stop masturbating with Jesus
holiday disaster sex stories
The Village Voice: Hot Spot: Savage Love by Dan Savage
Afghan situation very similar to Soviet occupation 20 years ago
The US has not won any war in Afganistan
Toronto Sun Columnist: Eric Margolis
Make sure your daughter (or suspiciously effeminate son) end up in therapy with a call from Barbie.
Barbie Call Time™ – It’s Barbie® Calling!
John from pip printing will be there
(he has so much money)
Wired 10.12: Rebuilding Tomorrowland
alien drag queen Toys & Games: E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial Deluxe Figure: E.T. Dressed as Girl
His Greatness Mao
Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | N Korea threatens to 'destroy world'
icTeesside - Sick websites offer recipes for rape drug
Toledo's Longfellow Elementary students can cast their ballot on whether a particular girl is gay.
Death on the Installment Plan
Medical neglect, chronic disease, a hepatitis epidemic. Some Colorado prisoners pay for their crimes with their lives.
Westword | | News : Feature
Fuck Bush Online Newsletter fuck Bush fuck Cheneu Fuck Supreme Court Fuck Senate
TreeHouse Workshop
sex toys for animals. - Wild Things by Grant Stoddard
Outsmart your mechanic with new sensor that tells you what's going on under your car's hood
TechTV | First Look: DriveRight Carchip
Joseph Christian Leyendecker Artist Registry Joseph Christian Leyendecker was the most out front closeted gay man of the twentieth century
vacation for the new year?
how about Iraq?
Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | Johann Hari reports on his package tour to Iraq.
MDN: WaiWai Pre-school children are playing with themselves to an unprecedented degree and showing an inordinate amount of interest in sex while young childcare workers are at a loss over what to do about it,
its time for those best of the year stuff - Best Inventions
UPDATE - Ford targets rich gay market for Jaguar cars
could come in handy
Modern Drunkard Index
gonna find out who's the nice
wierd food
The Wonders of Canned Foods
i want the real thing
Lapd WebStore
You've Got Sex You've Got Sex
Or rather, dear America Online, you had it. But as the suits at Time Warner prudishly looked away, you squandered your lead as the nation's leading purveyor of dirty chat.
ScienceDaily News Release: Stock Market Crashes Are Predictable, Major Decline Is Coming In 2003 And 2004, Says UCLA Physicist
White Trash Xmas
xy magazine....what fun!
xy | home
A solar powered battery charger from Violetta that, with a USB adapter, can temporarily power any gadget with a USB port. Only available in Japan, but they will ship overseas
USB Power Adaptor
Davey & Goliath Quicktimes!
just clik the face
inter - Face
Within 25 years, we’ll reverse-engineer the brain and go on to develop superintelligence. Extrapolating the exponential growth of computational capacity (a factor of at least 1000 per decade), we’ll expand inward to the fine forces, such as strings and quarks, and outward. Assuming we could overcome the speed of light limitation, within 300 years we would saturate the whole universe with our intelligence.
New Tax Plan May Bring Shift In Burden ( As the Bush administration draws up plans to simplify the tax system, it is also refining arguments for why it may be necessary to shift more of the tax load onto lower-income workers.
Roll Call: Current News When Senators and their aides tune in to Channel 5 on the chamber's internal television system each morning, they normally get a replay of the previous night's edition of "Nightline" or a dry tutorial on parliamentary procedure conducted by the Congressional Research Service.
But on the morning of Dec. 6, two Capitol Police officers noticed something quite different emanating from Channel 5 and making its way to all Senate offices: a pornographic movie.
world peace keepers?
JCPenney department
work for a company?
the forensics software on display at this year's Infosecurity 2002 tradeshow is enough to spook corporate employees everywhere.
Wired News: Tech Sniffs Employee Offenders
type in any word/name/website and see what happens
buy books?
protect yourself
American Civil Liberties Union : ACLU of WA Offers Free Legal Advice to Booksellers on Protecting Customers' Privacy
Many observers (even Jerry Falwell) expect the court to reverse Bowers and hold that state laws against sodomy violate the Constitution's right of privacy. What will happen if it does?
oh oh
Japan’s economy at risk of collapse
oh yaaaaa!!
MALE MODELS - Male Supermodels, Nudes, Athletes, Amateurs
His greatness Mao
Oh no!
Am I in trouble!
Sunday Herald
A South Florida man is in custody, charged with molesting a 17-year-old, in the guise of teaching him a religious ritual. - News - Police: Man Used Santeria As Sex Assault Ploy
What Is Sodomy? By Brendan I. Koerner
this is what a @ is called French put a name to the @ sign
here is the ad
that all the flap is about
Commercial Closet
The Data Lounge Fundamentalists Losing Favor with Public
Friends of Liberty - ST. LOUIS MAN CLAIMS RUSH LIMBAUGH AFFAIR (Breaking Hard, ho ho...)
This French Shockwave game requires your spacebar, CTRL key, and arrow keys to play. It also helps if you have deeply rooted anger caused by repressed homosexual urges
uzinagaz naturel biologique et chimique
New Scientist
Reversible male contraceptive deforms sperm
Weekly World News
Metroactive News & Issues | Wardriving All it takes is a laptop, a Pringles can, a WiFi card and some shareware, and you could be on the Internet from your car for free : FBI Informer Ran Drug Gang, Lawyer Says
biblical curse generator
Ship of Fools: the Magazine of Christian Unrest
"Despite what MADD propaganda would have you believe, in 1996 only .0000143 percent of the American population was killed in so-called "alcohol related" motor vehicle accidents where someone had a blood alcohol content as high as 0.10% . Government statistics indicate that each year more people die as a result of accidental drowning in America than die in low BAC related motor vehicle accidents. A recent study at a major U.S. university found that low BAC drinking drivers pose far less danger to public safety than do non-drinking drivers who have sleep apnea. In fact, your chances of being killed as a direct result of medical malpractice is 28 times higher than your chances of being killed in a motor vehicle accident involving a low BAC driver.

Despite the extremely low statistical threat to public safety posed by low BAC drinking drivers, more than 600,000 low BAC drivers are arrested and convicted for "drunk driving" in America each year.

Once arrested these otherwise law-abiding citizens are subjected to imprisonment; forced to pay huge fines and court costs; forced to pay the costs of probation; suffer unjust property forfeitures; forced to attend political re-education camps; subjected to psychological testing; forced to engage in involuntary forced labor; suffer government sponsored public humiliation; suffer the loss of driving privileges; suffer loss of respect for the courts and their government; suffer the loss of their jobs; their self esteem; and the destruction of their families.
This unfortunate state of affairs has been foisted upon America by an anti-alcohol, political action organization known as Mothers Against Drunk Driving, (MADD)."
DUI Gulag...MADD's political agenda to force prohibition
Gary's Mountain Inn - Pot Stickers - Marvel Comics to unveil gay gunslinger - Dec. 9, 2002
Is this safe for work?
Male Models on
Male Underwater Reference Guide
now you can go to cracker barrel - Spotlight News
Critics fear law for gays will muzzle preachers -- The Washington Times Pennsylvania Gov. Mark Schweiker yesterday signed legislation that gives homosexuals statewide legal protection from verbal harassment and hate crimes — a move that critics argue targets church leaders who preach against the homosexual lifestyle.
That's one very old dildo -
RadioShack Ends Long-Standing Tradition of
Asking for Names, Addresses at Checkout
RadioShack Press Release
they dont like us - Survey of 44 nations shows growing discontent over U.S. - Dec. 4, 2002
the NBA logo man - Page2 - Don't (Lo)go West, young man
Many Americans – and most notably gay Americans – are not aware that the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 1986 that consenting adults have no constitutional right to private "homosexual sex." - Spotlight News - The latest in Self Relief Urological Technology! The Whose Poopy Is It is exactly what you think it is. It's a pouch that comes from a medical manufacture and attaches to your ass with a light adhesive! OUCH! The Whose Poopy Is It allows you to shit wherever you want!
take the loser test
hee hee - The Loser Test
very cool!
Plumb Design Visual Thesaurus
Straight Married (to a Woman) Boy Scout leader faces charges that he fondled at least three members of his troop and showed them gay pornographic photos. Good thing he wasn't gay.
Fla. Boy Scout Leader Faces Sex Charges
this sorta made me dizzy
watch what you say to people Jury convicts suspect of trying to rape nonexistent 10-year-old Jury convicts suspect of trying to rape nonexistent 10-year-old | GOP Ready To Flex Conservative Agenda
Welcome To Kerry's TV Mask & Lycra Home Page
The Why women can’t read maps
The high incidence of male autism reveals basic mental differences between the sexes, says Rod Liddle
Homophobia and Islamic fundamentalism
the hungry and starving in the USA
Ventura County Star: National
a very long articcle in esquire magazine bust the gist of it is:
tTe former head of Bush's Office of Faith-Based Programs blasts the White House as having practically no interest or expertise in making sound social policy: "on social policy and related issues, the lack of even basic policy knowledge, and the only casual interest in knowing more, was somewhat breathtaking." DiIulio may have a bit of an ax to grind here, but it is still a fascinating look inside the Bush policy-making apparatus.
Esquire:Feature Story:The DiIulio Letter
United Press International: Gateway effect of marijuana doubted
Marijuana's distant relative may be the next prozac
Dan Savage can be (and has been) called a fag, a homo, a sissy boy and even a pervert. But he can never be called an adulterer. And, for some reason, this dismays him.
CityBeat: The Sins of the Father (2002-11-21)
thank you very much SIR!
Anti Humanity - Full Metal Jacket Sounds Page
Mercury News | 11/30/2002 | Bold technology predictions for 2012
007's unsafe sex
Times Online
Penises have higher bandwidth than cable
I thought the "pool" of avaliables was getting larger
A recent nationwide survey shows that a larger proportion of men say they are having sex with other men than in the 1980s,
Reuters | Latest Financial News / Full News Coverage
A British Army recruiting team in Fiji has discovered a bizarre sexual practice among many of the men trying to sign up.
Doctors who do check-ups on applicants are finding many of them have sewn marbles under the skin of the penis, apparently to heighten sensations during sex.
Fiji's marble marvel revealed -
i want one
Yahoo! News - World Photos - AP
Sandals & Socks 4 Ever [sandalinto.swi]
Bad news for HIV-vaccines?
need some neato gift ideas?
Scientific American: Top SciTech Gifts 2002
know your signs
Gang Hand Signs
this should not be to hard to do
the clothes are crappy
it all looks like the same stuff row after row after row after row News | Asian workers call for U.S. Gap boycott
Remembering Our Dead: An online memorial to honor "those who were killed due to anti-transgender hatred or prejudice."
Remembering Our Dead
Stanley Kurtz on Gores & Gay Marriage on National Review Online The Coming Battle Gay marriage set to become an issue like never before.
DigitalPriest.Com: OJ Stupid: Bush's Iraq Gambit The flag-waving chorus of post-9|11 nationalism has provided Bush and Rove the perfect atmosphere to run their little hustle, rushing us headlong into a "war" with Saddam Hussein with a very sudden urgency that just happens to coincide with the November elections. And, sadly, we, as a nation, are not calling him on this. His approval rating remains sky high and House Minority Leader Dick Gephardt, kicking off his '04 White House run, sold us all out by cutting a secret deal with Rove & Co. that will have the Democrats— and I am dizzy with disbelief about this— voting for Bush's obscene rush to Baghdad. This president fills me with anxiety about both his motives and his competence. That no one can see this emperor is down to his boxer shorts, if not completely naked, fills me with dread. I desperately fear this man, and I desperately fear the equally clueless country that supports him.
Forget Iraq, the country in desperate need of regime change is the USA.
On Friday nights, prisoners across Texas tune in to hear the voice of a gay ex-con and -- just maybe -- a message from home. | News
The leader of a dominant empire threatens preemptive war against a nation he describes as a threat to civilization, and calls on the leaders of subordinate states to fall in line or face the consequences. Prague, 2002 AD or Persia, 480 BC? | News
Oh say can you see
By the TVs blue light
When democracy failed
And Wall St was scheming
The Jail strips and iron bars
Left the ghettos in scars
From our sofas we watched
As the nation was screaming
And the missiles red glare
Star wars nukes in the air
If you’re not rich and white
Then your rights are stripped bare
Oh say will that blood-spattered
Dollar still reign
In the land of corporate greed
And the home of the slave.

The Bush Administration has warned Canada formally through diplomatic channels that unless Canada reverses the alleged "reform" efforts and adopts Americas zero tolerance policy that trade sanctions including a travel ban on Canadian hockey teams might result.
have you seen this? Video Player: Beer Stand
(if you or whomever has a tiny one)
Minicondom: original minicondom joke
Nazi Persecution of Homosexuals 1933-1945
Out In The Workplace: From The Tampa Tribune
Gay Erotic Video Index
you are under my control!
got man tit? Welcomes You!
The "next generation" of DVDs, able to hold almost six times as much information as current standard discs, has been unveiled by major technology companies.
The new format, the Blu-ray Disc, will store more than 13 hours of film, compared with the current limit of 133 minutes,
BBC News | NEW MEDIA | Next generation DVD born
people vomiting
The Great Chunder Page - Picture Gallery
holiday shopping?
museum of wierd consumer culture
the myth of the gay-friendly GOP
The Village Voice: Features: Richard Goldstein: Cheap Lay
do you sit or stand to pee?
Backpage Article Display
have you seen this ad?
Commercial Closet
Restore Foreskin and Enjoy Lovemaking Better !
part of the new homeland security
The Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency - If TiVo Thinks You Are Gay, Here's How to Set It Straight
just click it (quicktime required)
Apple - Switch - Ads - Jeremiah Cohick

"If the Homeland Security Act is not amended before passage, here is what will happen to you:
Every purchase you make with a credit card, every magazine subscription you buy and medical prescription you fill, every Web site you visit and e-mail you send or receive, every academic grade you receive, every bank deposit you make, every trip you book and every event you attend — all these transactions and communications will go into what the Defense Department describes as "a virtual, centralized grand database."
To this computerized dossier on your private life from commercial sources, add every piece of information that government has about you — passport application, driver's license and bridge toll records, judicial and divorce records, complaints from nosy neighbors to the F.B.I., your lifetime paper trail plus the latest hidden camera surveillance — and you have the supersnoop's dream: a "Total Information Awareness" about every U.S. citizen.
This is not some far-out Orwellian scenario. It is what will happen to your personal freedom in the next few weeks if John Poindexter gets the unprecedented power he seeks"
Someone finally said it........................
In Alabama, a judge posted the Ten Commandments in his courthouse. But did he even post the right 10?
TAP: Web Feature: Number Crunching. by David L. Englin. November 21, 2002.
sex laws
Sex Laws
holiday shopping? | Your Online Source For Everything Evil (TM)
save the raves
ACLU -- Legislative Alerts and Updates
want some cute boys?
the bush FAMILY VALUES photo album
Bush Family Values Photo Album
Neal Pollack on The Bachelor: "But to me, the show's unique appeal comes down to this: Who among us haven't dreamt of being made love to in a cheesy pre-fab Aspen condo by an intellectually-stunted, socially-coddled mama's boy?"
Neal Pollack's The Maelstrom
"Hot n Hung" police officer fired for being male escort. | Bridgeport police fire officer who appeared on Web site
your blind and you dont like dogs
get a horse
Guide Horse Foundation for the blind using miniature horse
need cash? kill animals in your state legally
Animal Protection Institute - State Wildlife Bounty Laws
"A wired house." Everything from toilet flushes and water temp to when the mailman came is kept track of. the cat even has its own page of being tracked. - A wired house
THE CHAOS OF CAIRO . A city of 20 million packed within 214 square kilometres -- twice the land of Richmond proper with 100 times the population. My impressions of the snarl and chaos and energy of Cairo almost all involve walking the unwalkable city expanse: paralyzed at a sidewalk crossing facing eight lanes of cars on a four lane road; elbowing my way onto a subway car packed thicker than any I've experienced in New York; choking on sand, dust and fumes crossing the Nile.
Al-Ahram Weekly | Living | The big squeeze
the white paper
the new sexual laws (in UK)
spiked-liberties | Article | Blunkett under the blanket
gender bending of celebrities | Photoshop Contests
the drug war clock
War On Drugs Clock
did you vote republican? News | 1 million people to lose unemployment benefits
National Story - network
49ers halfback Garrison Hearst takes a shot at gays: "Aww, hell no! I don't want any faggots on my team . . . I don't want any faggots in this locker room."
San Francisco Examiner
aint sexy to me Sex | Ben Affleck sexy?
scroll down near to the bottom and create your dream
The "Don Wand" Custom Pyrex Glass Dildo from Clear Ecstasy is the Best Value Double Head Glass Dong Available.
pyrex sex toys
Clear Ecstasy Sells Quality Artistic Pyrex Glass Dildos, Dongs, Sex Toys, Anal Probes, Butt Plugs, Phallus, Marital Aids, And Glass Dildo.
Botox Treatment May Hold Unknown Dangers
-- Discovery Health Channel -- botox, skin
Places the United States has Bombed
are you a pedophile?
Test yourself
for your next s&m party
Lavender Magazine: (What To Do) If the Cops Show Up
do you swallow?
The Tufts Daily
hoax or real?
Hoax Photo Test: Level One
man burns penis with laptop
The Register
is this why pip boy and Jake are crazy?
New Scientist
Gay Retirement Homes On The Horizon For Aging Gays - Story Archives
TV night or a drag show? Gay retirement homes are starting to open as the Stonewall Generation grows old. A study by the Brookdale Centre on Ageing at Hunter College in New York found that fewer than one in five elderly gays have a life partner and only one in ten has children | Retirement communities
Bozo Records
CD sales are down because of pirating? Oh really? Maybe the downdraft is because most of the pop music out is JUNK!
Times Online
pot smoker of the month
article - with drug testing, you are not the bad guy!
According to a Showtime/MTV document leaked on the Internet, the first 24-hour gay and lesbian television network in the United States may be ready for prime time this spring. News | Opinion | How my gay 'brother' helped me to be a better man
Too tired for sex? It's your lifestyle - NOV 18, 2002
The Nazis developed a cocaine-based drug to boost the performance of their soldiers in combat during World War II and tested it on prisoners in 1944
Nazis developed drug for super-soldiers -
remember anita bryant
Stories and Songs
CHRONICLE PROFILE / Jack Thompson / Teen's journey to transgender identity / Berkeley student, born a girl, now sees himself as boy named Jack
The Truth About Condoms The earliest known illustration of a man using a condom during sexual intercourse is painted on the wall of a cave in France. It is 12,000-15,000 years old - White House Wages Stealth War on Condoms The government is waging a covert war on condoms.
the gay 90's
NEWCITYCHICAGO.COM: Street Smart Chicago
How To Shoot Heroin
Flirting with Hitler
Gothic is a way of dressing, a taste in music, a style. But in Germany - at the extreme fringes - it has also become the point at which neo-Nazism and Satanism meet.
Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Flirting with Hitler
there is an unacknowledged reason why some males don't go to college—rampant anti-male feminism has made college campuses a place where many males feel unwanted and unwelcome. To use a feminist term, our universities have become "hostile environments" for young men.
Why Males Don't Go to College - Man Slashed In Fight Over Who Has Hairiest Buttocks
Public Policy - "In Cuba, HIV Entails Quarantine No More"
man panties, Because Men Deserve Nice Undies Too!
catch the terrorist boardgame
Anyone for 'Catch the Terrorist'?
The global anti-McDonalds 'slow food' movement
Atlantic Unbound | Interviews | 2002.11.14
Why I dislike Yahoo Groups (and yahoo in general)
Do you sometimes feel like someone is tracking every site you visit on the internet? Do you find that your email spam is eerily targeted to your current interests? Do you use Yahoo? There might be a connection. Yahoo is now using "Web Beacons" to track Yahoo Group users around the net. They collect your IP address and cookie set information to monitor your activities. They promise in their privacy policy not to sell the information, but they say they may "share" it. You might want to take a look at their updated privacy statement:
About halfway down the page in the section "Outside the Yahoo network," you will see a small "click here" that will let you opt out of their new method of snooping. I recommend doing this. Be careful: On the next screen is a button that will "undo" the opt-out if you click on it.
Lonely Planet World Guide | Destination Netherlands | Introduction In a country where you can get a sex change on the national health scheme, and where Hilde and her two dads can share a joint to celebrate that she likes boys too, why does the washing up always get done straight after dinner? The Netherlands has managed to combine liberal attitudes with one of the most orderly societies on earth, in a community that manages to be radical and sensible without being silly or staid. The Dutch aren't bogged in their clichés, even though bikes, dykes, windmills and blazing flower fields are pretty much the norm outside the major cities.
The 2002 Ultimate Space Holiday Gift Guide
I ran across this page and found it to be pretty funny its not in English, but there's no need to read it just look at the pictures. Basically people get drunk, pass out and these guys decorate them. - Das Original
The Divine Metaphor: God began Creation by Masturbation
Boonana McDamn is a single mother of five whose main interests in life are sex, drugs, and getting her job back at Wendy's. You may have trouble reading some of these diary entries because of her thick accent.
Boonana McDamn's LiveJournal
Rocking horse - toilet
:: :: SimonSwears ::
Phallix Blown Glass Erotica 100% Hand Blown Functional Erotic Glass Art
Clean Sheets Erotica Magazine Scientists have discovered a way to create functional penile tissue out of a man's own cells,
Yahoo! News - British Study Warns of Health Danger of Cannabis
what causes your skin color?
Skin Online Extra @ National Geographic Magazine
Phallic Representations images
Reuters | Breaking News from Around the Globe A temple built by the Roman emperor Hadrian to honour the death of his young male lover and lost to the world for almost 2,000 years has unexpectedly come to light.
OK - I did it. I bought a copy of The National Enquirer. Granted it was almost midnight so my defenses were lowered. But I bought it just so I could give you, dear reader, the scoop on the cover story – the one that claims the snipers secret gay life made them kill.

First there’s not much proof of a gay relationship between the man and the boy he passed off as a son. No one every saw them having sex in the steam room of the YMCA where they worked out. They didn’t hold hands walking down the street or have a gay power bumper sticker on the green car they used. The tabloid claims investigators ‘know’ there’s a sexual relationship between the teen and the older man. If true, that makes John Muhammad a pedophile and John Lee Malvo a victim.

Second, there’s no connection between the headline claim (gay relationship made them kill) and the actual story. None. Nada. OK – you might expect a causal relationship between being gay and killing people. But it isn’t in the story. Which makes sense because (a) pedophiles that prey on young men don’t usually go around killing people at random and (b) gay people in general don’t go around killing people at random. If we did, we would not need hate crimes legislation.

At most, The Enquirer can allege that John Muhammad is a pedophile that hated America and may have received support from some in the Muslim community. But there’s little support in the article – or real life – that either of these men are gay or that being gay had anything to do with the terrible criminal charges they now face.

So now you now the whole story and you don’t have to go to the market and buy The National Enquirer and have your significant other look at you as if you are crazy so you have to sneak the paper home like it is some kind of dirty book. I’ve saved you $($2.49 if you live in Canada or pay with Canadian money).

As for me, I going to sneak a look at the real news in that nasty tabloid – something about Eric Roberts gay bashing a cute gay guy at a Hollywood gym .
Sex Urged for More Productivity
Reuters | The World's Leading Provider of Financial Information and News
The real Slim Shady
You’ve only heard half the Eminem story — until now.
The real Slim Shady (Metro Times Detroit) - News - Jails Facing High Inmate Medical Costs
ABC plans gay sitcom
ABC plans gay sitcom ABC plans gay sitcom
The male contraceptive pill is 100% effective and will be available in 2005. - Male birth control pill
How did America Online become the bathhouse of the Internet? Size matters.
Salon Technology | You've got male
"The American people just don't have a clue as to what's coming."
Kurt Nimmo: Bush's Judges
i see you too!
Monmonier, Eleven Ways You Are Being Watched
TATTOOS TATTOOS: Recognition and Interpretation
bored with your "youve got mail" sound?
Funny Mail Sounds---Free Downloads In Real Audio .wav! You Got Mail, In Lots Of Comedy Versions! Computer pranks, Humour funnies, AOL, america online, wave, fun
Small charms are worn by boys and men on a waist-string under the clothes, off-center from the penis, in the hope that they will attract and absorb any magical injury directed toward the generative organs: Penis Amulets
Penis Amulets
Convicts Reunited This website is for Convicts and Ex-convicts who have either lost contact with old prison inmates or are maybe looking for fellow cons to see what they are up to after prison. Visible again, too, are men with their ashna, or beloveds: young boys they have groomed for sex.
Home Makes your ass "KISSIN' SWEET" Think about it. If there were an explosion in London, followed by another in New York with a grand finale in Tokyo, there would be world panic. The markets would tank; people would pull their money out of banks; consumer confidence would fall and the global economy would enter deep recession.
duh! Technology | Voting into the void New touch-screen voting machines may look spiffy, but some experts say they can't be trusted.
the next AIDS?
Germs develop a deadly defense
dont you just love this movie from 1982?
Beastmaster Fan Page
Why can’t straight professional athletes stomach that gay men can play sports just as well as they can? Maybe it’s because the size of the equipment isn’t enlarged by exercise. Are gay men not to be trusted to keep the little secrets seen in the showers?
Locker room envy ... a exclusive
His Greatness Mao
Forget the doomsayers, China will become the next tech titan.
Red Star Rising
As you see the Salvation Army kettles at your local shopping areas this holiday, remember that Salvation Army is a religious organization that accepts tax dollars toward probably-wonderful charitable work, and has gone to court numerous times and made quiet deals with the president to defend its right to refuse to hire GLBT people. : White House Rejects Salvation Army Proposal
where are the men????
Ecstasky - world's first lingerie airline, free secure online booking - service to las vegas, the sexy city
If we Americans are split into two meaningful camps, it is not conservative versus liberal. The two camps are the politically awake and the hypnotized.
AlterNet: How to Break the American Trance
just type in any word and it will generate an advertising slogan
I Can't Believe It's Not The Advertising Slogan Generator!
why so many gay men hunger to see naked straight guys
The Shocking Truth: Anti-masturbation equipment
the other side of jeff stryker
LGCMA-Jeff Stryker
were running out of oil
we are quickly approaching the end of the oil age
Oil & Gas Journal - current petroleum, power and energy news and technology
do your own DNA testing at home
CATGee - Your DNA in a tin!
Norwegian penis ring can replace Viagra
Aftenposten Nettutgaven, Local
boys boys boys boys boys boys
more boys
Babyface Boys Free Gay Adult Links, Movies and Pictures
A Mind of Its Own: A Cultural History of the Penis
Guardian Unlimited Books | Review | Review: A Mind of Its Own by David M Friedman
it is not your typical anti-bush article
Bush Lies, Media Swallows
the biggest dik?
Earth Erotica Photography by Heather Firth
can i trade my house with you? - Spotlight News
one of the best screensavers
When you tire of SceneSaver's included images use your own! Tell SceneSaver which folder contains the images you wish to use and SceneSaver handles the rest. You can even include all the sub-folders of a specific folder! This is perfect when you have thousands of images
clear transparent latex
the history of banned rock and roll
_banned rock and roll - classicbands.com_
how young is to young?
The world wide age of Consent
travel to space for $15,000 in the very near future
BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Fresh hopes for budget space trips
the secret books
The Secret Books
songs of the stoners
Pot Culture | Select Discography
Gay in the NFL Sports Columnists
RIP Harry
NOT YOUR AVERAGE GENDER-BENDER:as a young man radical gay-rights activist Harry Hay used fashion as a political statement when it was still dangerous to do so.
News and Features | The real Harry Hay
get them at your grocery store
Cape Times - Magic mushrooms legal, but only when fresh
do these look gay to you?
French Uniforms 1889
When I ask the Marines if they've seen anything weird, they laugh sheepishly, looking at each other. Finally, Sgt. Josh Westbrook, who sports a forearm tattoo of flaming baby heads, steps up. "They know they're being watched," he explains, "so they'll stare at you, and while they stare at you, they'll, uh, masturbate."
Copy: Guantanamo's Unhappy Campers
the deviants dictionary
Deviants' Dictionary: Index
bondage victims
BostonCuir's Bondage Victim Archives
just in time for the holidays play with santas balls
Santa Balls
i want this
EE Times - Quantum encryption secures high-speed data stream
you want to be on MTV's show CRIBS?
Rock And Roll Confidential
U.S. government's FDA approves easy-to-use 20-minute HIV test
Health - network
The inability for boys to express their feelings could lead to troublesome behavior
Body and Mind (110602)
have parkinsons? know someone that does?
take ecstasy
New Scientist
what i am reading Explore similar items
i am reading this too Books: Hitler and the Power of Aesthetics
want a total man?
Buff Tanner - Total Man
oh thats why you are so bitchy! - Men May Have Reason To Be Grumpy
police auctions online
Police Auctions - Repossessed and Confiscated Items for Auction -
are you crazy?
maybe this is why
BBC NEWS | Health | Cannabis link to schizophrenia
oh ya oh ya!!

You've probably heard in the news that people are trying to hack into vulnerable wireless networks (both personal and corporate), and that they do something called "war driving" to find these vulnerable networks. Basically, war driving consists of you throwing your laptop in the car, hooking it up to a more powerful antenna and then driving around using a "stumbler" program to find wireless networks. What if I told you that some people actually set up wireless networks to share with others? (I know what you are thinking... and it isn't really an insane idea.) Most of these people just want to check their e-mail or surf the Internet, and since bandwidth is relatively cheap from a corporate standpoint, why not? is a forum for people to get together and learn more about how to set up a "free network." Anyone can post an article to the Web site, whether it is to inform everyone about a recent article that has been released or to inform people of a "free network" that they set up. You can read everything on the Web site or you can break it down into one of these seven categories: News, Communities, Technology, In the Press, Legal Issues, Politics or the ever-interesting Diaries category. is a great resource on keeping up with the world of wireless technology and how it impacts society, but if you aren't into all of that, at least it is an interesting read
FreeNetworks.ORG || Community Networks
Google Advanced Search
Nicole Kidman speaks on her divorce from Cruise; "They've said I'm gay, they've said everyone's gay."
E! Online News - Nicole Kidman: Mouth Wide Open
he coined the word homophobia - Interview
Shoot Me Up Elmo
my kind of horoscope
Pessimystic Megs Horrorscopes
Observer | US in denial as poverty rises
The Houston Chronicle has a good overview of the Texas sodomy case that may reach the US Supreme Court. "Court watchers speculate that the court's liberal bloc -- Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg, David Souter, John Paul Stevens and Stephen Breyer -- could decide before year's end to push the case onto the court's calendar. If the case clears that hurdle, the court could use it to settle how far government can go in regulating something as private as consensual sex among adults, homosexual or heterosexual, in their own bedrooms." - Court may review Texas sodomy law
do you warchalk?
i do (shhh dont tell anyone)
Warchalking / Collaboratively creating a hobo-language for free wireless networking.
Straight Pride Wear
another new gay magazine | Media | Even mother won't mind it
CBS News | Slobs Make Better Lovers | October 25, 2002 09:56:06
they are gay
Psst ... who invited the guy in the "sniper" t-shirt and his old gay lover?
The Sun Newspaper Online - UK's biggest selling newspaper - Transvestite boxing hero on big screen - Nov. 4, 2002
hes a girl
The Strange Tale of Unlucky Luciano (
everybody WANTS ty
im a vern
The Which Trading Spaces Cast Member Are You? Quiz
hes gone
he died
Chiller Theatre Online - Official Site for Chiller Theatre, Inc.
what are the gay games?
Federation Of Gay Games
Its the gay games time again
Yahoo! News - Gay Sheep May Help Explain Biology of Homosexuals
doggie porn
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gay away spray in a can
Weekly World News
Bad Baby Names 1
which famous homosexual are you?
Rum and Monkey
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OMG Shirley Q Liquor
the plants on the planet are dying
Dying plants double
i rarely get a headache
Yahoo! News - Sexologist: Sex Can Get Rid Of Headaches
what drugs look like
Pictures of drugs, drug paraphernalia pictures, photos of illicit drug labs.
i want this album
Dewey Webb Page Confidential | Objet No. 15
Emasculation- a tasteless photo gallery
talk dirty with Mr. Rogers
JAM Sandwhich
i must be a genius
According to the research that was conducted in the United States of America, men with higher education masturbate twice as often in comparison with other men
male celeb wallpaper SOME NOT SAFE FOR WORK
Wallpapers HQ
how well do you know your TV shows?
Telivision Theme Midi Challenge!
penis size big worry for UK men
Reuters | The World's Leading Provider of Financial Information and News
For the first time ever, a federal appeals court has ruled that the government cannot revoke the prescription drug licenses of doctors who recommend marijuana to sick patients.
Seattle Post-Intelligencer
howdy ive been busy at the beauty parlor trailer
Beulah's Blog
why the nurse in Arizona killed
Makes for interesting reading and should inspire some discussion as to the stereotyping of whites among whites.
need a cd/dvd shredder?
CrewCut Communities
why i still do not buy gas from Exxon
After 13 years, Valdez's oil damage lingers |
How Sex Changed: A History of Transsexuality in the United States
Human Nature Review Bookshelf
gay sex videos NOT SAFE FOR WORK
thanks johnmw!
sex and west nile?
Yahoo! News - Woman Claims West Nile From Sex
the future of peer to peer file sharing
A New Breed of Chechen Children
AIDS in China
Facing AIDS, Silence is Death
the united states according to my racist aunt
tremble - United States of Racist Aunt
The characteristics of your walk may not be as distinctive as the swaggering of John Wayne or the sashay of Joan Collins, but your stride may still be unique enough to identify you at a distance -- alone or among a group of people.
Gait recognition could identify humans at a distance
AlterNet: Was Paul Wellstone Murdered?
horoscopes for black people
Bean Soup Times - Ghettoscopes - Bean Soup Times
hey you could be the next sniper
the gay hockey team
The Cutting Edges
Dan Savage recounts his appearance on The O'Reilly Factor.
O'Reilly pounced. "I want to go to a gay bathhouse!" he barked. "I want to go to a gay bathhouse!" I was stunned. There I was, sitting across the table from the darling of the American right, and... and... he was shouting at me about wanting to go to a gay bathhouse.
Savage Love, No Advice, by Dan Savage (10/24/02)
i may have posted this before but it is worth another look
Eric Doeringer's modern toy sets for urban youth
for you cowboys and waana be coyboys out there
Willard Rope Company Online - Roping Dummies
i just love this site
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rockem sockem
trashy cartoons MAY NOT be safe for work
BJ's ACE MOORCOCK PAGE ** private pool party **
play his fucked ad
need a pal? rent one
RENTAPAL.COM - You always have a friend at Friendship, companionship, activity partners, New York
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ATTENTION: brothers and sisters. Does the thought of your siblings naked send a shiver up your spine? Well, according to psychologists and people who study adoption, siblings and other close kin who reunite after being separated at birth often experience 'Genetic Sexual Attraction', a potent and embarrassing lust for the estranged relative. You may have heard that 'opposites attract', but scientists have long known that people are, as a basic rule, attracted to physically similar people
Genetic Sexual Attraction and Reunion for Adoptees and Birth Family Members
just do it
Campbell's Chunky
The Dialect Survey -- which asked people how they pronounced words and what they called things
Dialect Survey Results
Medical Marijuana: A History
Inhaling to cure ailments is a lot older than you might believe
TIME Magazine: The New Politics of Pot
who will speak for us? - Daily News
gay money? - Arts & Living
The Turd Twister
yes i do sew
-- getcrafty - making art out of everyday life --
What Happens to Recalled Meat? By Brendan I. Koerner
send an email in blood : A Happy Email Alternative
things overheard at the std clinic
City Pages: Talk Dirty to Me
sexy earth
Earth Erotica Photography by Heather Firth
how to cast spells with no special training/experience
make your own kriss kross video - EGM's Crapstravaganza: The 20 Worst Games of All Time
Actual Auto Insurance Statements
In a series of extraordinary transformations, this young, Korean-born conceptual artist unfolds a multiplicity of lives and identities documented through the lens of her point-and-shoot camera as she "becomes" a young punk in the East Village, a Connecticut-based exotic dancer, or a senior citizen picking through thrift stores in Murray Hill.
Nikki S. Lee
Ask yourself: when you make a statement, does it sound more like a question because your voice gets higher at the end of the sentence? If so, you are suffering from HRT (high-rise terminals), a speech habit that is taking over the way we talk.
Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | Word up
the cities are sinking
Reuters | The World's Leading Provider of Financial Information and News
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he's something else
Example 1 Calendar Quote...-Outland Communications
safe for work
Hotstuff Calendar Photos!
How to Perform an Emergency Baptism
Vatican to test if trainee priests are gay
Sunday Herald
outlaw hip hop
Lie Detector: Build your own
no! your kidding?
United Press International: Drug war has hidden agendas, says report
America's most controversial novelist calls for an investigation into whether the Bush administration deliberately allowed the terrorist attacks to happen
Guardian Unlimited Observer | International | Gore Vidal claims 'Bush junta' complicit in 9/11
make your own Bush speech