Top toys for this year
the dj mixer and the fashion puppy is way cool! 2001 Toy of the Year: The Winners' Circle
This issue of The Peculiar One is focused on AIDS and World AIDS Day Recognized
On December 1st of every year.
Compiled are a number of websites focused to the person with HIV/AIDS.
Though these websites are of particular interest to those afflicted and/or affected with
HIV/AIDS many of them are useful to the community not afflicted with the disease.
I invite you to visit the web-sites pass them along and be thankful for your own good health and to be hopeful if you are afflicted with any debilitating disease.
AIDS sweeps through eastern Europe
New Scientist
Traveling with HIV -- AEGIS
Travel & Insurance
Keep Hope Alive Home Page (Key search words: HIV, HHV-6, AIDS, nutrition, immune system, chronic fatigue, ) Keep Hope Alive, Ltd., is an IRS-approved 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization. On this website, we offer a comprehensive source of information on integrative therapies (combining the best of the pharmaceutical drugs with complementary therapies) with special emphasis on immune-based, dietary, nutritional, herbal, bio-oxidative and other natural therapies for persons immune- compromised that may be affected by HIV/AIDS, Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CFIDS), candidiasis, hepatitis, cancer and other conditions. This web site contains over 700 pages of information
HIV+ and traveling to a foreign country?
HIV Testing Requirements
HIV and drug resistance
requires that you register..its free
Welcome to HIVresistanceWeb
Resource to research your prescription drugs
InteliHealth: Resources
The Body: An AIDS and HIV Information Resource
Recreational drugs and HIV
Party Smarty Marty's HIV/Recreational Drugs Interactions
AIDS.ORG - Quality Treatment Information and Resources
SF AIDS Fdn: Bulletin of Experimental Treatments for AIDS -- Main Page
HIV positive? Need a date?
Living Positive HIV Dating AIDS Dating HIV AIDS
Alternative Treatments - complete info & lessons on treating HIV & AIDS
Eat right! Live longer!
AIDS Medicine Recylcing Project The purpose of the AIDS Medicine Recycling Project is to gather unused medications that have already been paid for and deliver them to people overseas who need them and cannot afford them. Donated medications come from individuals, medical doctors and medical organizations.
One of the LARGEST sources of HIV/AIDS information on the web!
HIV / AIDS Information on the Internet, provided by AEGIS
ACT UP/New York
FDA HIV/Aids emailing list
HIV i-Base guide to avoiding & managing side effects
Fight those spies I know, I know, I've said this a billion times, but if you're overly concerned about your privacy, then don't get on the Internet. However, if you're already on the World Wide Web, that doesn't mean you should sit back and just let anyone sneak around on your computer. Spyware, adware, and all those nastywares get into your PC to dig up (and share) information that you probably don't want to have shared. SpywareInfo doesn't just tell you about a couple of helpful apps - it provides links to related articles and information so that your system can stay free and clean.
Spychecker - database of Spyware (adware) products lets you detect spyware before you download.
It was awsome to see him live in Florida last year
Ravi Shankar, 81, looked frail as he walked onstage on Sunday night for what was billed as his final Carnegie Hall concert and last full-scale tour. His daughter and musical disciple, Anoushka Shankar, had, as planned, played the first half without him. But once Ravi Shankar picked up his sitar, there was nothing hesitant or autumnal about the music. In slow, introspective passages and fast flashy ones, he improvised with aggression and wit. After one burst of speed that finished with a syncopated twist, Anoushka Shankar, accompanying her father, doubled over with delighted laughter. Mr. Shankar is winding down a long career of bringing Indian classical music to Western listeners simply by improvising more of it, continuing to illuminate the tradition one piece at a time. He has to shorten raga performances to suit the strictures of Western concert halls, but that is the only significant compromise he makes with the music. In the 1960's, when he was already a leading Indian musician, he introduced Western baby boomers to undiluted ragas by assuming that they could appreciate what they heard. He was right; even listeners unfamiliar with the systems and subtleties of the tradition respond to the songlike phrasing of the sitar and the rush of rhythm from the tabla.
Mr. Shankar's two selections on Sunday night were a Punjabi raga with an unusual rhythmic cycle and then a thumri, a less formal garland (or medley) of ragas. The Punjabi raga had a tangy, assertive tone, even in the slow introductory alap, where sustained notes bent and wriggled like melodic eels. Later, joined by two tabla players, Bikram Ghosh and Tanmoy Bose, Mr. Shankar raced ahead of their pattering drums, then slyly doubled back. The thumri was even more flamboyant, with melody lines that coiled and struck like cobras and interjections that leaped out like sassy one-liners as the music accelerated.

Anoushka Shankar, 20, is one of the few younger sitarists with only one teacher, her father; more often musicians study with disciples of various schools. She is a good student who has absorbed especially well the punchy attack and unstoppable rhythm of her father's faster passages, though she does not yet pack drama into every phrase as he does. Sharing a bill with Ravi Shankar would be tough comparison for any musician, however, and Mr. Shankar taught the disciplined joy of his music with every note he played.
Personal medical information shared online may not be protected by new federal rules meant to protect health-care privacy, according to a report sponsored by the Pew Charitable Trusts. - Spotlight News
I made two and they were very cool!!
The Jerusalem Post Newspaper: Online News From Israel scientists develop first diabetes vaccine
what a mess we have gotten into!
Scientific American: Feature Article: India, Pakistan and the Bomb: December 2001
Not all Jews Support Israel
Not In My Name: Taking Action for a Just Peace in Israel and Palestine
With songs about marijuana and Christmas, the Asylum Street Spankers combine old American music forms with a postmodern sensibility
Riverfront Times | | Music
A hollow victory The Afghan war has increased hunger and banditry but will not reduce the terror threat
Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | A hollow victory
Backyard terrorism The US has been training terrorists at a camp in Georgia for years - and it's still at it
Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Backyard terrorism
Language Identifier v1.0 [2.1M] W9x/2k/XP FREE
(cut and paste the links above)

{What language is this?} Oh, look... a French document. No wait... that's Italian. Wrong again. It was actually in Spanish. Perhaps it was Portuguese? What the heck language is this? If you've received a file or visited a Web site that's in a "strange" tongue, this will tell you what language it was written in. Just copy & paste the text in question into the appropriate field. While it won't translate the words for you, this utility will give you a better idea as to what language in which the entry was written. It will also tell you what languages are similar. Bonus!
the sex industry and Americas terror
AlterNet -- Sex Industry Sent Topsy-Turvy by Terror
Can you tell the difference between Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans? Take the test. I scored a 9. Average is 7 Now you take the test!
have your onw homie
Homies Central
This is the story of Billy Tipton, a female jazz musician who lived as a man from the time she was nineteen, until he died at age seventy-four
Suits Me--The Double Life of Billy Tipton
Afghanistan can be a very confusing place. Here's a quick guide to help keep track of all the players in President Bush's crusade against terrorism.

1. Taliban - Very BAD Afghans. These dour 11th century rustics wear turbans, don't shave, and cover up their womenfolk. They have defied the US by refusing to hand over guest Osama bin Laden, a national hero of the war against the Soviets. Nations that defy Uncle Sam get carpet bombed.

2. These wicked Talibs run a state based on Islamic law, an outrage in our modern age - except, of course, in the case of Israel, whose people say they were given their nation by GOD, and that's GOOD, except for troublemaking local inhabitants, called Palestinians, who are terrorists and BAD. George Bush says he draws instruction from the bible, and this is GOOD, but when Taliban's Mullah Omar follows the Koran, that's EVIL.

3. The Northern Alliance - GOOD Afghans, even though they run the opium trade and are led by war criminals. They make nice parades and vow to crush Taliban - provided the US does most of the fighting. Their arms come from Russia, money from CIA. You can easily spot them because they wear baggy Iranian uniforms and caps, not turbans. They cover up their women, just like those insensitive Taliban brutes.

4. Pakistan. On 10 September Pakistan was branded by the US as a borderline terrorist state run by a BAD military dictator, Gen. Musharraf, who backed Taliban and had lots of EVIL Islamic friends. By 12 September, however, Pakistan had become a heroic ally in the crusade against terrorism. Pakistan shamelessly ditched old ally Taliban, and handed over the country for use by the US military. Musharraf, now GOOD, is hailed in the west for courage and vision, though a big percentage of his people seem to heartily disagree. Before getting somewhat elected, President Bush couldn't even name Pakistan's leader when asked by a reporter. Now, Bush and Musharraf are new best friends.

5. The USA - GOOD, minding its own business, totally innocent victim of evil Islamic-Nazi forces, according to the well-read Bush, a former business partner of the bin Laden family. Just because the US has gone to war against Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Libya, Iran, Sudan, Somalia, and Afghanistan is no reason to believe it has anything against Muslims. Some of the US's best friends - like the Shah of Iran, Saddam Hussein, and the enlightened royal families of Saudi Arabia, Morocco, and the Gulf - have been Muslims. And just because the Israelis use US-made tanks and helicopters to crush the Palestinian uprising and assassinate its leaders - a GOOD act of counter-terrorism - that's no reason for anyone to get mad at the US of A. Washington has even thoughtfully got the media to censor itself so Americans won't be upset by TV footage of dead Afghan children.

6. Russia - Big winner in this unfolding mess. Clever leader Putin talks Bush into backing Russia's barbaric repression of Chechens as `anti-terrorism.' American cash flows to the Kremlin. The Ruskis are pressing the US to crush Taliban, saving them the nasty, expensive job. Ditto for Israel, trying hard to get US crusaders to go B-52 Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Yemen, Syria, and Iran.

7. Saudi Arabia - Main financier of extremist Islamic groups - provided they stay far away from the oil kingdom - backed Taliban and extremist Wahabis in Afghanistan in a covert war against hated foe, Iran. US troops based in Saudi Arabia prevent its people from overthrowing their beloved royal family. The Saudis - aka `our Arabs' - used to be GOOD, but now, because of their reluctance to help kill large numbers of fellow Muslims, they are being rebranded by the US media as BAD.

8. Iran - VERY BAD ULTRA TERRORISTS until 11 Sept. Iran has been stirring the Afghan pot for 20 years. Tehran's mullahs hate Taliban's mullahs and Pakistan. Being much cleverer than Arabs, whom Iranians also hate, Iran's slippery mullahs are playing footsie with the US, and jointly backed the GOOD Northern Alliance against the BAD Taliban. Previous US claims Iran was a `rogue state,' and guilty of the bombing of a US military bases in Saudi Arabia, have been quietly dropped. Iran is now PRETTY GOOD.

9. Terrorists - Last week, Tamil `terrorists' staged bloody suicide attacks in Sri Lanka; Basque `terrorists' murdered a Spanish judge and exploded a powerful car bomb in Madrid; the IRA shot of a car bomb in Britain. Not a peep came from Washington. Terrorism, in the American definition, boils down to acts of violence only against American interests.

10. ULTRA BAD Osama bin Laden - Still alive and frothing after a month of being a bull's eye for America's vast military might. Calls Muslims to launch a jihad against the west, when what Muslims really need is a jihad against their own rotten societies that make them a helpless prey to western political and economic exploitation. Brother Osama increasingly seen in the Third World as a saintly figure, thanks to demonization by the US media. Many Osama wanna-be's waiting in the wings.

11. US Strategy - Carpet bomb'em back to the 4th century, waste bin Laden, and get the hell out before the BAD GUYS in turbans win.
we have these all over Florida
Smell rules fire ants
very cool little games you can play right now on your computer!!
Orisinal : Morning Sunshine
Do-it-yourself Internet anonymity
Along with the recent government hysteria over terrorists, we've seen legislative measures and 'emergency powers' inviting law-enforcement agencies worldwide to conduct Internet surveillance on an unprecedented scale. But because the state-of-the-art of electronic dragnets makes it difficult if not impossible to exclude the comings and goings of innocent citizens, we thought this a good time to run down the basic techniques for ordinary, law-abiding folk to come and go anonymously on the Net, and keep their private business private.
The Register
The new wind chill chart
National Weather Service Wind Chill
art in a Roman bath to make things even steamier, it seems
Yahoo! News - Reuters Photo
Classical Islamic Biomedicine
recipe cards from the ancient Romans
Archaeology Magazine
The Teletubbies shooting gallery. This is so wrong, but it feels so right.
I will let you know WHEN I DIE!
Loving Pup, Inc.
Where US money is going
The low down on the Northern Alliance
The Village Voice: Features: Blood on the Tracks by Jonathan Adams
Flood Of Cheap Afghan Heroin To Arrive Just In Time For Recession
NEW YORK—The nation's smack addicts received welcome news Monday, when The Wall Street Journal reported that the war in Afghanistan has opened the floodgates for cheap Afghan heroin, just in time for the coming recession. "Even if their stock portfolios are dwindling, America's junkies can take heart in the fact that the Taliban is embarking on a massive heroin sell-off, slashing prices dramatically," Wall Street Journal reporter Tom Petzinger said. "So even if GE drops to $20 a share, keep in mind that heroin has dropped to $50 a gram." Ed Evans, a recently laid-off Detroit auto worker and longtime heroin addict, called the report "real great, uh, that's unnnnhhf..."
The Village Voice: Nation: The Dope on Dope by Chisun Lee
Choosing a health club
Choosing A Health Club
the New York election

The Philosophy of Sexuality
Philosophy of Sexuality [Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy]
explore our prison system
do you need enhancement?
Men Get 'Bulge' Jeans to Enhance Their Assets
Even if YOU don't know what faith you are, Belief-O-Matic knows. Answer 20 questions about your concept of God, the afterlife, human nature, and more, and Belief-O-Matic will tell you what religion (if any) you practice...or ought to consider practicing.
The Village Voice: Features: Post-Straight by Chris Nutter gay men are rewriting the rules of what it takes to be the ideal man
Cannabis a medical miracle - it's official
Guardian Unlimited | Archive Search Cannabis a medical miracle - it's official
some of you reading this already have snow and cold here is a neato site with fun activities when you get cabin fever
"Toys and Games with a glowing appeal" - Biotoy
after a year they are back!
Eric Weisstein's World of Mathematics
Back in oh lets say 1975 when i was working for a bank in Florida; can you believe it they hired ME to work in a bank? I was included in some of the very earliest installs of the first ATM machines. I realized than how vulnerable they are. This rather lengthy and techy article goes further into how ATM machines work and how they can be compromised.
Why Cryptosystems Fail
are you going to be laid off from your job
calculate it here!
Dismal Scientist Layoff Calculator
Perseus Digital Library
FBI agents in the United States probing relatives of Saudi-born terror suspect Osama Bin Laden before September 11 were told to back off soon after George W Bush became president, the BBC has reported.
Bush thwarted FBI probe against bin Ladens - [7/11/2001] -
one of my best news sources
interpret your dreams Dream Analyzer
wear an anthrax tie
Infectious Awareables - Directory
what a mess!!
Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Confusion over war's next phase as ground attack stalls
least we forget what his greatness Mao stated:
"People of the world, unite and defeat the U.S. aggressors and all their running dogs! People of the world, be courageous, dare to fight, defy difficulties and advance wave upon wave. Then the whole world will belong to the people. Monsters of all kinds shall be destroyed."

"Statement Supporting the People of the Congo (L.) Against U.S. Aggression" (November 28, 1964), People of the World, Unite and Defeat the U.S. Aggressors and All Their Lackeys, 2nd ed., p. 14.

As of this week this is what is showing in Chinese theatres: - Beijing produces videos glorifying terrorist attacks on 'arrogant' US
very trippy
actually I have read the book that this man was arrested for having at the airport as he boarded a plane its a rather obscure and placid book
Independent Argument
i love numbers
Am I in Pi?