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The Village Voice: Features: Mondo Washington: Osama’s New Recruits by James Ridgeway another article looks at the possible anthrax and neo nazi connection - Arts & LivingFormer President Gerald Ford believes the federal government should treat gay couples the same as married couples, including providing equal Social Security and tax benefits.

Ford's views, expressed in an exclusive telephone interview, make him the highest-ranking Republican ever to endorse equal treatment for gay couples. - Arts & Living Bit by bit, the evidence accumulates, and some conservatives are dismayed at what they see: a Republican administration sending low-key but clear signals that gays are welcomed in its ranks and respected as a voting bloc.
THE SUNDAY TIMES: FOREIGN NEWS Isreal and their nuclear shield
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Mummification for Pets & Animals should i do this with scooter?
Sex Glossary: Sex Words Defined and Explained sex glossary
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Ananova - 'First language may have used clicks'
you know how i love language this site is from one of my central African emailers
Guardian Unlimited Observer | International | Anthrax attacks' 'work of neo-Nazis' The anthrax attacks are the work of neo-Nazis'
The Brick Testament
the bible according to lego
Medieval Medicine
Medieval Medicine
Scientific American: Ask the Experts What makes the sound when we crack our knuckles - Internet Like Burning. all sorts of cool online tests you can take
Mens Health Men's Guide to Fitness, Health, Sex and Life
How to play chess with beer
Why Are There No Rich Hackers? i know i aint rich!
Halloween's upon us, and along with it comes the annual "what are you going to be?" costume quandary. Whatever you do, don't freak out and rush to get on board with the current "no scary costumes" policy being peddled by well-meaning "family journalists." Yes, living amid a real scare makes us revisit the topic--good! But Halloween's raison d'ĂȘtre is a one-night fling with our darker aspects, a yearly visit with the spooks and ghouls among and within us. Scary costumes are designed to drive the baddies away, to put to flight the restless souls who are given one night to prowl the human world before All Saint's Day shuts 'em down. Even if you don't buy the religio-historical roots of the holiday, most of us can appreciate that getting in touch with your dark side is a darn healthy exercise.

Costume-wise, this doesn't automatically mean bleeding eyeballs and severed limbs. Each of us has a different demon to drive away. On a diet? Dress as something from your menu of temptations. Technopho-bic? Come as a diabolical device. It's just that easy. And my E-Z costume helper will coax you toward greater understanding of your personal bogeyman, with suggestions from inside, outside and beside the costume canon. These simple steps are designed to get you suited and suitable within half an hour, with minimum prep and expense. And do hold or go to Halloween parties. Haunt your friends' houses and howl at the moon. Give the chiaroscuro complexity of Hallow's Eve its due.


It takes only basic craftiness to go from civilian to comestible. Options abound in the food pyramid.

Slice o' pie/pizza: Two pieces yellow posterboard (cut into triangles), stapler to affix them to same-colored shirt. Use red spray-painted paper plates for pepperoni, or wear a contrasting-color shirt for luscious fruit filling.

Buncha grapes: green or purple balloons, same-color shirt, neutral pants, safety pins. Not for the skittish--wags and rascals will pop you. Bring spares. Optional felt leaves add realism.


Basic costumes, often passed over as too obvious or overused, can make a mighty presentation if you add some tangy zip.

Holey ghost: Remember It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, when ol' Roundhead goes berserk with the shears and ends up with a Swiss-cheese sheet? You laughed then, you'll laugh again.

Witch/Bitch: Add some personality to your pointy-hat-and-broom ensemble by selecting a hateable female to lampoon. What formidable femme chaps your hide...Condoleezza Rice? Susan "Stop the Insanity" Powter? Martha Stewart? Let the rancor flow through you by wearing a WASP-y blond bob wig under your hatbrim.


Lesser characters from the catalog of fantasy deserve a second look. These sprites are plenty frightening. Lurking in chimneys and reaching under pillows--yeesh!

Tooth fairy: General fairy froufrou can be fashioned from a few yards of tulle. Coat hangers stretched with nylon stockings make insta-wings. A big felt molar pinned to your chest and a pocketful of quarters seal the deal.

Leprechaun: Green tights, shorts and turtleneck, too-small black blazer, black shoes with gold buckles (painted cardboard), green beard (grow or paint one), black top hat (cardboard), gold chocolate coins.

Santa Claus: Improvised with pillow-stuffed red sweats and cotton batting (fur trim and beard), it's the safest look in the book--no one mugs Santa for his candy.


You risk being ditched by mobile companions (especially if it rains), but cardboard-box costumes make maximum impact. Instead of going for Robot or Raisin Bran, consider honoring some of our less-lauded but essential cubiform inventions. The Smokeeter. The swamp cooler. The jukebox. For accuracy of detail, you might need to make a visit to the Sandy Hut (that's scary!), but once there, you might forget you even needed a costume.
The Sunday Times: Terrorism What Americans do best is domesticate things. That is what is happening here. An unprecedented assault on mainland America is being turned into sentimental psychobabble, an occasion for nationwide counselling or politically correct pseudo-courses. Daft as these things are, they are like tea and crumpets to the Americans - they exude the cosy glow of home. A new generation is getting used to the idea that the planet is not a safe place. It never was, writes Bryan Appleyard
Arab societies "have a very fluid sense of time," explains Mary-Jane Deeb, adjunct professor at American University and a Middle East specialist. "For them, events like the Crusades, a thousand years ago, are as immediate as yesterday. And they are very, very powerful events in the Arab mind. A lot of Islamic rhetoric revolves around the crusaders."
The Crusaders' Giant Footprints (

Are we on the road to dictatorship?
I don't know if this is apocryphal or not, but I like it:
Former heavyweight boxing champ Muhammad Ali visited the ruins of the World Trade Center on Thursday. When reporters asked how he felt about the suspects sharing his Islamic faith, Ali responded pleasantly, "How do you feel about Hitler sharing yours?"
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Liberal Legal Scholars Are Supporting The Right to Bear Arms.
But Will Historians Shoot Them Down?
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