Saturday morning commercials 1960-1970
Video Vault
The random name generator uses data from the US Census to
randomly generate male and female names. Use it for screenplays,
fake id's, car rentals, pick-up lines, books, prank calls, movies.
Give a random name to that special someone you meet at the bar
Random Name Generator
Guardian Unlimited Observer | Comment | The World We're In by Will Hutton pt 1 America is the most unequal society in the industrialised West. The richest 20 per cent of Americans earn nine times more than the poorest 20 per cent, a scale of inequality half as great again as in Japan, Germany and France.
State: Bankruptcy, ill will plague Bryant In Florida, Anita Bryant's name is surfacing once more as lawyers and gay activists try to repeal the state's ban on gay adoptions, blaming Bryant for its passage in 1977.
Barbie is dead! | Life
are you addicted to cyber sex?
Cyber Sexual Addiction Test - Clinton in running for TV job [27apr02] > Profile > Fourth Annual Masturbate-A-Thon
Hate crimes against gays decline in state, nation
Top Story - Deputies Want To Outlaw Homosexuality - The St. Petersburg Times. General news from St.Petersburg and Russia - A group of lawmakers - including Russia's main representative to the Council of Europe - say they have begun a campaign to shore up the morals of the country by recriminalizing homosexuality.
it's going to be a hot one! - 2002 'warmest for 1,000 years'
the russians are coming the russians are coming
Inside the Ring -- The Washington Times
Two Russian strategic nuclear bombers flew within 37 miles of Alaska recently in a rare probe of U.S. air defenses, according to U.S. intelligence officials.
Air controllers: Saudi wanted only men | Dallas-Fort Worth | Latest News
Big HIV Problem Hits Small S.D. College Town A South Dakota college basketball player who tested positive for HIV was arrested this week in a case that has led health officials to two other new infections and what they are calling "a web of sexual contacts" that numbers in the hundreds.
571 ways to say Masturbation
Masturbation etc.
SecurityFocus HOME Mailing List: BugTraq It is possible to modify an existing mp3 file in such a way that it can
carries a virus. The virus is activated when the mp3 file is played in
Winamp and can then infect other mp3 files found on harddrives or networkshares.In order to protect yourself you need to upgrade to Winamp 2.80 or disable the minibrowser.
The HAPPY PERVERT PERSONAL ADS!! - Unit10: San Diego Slave Trade SAN DIEGO -- San Diego is at the center of an illicit slave trade that spans the globe, according to a Unit10 report.
you think??? : U.S. May Be Reviving Iraq Issue as Smoke Screen A recent news report in an American newspaper claims that the Bush administration is closer to approving a more conventional military campaign to oust Iraqi President Saddam Hussein. The report may be part of an effort by the White House to counter questions about U.S. foreign policy strategy by refocusing public attention toward Iraq.
Pravda.RU White Africans on trial for attempt of revolt
can you say concentration camp? Far-right presidential candidate Jean-Marie Le Pen, a virulent opponent of immigration, says France should set up camps where illegal aliens would be housed pending deportation. >>> We record the damage.
its a ploy to get you further in debt!
Mercury News | 04/24/2002 | Credit cards get a face lift to lure new customers
The NEW parliamnethouse? Its still the old dump to me!
A Gay Orlando Landmark - The New Parliament House - All-gay resort complex located in Central Florida!
Womens groups mad at Catholic Cardinal for saying that Priests shouldn't be punished so much if they have sex with teenage girls
Cardinal's Comments on Priests Anger Feminists
new movie about the boyz
Yahoo! News - Puffy May Join Ozzy on MTV
Mushroom Cloud License Plates Bomb in Nevada LAS VEGAS -- As Nevada officials fight against hosting the nation's nuclear repository, the state is offering license plates bearing the image of a nuclear blast.
International Center for Bathroom Etiquette Focus On the Virgin Myth And HIV/Aids "The idea that having sex with a virgin cleanses you of AIDS does exist and there have been reported cases of this as a motivating factor for child rape. But evidence suggests that this is infrequently the case," said Dr Rachel Jewkes, director of the MRC's Gender and Health Research Group.
Halloween is coming soon
Fun 'n Folly People Costumes
BBC News | HEALTH | Sex drug could aid male stamina Scientists believe they are close to developing a pill to boost male stamina, which could become as popular as Viagra.
The drug, used to treat Parkinson's disease, has been found to raise a man's chances of sustaining multiple orgasms during sex.
how to dance with a silk veil
just in case the mood ever strikes you
Dance with a Silk Veil
POP! The First Human Male Pregnancy (Mr. Lee Mingwei)
the two most beautiful buildings in the world
Marina Towers Condominiums in Chicago
Luxury Hotel Hosts Leather Fetish Competition, Sexual 'Flea Market' -- 04/24/2002
The Church Stumbles to Lay Blame on Gays
Kids Say the Damnedest Things
Angry Kid Swearing, one of several films starring the love child of Winston Churchill and Carrot Top, is a remake of sorts to Kids Say the Darndest Things!. Kid: "Can I say tit? Bugger? Bum?"
Angry Kid Home
YPL: Eyeball Whitener
Japan Today Japan News - News - Magic mushrooms banned from June 6 - Japan's Leading International News Network
AlterNet -- Is Taking Psychedelics an Act of Sedition?
very cool!! Every model show rod from 1960-2001
Alpha list
Home Page On the morning of 26th January 1999, passersby outside the NIIT headquarters in New Delhi were treated to an unusual sight. A computer peeped out of a hole that had been carved out in the wall that separated the NIIT premises from the adjoining slum. As the day wore on, the curious onlookers, mostly children living in the slum, approached the computer. The TV-like device seemed inviting. First with hesitation and later with more assurance, they began to explore. It took the children a few minutes to work out the use of the touchpad embedded in the wall. After that, it was a series of "hits-and-misses" as they fooled around with the computer. This went on for the whole day...and the next...and the next...
just so you know
How to Perform an Emergency Baptism
The Seattle Times: Arts & Entertainment: Lessons in living, courtesy of 'The Osbournes'
The DICK awards
And The DICK Goes To...
The Infamous Moto-Penis
The Yugo is back! Yugo Redux
His Greatness Mao
CIA Warns of Chinese Plans for Cyber-Attacks on U.S.
Get It Straight - The hypocrisy of blaming gays for sexual abuse by priests. By William Saletan
Pravda.RU Icebergs and the Titanic and Immorality and America The Catholic Church is treading on dangerous water when they forgo scriptural truth for the darker, yet more popular, forces of tolerance. The collective homosexual voice is now so strong that it has invaded the pulpit and silenced the (once?) great and mighty Roman Catholic Church.
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare
Naked GAY men in the woods
may NOT be safe for work
Index: TNT!MEN Hartley Woods May 2001 : The Bulge Put Some Beef In Your Basket! Nylon Cup Gives An Well Endowed Look.
more on
Was Shakespeare GAY?
Guardian Unlimited Books | By genre | Anthony Holden: Shakespeare's 'true love'
is your pet GAY?
Channel 4's Gay Pet-O-Meter
Odd Portrait Has Many Guessing Shakespeare Was Gay
Reuters | Breaking News from Around the Globe
can't wait to read it!
Harmful to Minors excerpt
Berlin police: we did not advise Jews not to wear Jewish attire
Ha'aretz - Article
The Gypsy Lore Society Gypsy and Traveler Groups in North America
spiked-politics | Column | Why the West is turning on Israel
Bunches of FREE music!! Enjoy!! Hi Quality Free MP3 Music
sorta like a time machine
Tick Tock Toys - Archives & Galleries
Your basic catholic joke
In a small cathedral a janitor was cleaning the pews between services when he
was approached by the minister. The minister asked the janitor, "Could you go
into the confessional and listen to confessions for me? I really have to go to the
bathroom and the Widow McGee is coming. She tends to go on and on but never
really does anything worthy of serious repentance, so when she's done just give her
10 Hail Mary's and I'll be right back."
Being the helpful sort, the janitor agreed. Just as expected the Widow McGee
came into the booth and started her confession. "Oh Father, I have truly sinned,
I have given into carnal thoughts and have had oral sex."
Stunned, the janitor had no idea how to handle this situation. Surely 10 Hail Mary's
would not do. So, in a moment of desperation the janitor peered his head out of the
confessional and asked an altar boy, "Son, what does the minister give for oral sex?"
The altar boy said, "a Snickers bar and a Coke."
hmm "i'm smart and people like me"
Which High School Stereotype are you?
its all fucked up!
Fucked Relationships dot net
I love this TV show
AND it is the GAYEST on TV
Willamette Week Online | Culture COLUMN | Hammer Time!
statue molesters
The Happiest Potties on Earth: The Restrooms of Disneyland - Play a game of Darts in real time against your friends over the Internet
Reuters Health Information (2002-04-23): Lightning can strike inside airplanes: report Lightning can strike inside airplanes: report
New York Metro - New York Magazine Growing Up Gay
New York Metro - New York Magazine Crystal Ball Name a drug -- any drug -- and a social scene springs to mind. Marijuana is smoked by hip-hoppers and hippies, ecstasy consumed by wide-pupiled clubbers, cocaine snorted by socialites and social climbers. But rarely has a drug been so intertwined with one subculture as crystal meth is with New York's underground gay-sex scene, which has been flourishing of late,
Gay Life Now
New York Metro - New York Magazine
right on!! Books | The real war on terrorism The real war on terrorism
Robert Young Pelton, author of "The World's Most Dangerous Places," says the U.S. military has killed "thousands and thousands" of people in Afghanistan, al-Qaida is a myth and the WTC was brought down by a "Mickey Mouse" outfit.
Miscellaneous, Etc. Does your child have Porn Face?
New York Metro: The Gay Issue Love and War
MTV icon Danny Roberts on life as a military spouse — and why his ex-Army-captain boyfriend has no desire to fight "Don't ask, don't tell."
wow very cool!
tessellating animation
Create your own rubber dildo from your own Penis!
What's the difference between a gay man and a straight man? Simple. Six beers.
Silver Lake 2000-- The Difference Between Gay and Straight Men
neat site it looks safe for work
The Hair Project
France Queer Resources
Google translate BETA works well on this
la France Gaie et Lesbienne / France QRD
38 proofs of Pythagoras' Theorem. You know I love numbers
Pythagorean Theorem and its many proofs
He invented 'dub'
King Tubby (1941-89). "...King Tubby was an electronics genius, the self-taught master of circuitry and sound, skills learned during his time as a repairman in a culture where poverty dictated that you didn't throw things away if they could be fixed you improvised instead."
King Tubby was murdered during a robbery attempt at his home in Tower Hill, Kingston in 1989. He's one of quite a few Reggae artists who met a violent end.
BBC - Music - Profiles - King Tubby
there is actually some useful informative itmes here
Radio GayCams
A rigorous overhaul of the web site is now underway!
The Prisoner U.S. Home Page The Prisoner is the greatest philosophical series that has hit the airwaves
because its fun
How Teens Still Hack Million-Dollar Security Systems
There are still plenty of poor people
Freezerbox: Poverty Post September 11
Reuters | Breaking News from Around the Globe Today's jelly bean lovers are snacking on new-age flavors such as liver, booger, ear wax and sardines. These magical candies, popularized in the Harry Potter book series and movie, are just some of the new flavors that have been introduced to keep the century-old product jumping off candy shelves.
are you one of the eight?
The Straight Dope: Has 1 in 8 people had sex with an animal?
Tom Brusky's Satire - How Motorists and Police Cars Interact on the Freeway As a motorist on the highway, you can always tell when there's a police car up in front or behind you. Just look for a a huge mass of cars all clumped together like burs on a golden retriever's chest. Somewhere concealed in the middle of that mess is a police car. Chances are you'll eventually become a part of the group, not daring to exceed the officer's speed, but not willing to go any slower. Congratulations! You just qualified to fit the mold! And I'm not talking about a culture of bacteria... although to an officer, your driving habits around his vehicle are about as predictable as bacteria on week-old bread.
Ananova - Couple in hospital after oral sex accident
Mobile Gossip Gossip is not a trivial pastime: it is essential to human social, psychological and even physical well-being. The mobile phone, by facilitating therapeutic gossip in an alienating and fragmented modern world, has become a vital 'social lifeline', helping us to re-create the more natural communication patterns of pre-industrial times.
What's on the To-Do lists of important people?
This week: Queen Elizabeth
The Daily Probe -- Because real news sucks.
go to hell martha
Martha Stewart Living: Quiet Time - Rhino Featured Product
I'm relatively thin, so I've never been a first-hand victim of this particular kind of behavior. But I know it exists.
I witness it all the time. Just yesterday, in the supermarket, I stood behind two teenaged girls whose progress down the cookie aisle was delayed by two fat women shopping together. They giggled. They snickered. They rolled their eyes. One of them finally made an evil comment. OUT LOUD. I was floored.
I held my tongue. But I really wish I'd said something.
Because it amazes me how shitty people can and will be. I'd bet almost any amount of money those two girls would never have been so blatantly disparaging in reference to race or gender or physical disability. But they had absolutely no filter at all when it came to size.
I really do believe size discrimination is the last refuge for Nasty People. Society has severely narrowed their "playing" field; these days they're left with so few public targets. But they still have fat people -- and society, even society that proclaims itself ever so correct, doesn't mind picking on fat people. Not one little bit. In fact, it sanctions it.
And I realize, writing this post, that I'm part of the problem. I would never have stood by quietly if those two girls had been bullying someone over the color of his or her skin. But I let this go. Why?
I don't know. I know I won't again.
airport goons
The Village Voice: Nation: Press Clips: C'est la Vidal by Cynthia Cotts Central Florida News The volume of campaign cash flowing from other states is a measure of how this year's governor's race in Florida has assumed national significance.
NASA wants blacks
The Village Voice: Features: Brothers to Another Planet by Erik Baard
the most expensive butter in the world
d'Isigny Butter, 24 oz- Normandy, France The fame of d'Isigny butter goes back to the 16th century.
i want to order the cute one
Homeland Secuirty Home Page
so next the bois with the baggies will just skip wearn the underwear
yipeeeee! - How low can designers go? All the way to the bottom Airline Security: Stuck on the Runway?
damm i missed this one!
eBay item 1721753767 (Ends Apr-21-02 11:34:11 PDT ) - Whale Penis!
News - AAN: Viagra (Sildenafil) Effective for Erectile Dysfunction in Men with Multiple Sclerosis
American Generations - Cycles in U.S. History
His Greatness Mao
China to Become One of Largest Economies in 50 Years: Supachai
very cool pure hardcore
g g | a l l i n | o n l i n e
Want to find God? Magnetism might provide the answer.
TMS: Twilight Zone Science?
phone phreaks like me are increasingly moving deeper underground
Newhouse A1
its fabulous!
Golden Gate [X]press | God Save the Queens
on your knees!!
Golden Gate [X]press | Big Black Boots
been there done.....
Golden Gate [X]press | Bath House Lover
sad there first and last issue
LiP Magazine Home Page
after being down its back
MarijuanaNews.Com, Freedom has nothing to fear from the truth
hurricane names
very cool! - gig posters, flyers and handbills from around the world!
do you need help?
Pravda.RU Putin to smash skinheads
up in the sky its a...........
Sky and Telescope - A Rare Dance of Planets
can everyone say PLASTIC! | boys
yipeeeee!! Boys of Summer
The Good Drugs Guide
Behind the Name - the Etymology and History of First Names : 'Sexually Enslaved' Gay Inmate Sues A gay black prisoner today sued Texas prison officials for allegedly ignoring his cries for help and allowing him to be repeatedly raped and sexually enslaved by fellow inmates.
while we were busy elsewhere
Paper: IRA rearms with Russian guns
toy piano music
get the cd its great!
what a website-beautiful!
Animal Logic: Australia's visual effects leader - Casket Furniture
do your part die NOW! - The Kill Everyone Project - FEAR EVERY CLICK Common Ancestor, One African "Eve" for All World's People Portrayed In a television documentary scheduled for airing on the Discovery Channel this Sunday, humankind is said to share a common genetic link that can be traced to one woman who lived in Africa more than 150,000 years ago. Using a unique part of human DNA called mitochondrial DNA" which is passed from mother to daughter, "The Real Eve", narrated by actor Danny Glover, tracks the movement of humanity from this common ancestor across geography and millennia. AllAfrica's Charles Cobb Jr. spoke with the film's producer, Paul Ashton.
IHT: Catholics open a debate on gays in priesthood
The Inside Dope on '420' Buzz
Gay rumors resurface against NASCAR driver
Southern Voice
China's Oldest Post Office Found Along Silk Road A letter written about 2,000 years ago and never delivered has provided evidence of China's oldest post office at a historic site near the famous Dunhuang
Mogao Grottos along the ancient Silk Road.
Make Your Own Evil Plan
I like this list
Keepers of Lists - Top 31 Ways To Tell Your Wife You're Gay
your all around super underground guide
hetero goes to a gay bar
Over The Limit - Breaking Boundaries - Fairy Drinks
check out this movie plot!
Hollywood is running out of ideas!
Those Drinky-Drink Kids! Pictures of Drunks
are you mad at Bush?
Bush bumper stickers and t-shirts store
obvious-bigger muscles smaller brains
Over The Limit - Breaking Boundaries - Bigger Muscles, Smaller Brains Pt 2
40% of the world's chocolate is harvested by slaves on African plantations
Chocolate’s dark secret
Duck Fart
Duck Fart Pure Spring Water
-:* Frisco's Kutna Hora - Sedlec Ossuary Page *:- The Sedlec Ossuary (a.k.a. Kostnice) is a small christian chapel decorated with human bones. It's located in Sedlec wich is a suburb in the outskirts of the czech town Kutna Hora. In 1996 I visited the place and fell madly in love with it. - Ecstasy fears based on 'flawed tests'
ArchitectureWeek - News - Glenn Murcutt Pritzker Prize - 2002.0417 Australian architect Glenn Murcutt has been awarded the 26th annual Pritzker Prize. He is internationally known for environmentally sensitive modernist houses that respond to their climate and surroundings in the vast Australian landscape
This is serious!
Stop Policeware - FIGHT THE CBDTPA
Smurfs: Aryan Puppets or Harmless Cartoon Toys? Smurfs: Aryan Puppets or Harmless Cartoon Toys?
I want these!
Meet the Droopners!
ABERCROMBIE & GLITCH / Asian Americans rip retailer for stereotypes on T-shirts
do you like spit...i dont!
i love this guy the slapstick bee from mexican tv.
[ El Chapulin Colorado - Fotos ]
i do like there clothes!
Abercrombie & Fitch
BRIEFLY Canceled: In Milan, Italy, a concert next Tuesday by American singer Mary J. Blige,out of fear of a possible terrorist attack, concert promoter Clear Channel Entertainment said Wednesday.
New ScientistSupercomputer smashes world speed record
OMG see what drugs do?
Yahoo! News - Photo
do you know your company anthem?
ZDNet UK - IT Anthems
Yahoo! News - Florida school board vilifies gays
Lego for adults
Why Bin Laden Is So Hard to Catch
oh no here we go again!
West Palm Beach Channel - Touch-Screens Fail In Wellington Election
Welcome to the Journal of Mundane Behavior
Toto Toilet 5 Toto portable rear-end washer--for the person on the go.
I know here I go with the Ant thing again!
Times Online's gays step out of the closet
The Racial Slur Database
The Memoirs of EleusisThis is the tale of a character named " eleusis". Think of it as a work of fiction in the first person by a humble narrator, and if it seems a bit strange, remember that only the truth itself is stranger than fiction. Eleusis, for those of you unfamiliar, was the name of an ancient Greek city were the Spring Mysteries were held: a city-wide festival where consumption of mind-altering substances was the central activity in a celebration of the return of Spring
The Fairfield County Weekly | News&Commentary
From Hell to Breakfast: Can Rosie Save the Unsaveable?
Celebrity lesbian talk show host focuses on Floridian homophobia and the right to raise a child.
The GULLY | Gay in Fundamentalist Hindu India
The Comedy Machine, Laughter and Fun
"The Big Switch" by Joshua Green The Big Switch
Why Democrats should draft John McCain in 2004--and why he should let them.
The Atlantic | May 2002 | The Marrying Kind | Rauch The Marrying Kind
Why social conservatives should support same-sex marriage
Sunday Herald Why homosexual couples should not have children
Lost art along route 66
Signs of Life on Route 66 - A Photographic Essay
Science News Pot Smokers Often Move to Hallucinogens Arts & Entertainment | Herman Munster, rock god Herman Munster, rock god
In MTV's smash hit "The Osbournes," George W.'s favorite Satan-worshiping metal maniac is just a frazzled, law-abiding dad.
Roll Call: Politics Poll Gives Democrats Hope
Riverfront Times | | News : FeatureWorking for Tips
With wit and banter as sharp as his izmal, Rabbi Mike Rovinsky is a circumcising machine

Reuters Health Information (2002-04-12): Dutch doctor identifies post-orgasmic syndrome
Pubic - Hair Removal Advice
Popular Science | How to Get Monkey Off Your Brain Society has been fighting the plague of addictions without knowing how drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol hot-wire the brain's pleasure response. Now researchers may be closing in on a magic bullet.
Playgirl's Men of Enron - Database for measuring global quality of ecstasy pills
test your personality
Personality tests
'N Sync Poof
Justin admits to a stripper in Des Moines he and Britney broke up. Quit pretending to be straight, stupid teen idol fucker! | Magazine Article | Out of Sync
PCS Electronics - High quality broadcasting exciters for the masses
PCI MAX is a computer card that will change the way you listen to your MP3's or other audio via PC. It will effectively change your PC into a FM radio station. You will be able to play your audio files (CD, wav, MP3, real audio etc.) from your PC through radio waves directly to your household radio receiver in the next room, in the living room, across your yard, in whole block of flats....or for the entire village/small city.
If you are going to pay for an email service than get the best
Nudist World Domination - Home - Hick-Hop Blends Bluegrass and Rap - Boy adopted by chimps [15apr02]
Nature's own antidote to cocaine Nature's own antidote to cocaine
Multilingual Glossary of medical terms Multilingual Glossary of technical and popular medical terms in nine European Languages
Mideast situation has worsened: Erakat - The Times of India
Political cartoons from the Middle East
MEMRI: Cartoons - Page
Medieval black death not bubonic plague
leave them an email when you pass on
Loving Pup, Inc.
tiny tiny tiny digital camera
L'espion Digital Camera
Kathryn Jean Lopez on Gay Adoption on National Review Online Another Divorce? The gay-adoption movement has a familiar ring.
Talivan chat room
Just Another Talib on the IRC
Is the United States a Haven for Torturers? Is the United States a Haven for Torturers? A general convicted of human-rights violations in Haiti is now living in Florida. Activists say he is just one of many who has found sanctuary here. NEWSWEEK tracked the officer down to his new home—and his job at Disney World
Is That Evidence in Your Pants? - Do you have the right to decline a police search on a bus? By Dahlia Lithwick
Inspector Clouseau: How to speak Clouseauese Inspector Clouseau's rules of speech
(How to speak Clouseauese)
Index of /cockrings
Independent Women's Forum - The Women's Quarterly Return of the Guy
Men were pronounced economically and evolutionarily finished in the late 1990s. But Charlotte Allen says that manhood is back in fashion.
If Drugs Were Legal - SeeThru Zine if drugs were legal how would our friends - the multinational pharmaceutical giants - market them to consumers?
How-To: Hack your TiVo! How-To: Hack your TiVo!
Turning your 30GB video recorder into a 138GB monster is simple—but you’ll need a PC to do it!
How to Fight So The Other Guy Goes to Jail (
Headline news from Sky News - Witness the event Are You Allergic To Sex?
Gumball Poetry - Find a machine Where to find a Gumball Poetry Machine.
I want one!
Guerrilla News Network Did Jeb Bush fix the Florida election long before any votes were cast? Did President Bush shut down the FBI, CIA and other intelligence agencies’ investigations into terror networks prior to 9-11, leaving America wide open to the attacks?
In a conversation with GNN Executive Editor Anthony LappĂ©, journalist Greg Palast breaks down two of the biggest scoops you’ve never heard and explains how they, and other groundbreaking stories, are ignored by most mainstream news outlets.
Palast is no conspiracy nut. His special investigations regularly lead the BBC’s Newsnight program.
GN Online: UAE to rebuild Jenin camp Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, State Minister for Foreign Affairs and Chairman of the UAE Red Crescent Society (RCS) yesterday announced that the RCS will reconstruct Jenin camp destroyed by the Israeli occupation forces.
GN Online: Move to boycott American products The American Products Boycott Committee, an offshoot of the Dubai Journalists' Association, is waging a sustained campaign to take the Palestinian cause to the boardrooms of U.S. corporations. - Spotlight News Gay Music: Cheap and Legal
the young persons guide to coming out
Gaydar @
ice and alcohol
Freaky Ice CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The King has been gone for 25 years, but Elvis Presley's phenomenal marketing power has everyone all shook up at the International Home Furnishings Market.
Environment News 14/09/2001 Found! The longest bird penis ever
eBay item 1721816968 (Ends Apr-12-02 18:54:17 PDT ) - BIZARRE 70'S Sex Education For Retarded VHS
Daily news Thursday, April 18, 2002... Log Cabin Republicans gather for national convention
Ants rule! - Researchers find 3,600-mile ant supercolony - April 16, 2002
Chinese President Starts State Visit to Libya
BBC News | MIDDLE EAST | Backpackers baffled by Bethlehem siege
AT&T Labs Interactive TTS Demo Multi-Lingual Text-To-Speech (TTS) from AT&T Labs.
The Art of Architecture
Architecture of the World from Glass Steel and Stone
Ananova - Patient having op on backside breaks wind, causing fire
Patient having op on backside breaks wind, causing fire
AlterNet -- Drug/Terror Ads and Kids Don't Mix Drug/Terror Ads and Kids Don't Mix
ACME License Maker Pretend you're in prison and make a license! : Judge: Put Gays in Mental Institutions Judge: Put Gays in Mental Institutions
Rights Groups File Ethics Complaint Over Judge’s Letter to Newspaper
April 12 — A Mississippi judge has come under fire from gay rights groups after he wrote a letter to a local newspaper saying that gays and lesbians "should be put in some type of mental institute" rather than be given the right to marry.
A primer for the frazzled flier A primer for the frazzled flier
Tips on packing and preparing for air travel in the new era
$325 million: Big win, big problems? - 04/16/02
$325 million: Big win, big problems?
Some lotto winners have seen their luck sour, lives collapse
:: > email > good stuff for bad people (tm) Fucker Email - He's a fucker, she's a fucker, wouldn't you like to be a fucker too?
we drop bombs they starve
The Famine the World Forgot
Worried About the Rent? Charge It Having issued five credit cards for every man, woman and child in the United States, banks are coming up with a new use for that plastic: Charge the rent. : 'Sesame Street' Threatens Lawsuit Over Gay Muppet Rumors Just like Tom Cruise, Muppet stars Ernie and Bert are threatening to sue to prove that they're not gay.
AlterNet -- To Be Gay and Muslim To Be Gay and Muslim
The endangered Palestinian Christian. Beliefnet asks: What next for Palestinian Christians? "Many experts believe Palestinian Christians could largely disappear in the Holy Land within a generation," Deborah Caldwell writes. "They are leaving because of war, job opportunities elsewhere, and the growing population of fundamentalist Muslims."
beliefnet: User
Preparing for a mission from Allah. American men are training in Islamic religious schools to wage a jihad of words, rather than weapons, in the West.
Americans in Yemen enlist for a jihad of words |
Yahoo! News - Photo
Company Reports Edible AIDS Vaccine Milestone
Yahoo! News - Company Reports Edible AIDS Vaccine Milestone
EO News: Terra Satellite Data Confirm Unusually Warm, Dry U.S. Winter - April 8, 2002 Terra Satellite Data Confirm Unusually Warm, Dry U.S. Winter
April 8, 2002 Sex | "May prick nor purse never fail you" "May prick nor purse never fail you"
This weird history of two men's sex clubs in 18th century
smells like shit
Can of Instant Smelly Shit
i dont know which one to pick
Pet costumes for halloween and more. Costumes for dogs and cats.
Roots of Anti-Americanism Public opinion polls show that anti-American sentiment in Russia has reached a level not seen since the days of the Cold War - Researchers: Pill may someday replace exercise - April 11, 2002
Abraham Lincoln's Business Card
An American Time Capsule: Three Centuries of Broadsides and Other Printed Ephemera
now here is where you can purcahse your own underground missle base
Missile Bases :: 20th Century Castles, Unique underground properties.
Home Improvement For Missile Bases
RUSSIA MAKES IT FUNNY who was the first “male prostitute?”
Number of HIV Carriers Hit 850,000 in China Number of HIV Carriers Hit 850,000 in China
Asia Times Online Israel and Palestine: Pawns on the US chessboard?
ya right
BBC News | SHOWBIZ | Michael: My arrest was deliberate Pop singer George Michael has said he thinks he got himself deliberately arrested for lewd conduct in 1998 to try to refocus his life after a string of tragedies.
New Scientist TV makes men hunkier and women chunkier
Awesome radio!
Broadcast out of trailer in Eastern TN
E-Commerce News: On the Internet, It\'s Men Who Shop More On the Internet, It's Men Who Shop More
lick your cigarette Licking the Habit
Who started the crusades? Catholic historian Thomas Madden argues that the crusades "were not the brainchild of an ambitious pope or rapacious knights but a response to more than four centuries of conquests in which Muslims had already captured two-thirds of the old Christian world." Given all the talk about the crusades in the wake of 9-11, an accurate understanding of the history seems important. But is this accurate or just Catholic revisionism?
The Real History of the Crusades
NATIONAL POST ONLINE | News story Colin Powell faced the displeasure of two Arab leaders yesterday: a Saudi Prince who said U.S. credibility was collapsing and the King of Morocco who questioned the focus of the U.S. Secretary of State's peace mission.
bad samaritan : how to: paula poundstone guide to childcare [disclaimer: this column is presented as a public service by the good folks at bad samaritan, who remind you to lock up your daughters--& your sons, for that matter, or, if you can't do that, for god's sake at least educate them in the ways of perversion]
OMG i had a toga party!
caseyporn | photos | toga
I have read most of his writings
Nietzsche: The Gay Science
you mean i can combine all these devices i have into one? yipeeeee!
OJR article: News On the Go
IMFF.NET --> Advocacy How Can I Advocate The Wearing Of Unbifurcated Garments By Men?
The Muppet Movie & The Rainbow Connection
Prosecutor uses anti-gay sex statute to charge six men in prositution case Prosecutor uses anti-gay sex statute to charge six men in prositution case
porn in Palestine
A Texas NBC affilliate has a fun online archive of stories in which they test bizarre products.
NBC 9 - News
Nambla unearthed... Watch out gay community - you'll soon be under attack (once again) and for all the wrong reasons. An association that was initially intended to be an outreach program to young gay men - and was instantly iconoclized (?) into the realm of socially deviant folklore is the foucs of the current Catholic Priest Witchunt. I'm not sure what angers me more... the fact that priests violated the sanctity of their religion (i.e. trust in a relationship) or the fact that EVERYONE KNOWS THIS HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR YEARS!! Come on, you KNOW you've been joking about priests and boys since before high school.
Priest spoke at man-boy love meeting
women who rape
Woman sentenced for corruption of minor.
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YPL Insensitivity Cards -- when you care to be brutally honest.
sissy boys
Mommy's Darling
the list of popes
I tried to make it through a Queer As Folk episode. This is the show about gay people who have gay sex and talk about their gayness in between eating gay food and working at their gay jobs. It sucks. It depicts gay people in the same way the average UPN sitcom mirrors the rich tapestry of African-American life.
After seeing two installments of Six Feet Under, however, I now know why everyone's raving. Wow, what an excellent show. And the gay stuff is handled much better than that stinky QAF. I'll have to rent the inevitable first season DVDs when they come out.
the new slang
In Times of Terror, Teens Talk the Talk (
human clinical trials are beginning in the USA to determine the potential of med pot
YES human clinical trials in the USA
The Sacramento Bee -- -- Smoking out pot's medical potential
Tick-Tock Atomic Clock Scientists are building atomic clocks that keep time with mind-boggling precision. Such devices will help farmers, physicists, and interstellar travelers alike.
a new form a segregation? - Father: Separate School Bathrooms For Lesbians
i want one and it glows in the dark!
Heavenly Dolls Company | dolls, religious dolls, jesus doll, christmas dolls | Littleton, Colorado
the whitey store (not whitey from Leave It To Beaver)
The Fighting Whites Official Homepage
Select an image file of someone's face to upload. This file will then be morphed with an ass.
The Ass Morpher
Mandela attacks Mbeki's failure to recognise nation's Aids crisis
Independent News
It's heritage not hate
Constitution of the Confederate States of America
no wonder no one wants to teach
Kids go on playground rampage, 18 injured - Buying binge could cost Corporate America $1T As if investors needed more bad news, the greatest corporate confession of all time is about to begin.
Dozens of once-hyper-acquisitive companies are expected to admit publicly in coming days that they gambled and lost billions on big deals executed at the height of the bull market.
and here is another money making offer
Las Vegas SUN: Cash Offered for Dead Westerners
feel free to copy and past these rules of the baths
The Rules of the Baths brought to you by FLEX Baths.
This is really creepy!
Does anyone else remember "The Day After", the 1983 made-for-TV movie about a full-scale nuclear war and its aftermath precipitated by (among other things) an Isreali invasion of the West Bank?
The Day After
prom night is coming up isnt it?
Classic Mayan Beauty Tips
check out the wallpaper
Welcome to Timothy Patrick Butler's!
His greatness Mao
Stefan Landsberger's Chinese Propaganda Poster Pages
your guide to gay food
What Is Queer Food? - Notes on camp cuisine. By David Mehnert
I think this may be one of the many reasons why there is a nursing shortage Nursing Bulletin Board - What freaks you out?
here in the UK we have to put up with crappy shows that go on forever!
does this look really gay?
Yahoo! News - Photo
want to earn $2500.00 a day? and no its not SPAM
do you care?
I really dont like his looks or his films
But than again i have never seen a movie with Tom Cruise so i cannot judge his work in the cine.
BBC News | SHOWBIZ | Cruise gay claims dropped
UTAH? for medical pot?
Utahns for Compassionate Use
very strange
the last television ads of enron
Enron R.I.P.
Ozzy rules! now raise your lighter and light it
BBC News | TV AND RADIO | Ozzy Osbourne 'invited to White House'
i'm hooked and i can relate
Yahoo! News - "The Osbournes" Rule Cable
oh come on the ONLY excitement with the new baseball season are those baseball uniforms
The Village Voice: Sports: Uni Watch: Socks Finally Win One by Paul Lukas
Boot camps 'only make young thugs bolder'
this one makes me think of those daytime shows were they send the teenage trashy girl/boy and how they suddenly are sweet loving kids when they return to the tv set...ya right!
Times Online
lets do a sing a long
Looney Lyrics
he is AWESOME!
Hamilton Bohannon Page
dont you think its worth the investment? - The Age -
his greatness Mao
President Jiang Inspects Birthplace of New China
Project has Muscovites going 'round and 'round | MOSCOW – A factory that used to build supersecret armaments for the Soviet military has been handed a new mission: to construct the world's largest Ferris wheel – with a mini-bar and washroom in every car – and erect it on a hill overlooking downtown Moscow.
CWF Home Page.jpg
i want one! T-shirts
what fun!
Modified Magazine Covers
more on this subject
Kandahar's Lightly Veiled Homosexual Habits
does anyone care?
BBC News | SCI/TECH | Forest survey shows big holes Large expanses of the world's forests are in rapid decline and could be lost much sooner than expected,
from the empire that was Russia
The Empire That Was Russia: The Prokudin-Gorskii Photographic Record Recreated (A Library of Congress Exhibition)
important announcement!
AMA - Important News Release
remember this mag?
1953 He Magazine Article Pages 1 and 2
"Peter Panties" Home Page
probably the website is better than the film
the Bare Dick Project
What's Your Fetish?
Stanford sleep experts treat medical condition behind violent 'sleep sex'
AP Wire | 04/01/2002 | FDA: Farm's eggs with antibodies should be regulated as drugs
FFS Index Facial Feminization Procedures
If passing is your goal, one of the most important things to consider is facial feminization surgery.
Is Milton Berle's penis - fact or fiction?
Child porn erotica has artistic merit? Amazingly, a Canadian judge says yes, citing the works of de Sade as an example. In some respects, he's right: Both French revolutionary writing and Victorian porn is loaded with what would be consider child porn today and both are still available in the used book market and in reprinted editions. At least someone's acknowledging the slippery slope.
Yahoo! News - Court ruling that child sex stories have artistic merit sparks anger in Canada
Popular Hotel Chain Closes Doors to Public for Sex Bash -- 03/28/2002
Belated Honor for Gay Teachers Expelled in 1960
porno games
Naughty Pixel's AVGPA!
Vaccine hope for cocaine addicts
Times Online
The Bible Bar, one of the greatest new products ever introduced to the Christian market. This fantastic-tasting, all natural whole food bar contains the seven foods which the Lord calls good in Deuteronomy 8:8, Wheat, Barley, Honey, Figs, Olive Oil, Grapes and Pomegranates.
everything you wanted to know?
Penis Research: All Things Penis
some new preverted childrens books
Something Awful
Gay Sesame Street?
Female or Shemale. A photo quiz from B3ta.
Saddam is Gay?
Weekly World News
Every house in the world will have access to free energy in 2003
Off the Beaten Path News
Playgirl offers men of Enron chance to pose nude
you so smart!
Marijuana’s impact on intelligence
not enough of them as far as i am concerned
deadmalls DOT com
Willamette Week Online | Culture COLUMN | Gays Gone Wild!
Independent News Don't always trust what they tell you in the war on terror