will expire by 2050' - In the Killing Fields "It is the smell of oil and the color of money that corrodes our principles,"
BBC News | HEALTH | New hope for Aids vaccine
todays hacker
Aaron Swartz is a hacker. And here he has created a fairly useful tool. Enter a URL into the space provided and click "Go." You'll almost immediately have the webpage in question converted into plain ASCII text with all the links posted as footnotes at the bottom. It's a great way to print articles that are chockful of hyperlinks without losing all the link references.
Today's Hack: html2text Converter (Aaron Swartz: The Weblog)
the cheapest cost of living in the world
Islamic Republic News Agency ( I R N A )HeadLines News
News & Markets Greatest threat to US since 1930s
Hactivismo comes up with a technology to help those in censor-heavy countries avoid detection while surfing.
The Register USA
Nasal Sex
grow your own narcotics
Reuters | The World's Leading Provider of Financial Information and News
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The Animal Rescue Site : Feed an Animal in Need
Sun-Sentinel: News Florida Poll says most Floridians reject gay marriages, adoptions
NYPOST.COM Entertainment: POP PERV'S 9/11 SLUR By BILL HOFFMANN Washed-up pervert pop star George Michael is trying to relaunch his career with a controversial song and video insinuating that President Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair are gay lovers.
Animation Express: Super Orgy Porno Party buying info: Man Enough to Be Woman
these boots are made for walkn
want to go to Canada?
Vancouver passes Amsterdam as most pot friendly city
Local News - Vancouver - network
i want one
submarines, submersibles, minisubs, personal subs, subs, tourist subs
gay asian/american magazine
noodle magazine [it's all in your head]
The Straight Dope: Does the Vatican have the world's largest pornography collection? Is it true that the Vatican has the world's most extensive collection of erotica and pornography locked away where no one who can appreciate it can see it?
The San Francisco adult film and Internet empire that services gay men known as Falcon Studios celebrates 30 frisky years in business this year.
Falcon Studios president gives us the dirt on dirty movies
who were you in your past life?
Name That Life @ University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology
Staggering AIDS Report From U.N. The AIDS epidemic is not close to reaching its peak, the United Nations says in a devastating report released Tuesday.
The epidemic has reached proportions once considered impossible in the world's most affected countries and is spreading at alarming rates elsewhere. The crisis "now outstrips even the worst-case scenarios" projected by epidemiologists tracking the deadliest disease in human history, the report says.
need a hunk?
HUGGABLE HUNKS - huggable hunks doll,man doll
Earliest Uses of Various Mathematical Symbols Earliest Uses of Various Mathematical Symbols
there is something creepy about christian wrestlers
Untitled Normal Page
who would you do?
E! Online - Fun & Games - Who do you do?
25 Most Eligible Bachelors
MSN Entertainment / Celebrity Gossip, News & Interviews
Firefighter Calendar, Including Three Killed In WTC, Goes On Sale
NY1: TopStories
United Press International: Gene glitches link pot with schizophrenia
State: Harris has 4-legged foe SARASOTA -- The newest candidate challenging Secretary of State Katherine Harris in her bid for Congress is truly an underdog: a border collie mix.
News Story In a stunning profile in Vanity Fair's August issue, which hits newsstands Wednesday, the dethroned boss of Artists Management Group adds to his considerable woes by, among other things, accusing Hollywood's "gay mafia" of ruining his business and his reputation.